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- Cornell's dish is always out when it rains porridge, or might not we say, good and rich beef soup. lts laststreak of luck is the endowment a "Professorship of Hebrew and Oriental Literatura and History " by leading . gentlemen of the Jewish faith resident in New York City. The endowmont has bean , accepted by the Cornell Trustees, and Dr. Felix AdIer a gradúate of Columbia College and also of the University of Heidelberg, has Deen appointed to the new chair. Where are the wealthy and onterprising Jews who will endow a similar professorship in the University of Michigan ? - In his article on " Political Morality," in the May Hcribner, Dr. Holland propounds the following cónundrum : " Have we at the head of the government a man of high-toned morality ? - a man whose supreme desiro is to do right 'i Who, above all personal interests, aboye all party policy, above all the influence of corrupt men, is exercised by the dominant purpose to keep his conscience clear and his hands clean 't" We pass, givo it up, pause for a solution. Ask somothing easier next time, Dr. H. ■ - Tho funeral obsequies of Dr. Livingstone were celebrated at Westminster Abbey on the 18th inst., and this affair - so the cable Jenkins says - " was the grandest during the present generation." The aatne reporter says : " Stanley occupied the post of honor, heading the righthand side of the line of pall-bearers." There was a full choral service, and Dean Stanley officiated, assisted by Sub-Dean and Canons. - In Charles Dudley Warnor's sketch of " Baddock and that Sort of Thing," he is wakened during tho night (as crossing the line) by a great light, and discovers a man crawling along the aisle of the car and " going through " his traveling bag. His reflection is: " I feit a thrill of pride as I recognized in this ciouching figure an officer of our government, and knew that I was in my native land." Commendable and patriotic pride' - Senator Chandler has been visiting his farm near Lansing this wee"k : to get " hay-seed in his hair " preliminary to the fall campaign. He ought to visit our city at an early day, as a bomb-shell is in preparation for him hereabouts, to reward him for the prompt and instanteous confirmatiou of Ppstmaster Clark. One Charles Lindsley writes from the office of the " Continental Eailway Company," New York, that he wishes to build a tunnel aoross Detroit Eiver, either on the plan of the abandoned one or on one of his own. He says that the tunnel " can be easily executed, in spite of infloin, in a few months, and at ordinary cost." If any Aegus reader is credulous enough to believe that a dollar greenback is worth a dollar in the recognized currenoy of the world, or that a promise to pay with no provisión for payment is uxoney, we conimend him to an article in another column, from the pen of the Eev. Leonard Bacon, of Yale College. It cannot fail to dispel his illusions. - The Washington correspondent ol the Louisville Courier-Journal says that Hon. J. S. Black, of Pa., and Hon. Montgomery Blair have volunteered to defend Buell, the Vree Press correspondent proceeded criminally against for libeling Zack Chandler : that is if the " great war Senator " was libeled. On the final passage of the Senate inflation bill through the House, on the lltlf inst., but fourteen Democratie members voted for it, and every one of the fourteen represented a Southern State. One hundred and fifteen Eepublican members recorded tteir votes in favor of the bill. Who are the inflationists ? - In the United States Circuit Court at Detroit on Monday, Judge Longyear held that parties recovering costs in suits removed from State courts were entitled to have taxed against the losing party all costs made in State courts, including those of removal. - Eev. Thos. Cailton, D. D., for many years Agent of the Methodist Book Concern, New York, and brought prominently before the whole country in connection with the management of that concern two or three years ago, died at his residence in Elizabeth, New Jersey, on the 17th inst., aged 67 years. Prof. Swing is on trial before the Chicago Presbytery, charged with Sabellianism and other heresies. His accuser is the Eev. Dr. Patton, editor of the Interior. It is intimated that jealousy of Prof. Swing's popularity is at the bottom of his troubles. - " The cruel war is over :" that is down in Arkansas, and after a single street fight of small proportions, Baxter withdraws his forces and promises to abide the decisión of the Legislature, which has been called to meet in special sessidn. It is safe to bet on a Wasüburn turning up in every political corner and emergency ; and it, therefore, ought to surprise no one that Gov. Wm. B. WashBUBN, of Massachusetts, has been elected to the vacant seat of Charles Sttmner in the United States Senato. The election was made on Friday last, and on the thirty-third ballot, which resulted - after a considerable changing of votes - as follows : Washburn, 151 ; Curtís, 64 ; Dawes, 26 ; Adams, 15 Loring, 4 ; Banks. 4 ; Phillips, Gifford and Whittier, one each. Necessary to a choice, 134. Mr. Washburn is now serving his ;hird torm as Governor of Massachusetts, and prior to taking the gubernatoial chair represented his district several ;erins in Congress, a portion of which ;ime he held the important position of chairman of the Committee on Claims. 3e is not a great man, but is reputed ïonest, and his election is a temporary xiumph of the anti ButlïR men of Vlassachusetts. And now comes the truggle for the new and full term (to ucceed Washburn), conimenciiig the 4th of March next. Drowned in Brazil. - Two daughters of Dr. B. A. Gould, of Boston, were [rowned in Buenos Ayres on February th. Dr. Gould has been for four years n the einploy of the Argentino Eepublic, and had established an observatory at Juenos Ayres, for the purpose of takng the stellography of the southern lemisphere. The little girls aged ten nd twelve years, were permitted to go )athing uuder the care of a nurse. In bout a quartor of an hour their little rother Bennie carne back to the parents i rying and saying : " Lulu was walking ng in the water and feil down ; Susie ' an to her and she feil down ; then Viny ' went in, and she feil down, too." The bildren stepped off a clay bank beyond ' ieir depth, and the nurse was drowned ' i trying to save thew.


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