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Big Trees--the Yosemite Eclipsed

Big Trees--the Yosemite Eclipsed image
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The Brisbane, Australia, Courier of December 30, 1873, publiahos the following official telegram trom Mr. Walker HUI, the government botanist, datod from Cardwell on the 27th, and received by the Queensland Secretary tor Lands : " Bince the 20th of November we havo exarnined the banks of the Mulgruve, Russoll Mossman, Daintreo, and Huil Eivers, and have been more or less successtul in finding suitable land tor sugar and other tropical and semi-tropical produotions. Tho ascent of the summit of Bellenden Kerr was successfully made by Johnstone, HUI, and eight troopera. At 2,500 feet in height we observed an undescribed tree with crim8on flowers, which excels the Poinciana regia, Colviüia racemosa, Lagersstroma regia, and the Jacaranda mimosifolia. At 4,400 feet a tree fern, which will excel in grandeur all others of the Alboreous class. A palm tree at the same height which will livalany of the British India species in gracef ulness. On the banks of the Daintree we saw a palm tree cocoa which far exceeds the unique spccimn in the garden of the same genera from Brazil in grandeur and gracefulness. While cutting a given line on the banks of the Eiver Johnstone, for tho purpose of examining the land, an enormous fig tree stood in the way, far exceeding in stoutiiess and grandeur tho renowned forest giants of California and Victoria. Three feet from the ground it measured 150 feet in circumference ; at 55 feot, where it sent forth giant branches, tho stom was nearly 80 feet in circumference. The Ohio Legislature udjourned on Monday, and without amendiug the infamous Congressional apportionment bij).


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