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The following May magazines are on our cable claiming notice : Scrilmer's Monthiy (opening the VIII. volume has the following on ita bill of fare too long to give in f uil : The District School, a poem by Benj. F. Taylor, both linea and illustrations carrying the older reader back to youthf ui days ; Southern Mountain Rambles, in Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina, by Edward King, with a map and twenty-three illustrations; Adina, part i., by Henry James, Jr. ; The Silver Desert, by John Schumacher ; The MysteriOU8 Island, chap. iv., by Jules Verne, with four illus.; Katherine Earle, chaps. xvi. yvii., by Adeline Trafton ; The New Homes ot New York, a Study of fleats, by James Richardson, with eleven illus. ; Relenting, poem, by Louisa Bushnell ; Over Sea, by John Johns ; The CoEducation of the Races, by W. H. R.; At Last, by Harriet Prescott Spofford ; Victorian Poets - Tennyson, by Edinund C. Stedman ; The Doctor's Wife, by R. H. D. The editorial departments are well filled, Dr. Holland, in Topics of the Time, discoursing of Star Lecturing, The Great Temperance Movement, and Political Morality. Sceibxee &, Co., Broadwaj', New York. - St Nicholas more than holds its own, both in pictures and contents. There are three more chapters - xv- xvii.- of What Might Have Been Expected, by Frank R. Stockton, with two capital illustrations ; also three chapters xv. - xvii. - ot Fast Friends, by J; T. Trowridge, with one illustration ; chaps. x. and xi. of Nimpo's Troubles, by Olive Thorne, with -wo illus. ; Another installment of the Jiminy Föhns (Sailors' Suits), by Mrs. A. M. Diaz ; All About Blind Man's Bulï, by Hezekiah Butterworth ; The Peach-Boy, from the Japanese, by !saac Yaunkahama ; The Magie Keysi, by Jas. H. Phnt ; Chustmas City, by Mrs. J. B. C. Samuels, with twenty-six illustrations ; and as. the auctioneer would say " numerous other article too tedious to mention." St. Nicholas is justly ;he favorite of the boys and equally popular with the girls. Sceibner & Co., New York. - The Atlantic has chapters xm. -xvi. ol 'rudenco Palfrey, by T. B. Aldrich, an enteraining serial ; Faneies, by Edgar Fawcett, in whieh that poet sings of the üriole, Huniminglird, Bat, and Toad ; Behind the Convent Grille, by Jane Gr. Austin ; The Tower, poem, ky Emma H. Nason ; A Terrible Twenty-four Hours (with Florida Alligators), by Will Walace Harney ; Kachel at the Well, poem, by J. T. Trowbridge ; The Cats oi Antiquity, by J. W. DeForest; The White Eover, poem, by Celia Thaxter ; Ivan Targenieff, by Thomas S. Perry ; Baddeck and that Sort of Thing, by C. D, Waro, in which our traveler finds his way back to the States"; Agassiz, poem, by J. BussellLow11; Mose Evans, Part in., chaps. i.- ui., by Vm. M. Baker ; Atlanta, poem, by James M. 'hompson ; with well-tilled departments of Litrature, Art, Music, and Education. A good umber. H. O. Houohton &.Co., Boston. - The Nursery is bright on every page, both n print and picture, and the contents, whether n verse or prose, will make the four year old oisterous with joy, and every four year old ught to have it. John L. Shoeey, Boston. H i - 1 1 Commencing April 15th, 1874, the Michigan entral Eailroad Company will issue one thouand mile tickets, which will be good on any art of the line or branches. These tickets are old for $25 each, and are subject to the ing couditionB : They are good only on regular traína designated for carrying passengere, and that stop regularly at the stations at which the passengere esire to get off. Tickets not transferable, and osa entirely at owner's risk. The ticket is void nless signed by the purchaser, who accepts it with these conditions, and will give his name in writing if called on by Conductor for identiflcation. They can be procured from General Ticket Agent, Detroit, through auy agent of the Company.


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