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Doings Of The Common Council

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The flrst meeting of the new Common Council was held on Monday eyening last. Present - Mayor Beakes, Becorder Lovejoy, Aldermen, Wood, Cate, Grossmann, Schmid, Mclntyre, Walker, Ehodes, Seabolt, Porter, and Smith: a full Council. The reading of the journal of last meeting was dispensad with. The standing committees were annouuced by the Mayor, as follows : On Finance- Aid. Rhodes, Deubel, and Mclntyre. On Streets-Md. Mclntyre, Wood, Grossmann, Eogers, Seabolt, and Smith. O Sidewalks-Ald. Cate, Walker, and Schmid. On Street Lights- Aid. Porter, Wood, and Ehodes. On motion Mr. P. Bach was allowed $3,471.80 ($500 payable at date and $2,971.80 on the first day of February next), in payment of order No. 722, for $3,186.70, due Feb. 3d, 1873. This order is understood to coyer the floating debt against the general fund. The Council proceeded to the election of offi cers, prior to whichhoweyer, the reading oL al petitions (those of candidates included) was post poned until the nest meeting. The result of the several ballots was the elec tion of the following offtcers : City Treasurer - Dorr Kellogg. Marshal - John W. Loveland. Attorney - Bradley F. Granger. The contest for Marshal and Attorney was spirited, the caucus candidate for Attorney - A. McEeynolds, Esq. - bcing deteated. E. A. Beal, of the Courier, was appointed City Printer, by resolution. The following Street Commissioners were elected : Ut and ld wards-Teter B. Ingalls. 3rf and ith icards - N. A. Prudden. bth and 6th wards - Chas. Adama. The balance of moneys known as the dog license fund, $3 15.60, was ordered paid to the Treasurer of School District No. One. The Fínance Committee reported sundry bilis wlnch were allowed and charged to the several funds as followa . To General Fund, f 1,202.93 " Firemen's Fund, 400.00 " General Street Fund, 2.00 " First Ward Fund, Í4.00 " Third " 47.71 " Fourth " " 7.00 " Fifth " " 17.75 A report was received from the Fire Department and the list of officers named therein confirmed, as follows : Chief Engineer-'R. F. Sanford. lst Assistant - Moses Seabolt. 2d Assistant - John O'Brien. Secretary-G. "W. Efner. Treasurei - Christian Eberbach. Steward - James Atkinson. Wardens- lst ward, Fred. Sorg, C. H. Worden; 2d, Geo. F. Lutz, Morris O'Eourk; 3d John Slater, A. D. Seyler ; 4th, G. W. Efner, D. Fogarty ; 5th, J. W. Johnston, W. M. Campbell ; 6th, Theodore Taylor, C. Eberbach. The Street Committee was authorized to let contracts for cleaning the st reets in the business part ot the city. The bonds of Ellis & Co. and Eberbach & Co., druggists, and of the Constables elect, were referred to the City Attorney. On motion Policeman Porter was ordered retained on duty at the University grounds until July lst, the University to pay half his salary. A petition for a stone bridge on Spring street was referred to Street Committee. The following cases have been disposed of in the Circuit Court, Judge Crane, presiding, siuco our last report : William A. Butler vs. Geo. E. Southwick, et al. Decree granted, 817,651 39. Wm. D. Eobinson et al. vs. Levi H. Haynes. Judgment for plaintiff, $164 24. Alice M. Beers vs. Thos. F. HUI et al. Decree and order for sale. Atlas L. Stout vs. Tubal C. Owen. Default, Judgment for f 529 87. John D. Thompson vs. Roswell B. Gates. Judgment for plaintiff, $200. Ann Norcott vs. Tubal C. Owen. Default. Judgment for plaintiff, $179 07. E. W. Ladd is. Wm. Rodda and Opdyke H. Cummins. Judgment for plaintiff, $105 13. Joseph Bickford vs. Mathew Millspaugh. Decree for complainantf$l,472 08. John Dawson vs. Conrad Heselscherdt. Judgment for plaintiff, $356 79. W. H. Davenport vs. Peter Weinette. Judgment for defendant for costs to be taxed. C. H. Mfllen ei. Thos. L. Hewett. Judgment for plaintiff, 0 cents damages, costs tobetaxed. The Toledo, Ann Arbor & N. K. Co. M. Leopold Weil. Judgment of non suit. A. J. Brayman vs. George W. North. Judgment against defendant and sureties on appeal bond, $97 53. Airan Woolsey vs. Jennette Woolsey. Decree of divorce granted. Harriet Wing is. James W. Wing. Decree of divorce granted. Eobert Spafford et al. vs. Jesse N. Horner et al. Default, damages for plaintiff, $180 47. Minnie B. T. Cody Bi. Oraon W. Cody. Deere of divorce granted. The People vs. Charles Fraucis. Information for larceny. Plea of guilty. One year in the State prison. Margaret J. Walker vs. Abner J. Walker. Decree of divorce granted. Byron W. Cheever. adra., of Volney Chapín, dea, vs. Chas. H. Richmond et al. Decree by stipulation. Edwin S. Jaynes vs. George W. Brown. Judgment on default ; damages 6 cents and costs to be taxed. Henry Vinkle vs. James W. Hicks and Hiram P. Ludden. Final judgment; damages, $1,630 54. Lewis L. James vs. Hiram Barton. Judgment for plaintiff. Damages $253 87. Solomon Draper andLowell Coburn admitted to piactice on diplomas. "A number of other cases have been tried by court but decisions not yet entered. Aim Arbor has a new Postmaster at the last ; or rather a successor to Postmaster Dean has been appointed and confirmed. The lucky man is Charles G. Clark, of the Courier. His name was sent into the sSenate on i'riday last, and immediately confinned by that body without the usual formality oi a reference to the appropriate committee: an honor rarely bestowed upon any nominee who has not been or is not a member oí the Senate. This fact ought to satisfy all the fault-finding and jealous Republicana of this community - of course the Democrats have nothing to say -that the f ame of our brother quill-driver had goue before him ; that hia great political services and eminent fitness for the position were alike known. Good for Bro. Clark, and may he so engineer the office and discharge its vexatious duties as to win new and fresher laurels. . State street being in no ward, but dependeut upon the general street f und, has been too long neglected by our city authorihes. Especially is this the case from Huron street south (in fací it is not a ward división street north of Hurou) and more especially along the entire front o the University grounds, where the crossings are broken and lower than the street, and the main travel ed track lower than the gutter. It is, ei cept Main and Huron, the most traveled stree in the city, and yet is in the poorest condition Won't the street committee and street commis siouor and aldermen of the First and Sixtl wards look to it. A little gravel properly dis tributed, a little gutter cutting , and a few new or repaired crossing3 will teil to the credit o all coucerned. A new and extra broad crossinj ia also needed in front of the new Universit Hall. Maggie Mitchell, supported by a first-claB troup from McVicker's Theater, Chicago, is to play Fanchon, at the Opera House in this cit on Monday evening next, au imnouncemen which will give great gratification to our play going people. Of her performance in Detroi on Monday evening last, the Free Press says : " This delightf ui little artiste has lost none o the bewitching and lovable qualities which a the yery outset of her professional career wen straight to th public heart and enshrined he tbere for all time, or at least for all the time that she vrill be remembered of men and women. Her " Fanchon " last evening was fresh and natural and womanly, with all the attracti venera which her peculiar genius sheds upon it, as one could desire, and the audience were quite enraptured with it."


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