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Car3_ Circular. _ BiU-Heads. _ Letter-Heads. _ Shippíng Tags. _ Printed at the Aitaus office. _ In the best style and cheap. _- Don't order elsewhere beforo calling. _ Satisfaction guaranteed in every respect _ Now is the time to subscribe for the Arous. _ Ve cannot conscientiously give the weather afirst-class puff, and so saj; nothmg. - Nonsense: the atreet talk that the postoffice is to be removed to the Courier block. - Dr. I'ratt had six votes for Marshal on the tirst ballot at the Council meeting Monday even- Kev. Dr. Cocker has been seriousl y ill durns the last week, with pleurisy, but is now reported better. Dr. Sager and wife and Mrs. Gov. Felch and daughter (Mrs. Knight) are expected to arrive home to-day from their southern journey. _" Happy Cal Wagner" and his favorite troupe of minstrels are billed for the evening of Saturday, May 2d, at the Opera House. They ,lffays draw. - Tbere was quite a cat sceuc, cat-astrophe, orsomething else in the lecture room of Dr. Pouglas 3'esterday. Fifteen bats - dead, alive, aI1d chloroformed. - On Tuesday dispatches were received from (ireeley, Col., saying that Dr. H. S. Cheever ffM n a critical state, probably at the point of death. His brother Byron left immediately for that place. _ Millen the younger has gone to New York, ■ jndC. H. Millen & Son will soon have in their second stock of Spring goods : an indication that the cast system adopted by the firm is working ftdinirably. _In the Supreme Court at Lansiug, on Monday, a decisión was rendered in the. snit of Elliott fj. Herz, affimiing that iu the Court below. And the dog (though dead) wins the day for his master : by being mad or "insane."

-Cyrus Beckwith, of Sylvan, one of the first settlers of this county, and the first Register of Deeds, died on Wednesday last. He was the father of Luther Beckwith, Esq., of Bay City, and Rev. S. K. Beckwith, of Grand Rapids.

- A horse belonging to E. Mann, Esq., ran awav last Friday forenoon, starting in front of Mack & Schmid's, turning into Washington street west, coming through the alley to Huron street, then around the corner and through Mai to Washington again, scatteriug the bugjj- aloug the road. - Judging by the Eecorder's books a large number of dogs are enjoying the freedom of the city ander a last year's license. It is the duty of the pólice and the privilege of any citizen to kill any dog whose license has not been renewedThe license law is faulty in not prescribing a penalty for keeping an oíd collar on after the expiration of license. - Amovementisbeing made (byour üennan fellow citizens) to organize an " Anti-Treating Society." The absolute abolition of treating customs would go a long way toward closing the saloons of this or any other town. Confirmed topers will go to a bar and drink alone (and when a man begins to do that it is a significant warningthat he treads on dangerous ground)( but few learn to drink by drinking alone. Social drinking and social treating do the job for most young men. We, therefore, commend the movement to all not prepared to take total abstinence grounds. - A good story comes to our ears something like this : Two sophomores caught an unlucky freshman last Friday eveuing, took him into the door yard of a citizen on Fourth street (south), and proceeded to " pump " him. While doing so a lady witb a relisli for a practical joke emptied the contents of a generous-sized water pitcher upon their (the sophs') heads ; and about which time her big (or soph) broíher carne in and regretted her haste, as he would have brought her a pailfull of water with pleasure. His sorrow was toned down on learning that she had " pumped " the sophs instead of the fresh. The long spell of dry cold weather hasn't yet reduced the Huron to such an extent as to destroy the two valuablo water powers near this city now unimproved : one below and the other aboiro the city, and said to be as good as any on the ïiver. Cannot those capitalists whose money is lying idle in the banks be prevailed upon to invest in a paper mili, a starcli factory, or a cottou mili ? Either of these enterprises would be asuccess beyond a contingency. Our city is losing population yearly, and will soon be labeled finished unless something is done to make it desirable for mechanics to settle here. It cannot pow any more as a mere trading town ; but with shops and factories and milis, for which we have the power and every convenience, it would take a new start. For a starch factory this county produces an abundance of corn ; it can stock paper milis as wellas Ypsilanti, and has as good freighting facüities ; and if the Jonesville cotton mili has money in it, as report says, there is no need of failure here. Will not sorae of our enterprising citizens give these su ggestions a little thought ? A second public temperrnce meeting was held ia the M. E. Church on Weduesday evening, under the auspices of the Ladies' Temperance Union, a large audienoe being in attendance. Mrs. Reed presided, and the choir, led by Mr. Wilsey, liscoursed good music at i ntervals during the ercises. Rt. Geo. Taylor was the first speaker, aud S a somewhat full history of the prohibitory 'egislation of this State, and of his part in securing it. E. Cramer, Esq., followed, and read and exPlined the law. He confessed his short-com'ngs oroniissions of duty as an officer, which he tributad to a lack of full knowledge of some of fte provisions of the law, and said that the Mayor "d several of the Aldermen had been equally guüty of neglect of duty. He thought the laws tould be enforced, that he could couvict every time, aud said those lawyers who had promised not to defcnd were entitled to little credit, for "ey could make no def ense. L Colby followed, and expressed a great deal of sympathy for the drinker with equal condemnahtmof and detestation for the traffic. He favored political action, or rather we suppose a pension of political action in local elections ; wd the making temperance the leading issue. The Rey. Mr. Bourns, of Adrián, closed, givH n account of what has been accomplished mere and of the methods used. He averred at a stranger cannot get a drink of liquor in idrian unless recommended as trusty ; that the taffio is effectually stopped for the present. A prayer meeting is to be held to-day, by the udle8-_ in 'he Congregational Church, from 9 a. J'-toop. m., with a special subject for each oour. - The student? of the University perfected a emperauce organization on Monday evening, Wlth a total abstinance plank. A-t the Bemi-annual meeting of the Young ople'a Association of the First Presbyterian rch, held on Tuesday evening, the followmg officers were eleoted : prendcnt-Abmm Hostetter. Vice-President-A. K. Hale. 2 Vice-President- Miss Jennie E. Markham. tretery- Miss Lottie Moore. Jrecuurer- A. L. Petit. dvisory Hember of Sesszon-Vr. W. H.