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Baxter And Brooks

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Wure it not for the disgrace attending tho existenoe ot' anarchy and civil war in Arkansas, it would not be of great conse ■ quenco to respectable poople which governor holds the power, or which one should be sent to the penitentiary or hung for rebellion. Baxter, running on the Grant ticket, secured his election by fraudulent raanipulation of the returns. Brooks, running on the Greeley ticket, was undoubtedly elected, but was unable to secure his seat, until ho had einployed a judicial fraud which is, in every respect, as int'amous as the swindle by which Baxter secured the gubernatorial chair. Baxter, originally a Grant man, haa changed into a Southern deinocrat ; Brooks, at the outset an opponent of Grant, has swung around until he now stands shouldor to ghouldcr with Grant, the nigger, and the carpe t-bagger. Ho far as tho men were originally locatod, the man who became governor did not represent the will of the people ; and so far as they are now concerned, the man who has gotten iu the governor's office represents only that portion of the people belonging to the Congo and carpet-bag stripe. Originally, the man who ought to have beon governor, but failed, ropresented the will of the people, while the man who now ought to be governor, but isn't, does represent the will of the people. Thus it seems that both these govemors were hostile to public sentiment when they secured thoir office ; and each has succoeded in securing his position by a most audacious fraud. To complícate the situation, it is secn that Brooks, once the ohoico of the people, is so no longer, while Baxter, who is now the choice of the people, has just been oustod froui the office. Could Brooks have begun where Baxter began, and could Baxter have begun where Baxter ended, everything would have been uncommonly lovely, and the world, including the outlying portion known as Arkansatt, would have rested in tranquil peace. Brooks, who has obtained by fraud that to which he was entitled by franchise, has a strong position. He is backed by the Senegainbians and the carpetbaggers ; and this element includes of course an alliance with Mr. Grant. That distinguisbed imbecile refuses to interfere now, but he can scarcely be relied on for keeping quiet in case the matter comes to blows. Then a demaud for federal assistance will be striotly in order ; and then will Mr. Grant, with the doeree of the Arkansas circuit court in his pocket, and inspired by that pervading regard for judicial decisions so characteristic of his official career, resolvo to enforce the decisión of the courts, and, as a necossary consequence, sustain his ancient carpetbag antagonist and his present carpetbag henchman, Brooks, upon the throne of Arkansaw. Another presidential election is approaching, and therefore is it superlatively essential that the awful fiats of the judicial bench should be respected, the more especially when by so doing the majesty of the law will be sustained and an ally secured in a state whose allegiance to Grant and liberty has of late been a matter of doubt. Ho wever, in view of the f act that one of the gubernatorial contestants is an exfraud, and the other a present fraud, it is not a matter of great moment as towhether the one thraahes the other, or the other wallops the one. Otherwise thoso who care mainly for Grant will wish Brooks God speod, while those who have the raterests of the stato at heart will wish " ninr.h nnwpr t.n t.liA plhnw'' nf Baxter.-


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