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General Sherman And His House

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A Mr. Lyon, of Newark, haring heard that General Sherman was about to build on Orange Mountain, N. J., had his firm write to see about putting lightning rods on the house. This ia the reply : Gentlemen : - If you find the house I am erecting on Orange Mountain, please put any quantity of lightning rods, to attract the lightnings of heaven to demolish it. I don't cara whether the rods be round, square or twisted. Anything to stop this nonsense. Architects, landscape gardners, builders, etc, keep writing to me about this house, when in fact it is as much as I can do to make ends meet here - and finally, I expect to content myself with a log home on the prairies of Kansas or Nebraska, when Congress turns me out to grass. Teil Mr. Lyon, " who sorved under me three years," that his experience as a soldier should convince him that Unule Sam is not so {jenerous to old soldiers as to enable them to have fancy houses on Orange Mountain, or elsowhere. I have a house hore, but the city taxes me for it about as much as TJnclo Sam allows me for rent. How the story got circulated that I was going to build on Orango Mountain pas8esany understanding, and if you can stop it I will regard it as a feat better than protecting me against lightning. Yours, etc,


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