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An Anti-Treating Organization. A number of young men of this city who concientiously believe that the moderate use of irltuou8 liquor is right.and that legislative prolibition of its use is (as the failures of the many ttempts to that effect have proven) not only useless, and for that reason productive of a genral disregard for law, hut that it is also au infringement on certífin inalienable rights of a free man, have lately had an earnest discussion on the causes of intemperance. The deliberations and discusions on the subject, if not held in a total abstinence spirit, were nevertheless carried on in a spirit of temperance. The conclusión rrived at was that the evil custom of treating is irobably one of the main causes of intemperance, nd they immediately appointed a committee who would take preliminary steps for the organation of an Anti-Treating Society. We wouldf lerefore, respectfully invite our fellow-citizens who coincide with us in this matter, to meet on [onday, the 4th day of May next, at 7 o'clock P. ., at Turner Hall, tor the purpose of discussion nd organization. By order of COMMITTEE. Turnfest. (Tonrnament.) At the Convention of the Michigan Turn Bezirk, ïeld in this city in October, 1873, Ann Arbor was sected as the place for the Michigan Bezirks Turnest, which has its meetings on the 8th and 9th of une next. Aa this is a great undertaking, and we ave the promise trom societies from all sections of he State to particípate in the festivities, we most corially request our citizens to assist us in making the ournament a success, and to have our guests leave for their houies with the best wishes for the citizens of Ann Arbor and pleasant recollections of the Tournanxent. Societies from Detroit, Bay City, East Saginaw, Saginaw City, Grand Rapids, Jackson, and Adrián will take part. COMMITTEE OF ARRANGEMENTS. - - tmm ■ ii- Mack & Sc'Hmid intend to open, next week Friday or Saturday, anosher choice lot of 25 cent Ribbons, but will give due not ice in next week's papers. They are now opening a large assortraent of Paislcy and Ottoman Shawls at very low prices. Go and Bee them. Mr. IV. Broun will open a Select School for tiildren under ten year of age, Monday, April 27th, d the basement of the Preöbyterian Church. The hildren re allowed plenty of recreation and the ittle girls taught sewing. Terms $3.60 for term of ;welve weeks. 1475w2 Itlr. OT. C. Iluyett will receive a limited number of pupila for inBtruction on the Piano, Organ r Vocal training. Cali at 39 División and terms will be given. Ad vanee pupils preferred. 4wl475 Thlrty Year' Experiencc of au Olil IVurse. .lira. Winnlnw'ii Kootliing Sj-rup b-the irescription of one of the best Feraale Phy&icians tnd Nurses in the United States, and has been used for thirty years with never failing safety und success by millions ei mothers and children, from the feeble infant of one week old tothe ndult. It corrects acidity of the etómach, relieves wind eolio, regúlales the bowel', and gives rest. health and comfort to mother and child. We believe it to be the Best and Surest Remedy in the World in 11 caaes of DYSENTERY and DIARRHCEA IN CHILDREN, whetherit arises from Teething or from any other cause. Full directions for using will accompany euch bottle. None Genuine unless the fao-simile of CURTÍS & PERKIN8 is on the outside wrapper. Sold by all Medicine Dealers. H36vt Dr. l.ivvil l. hereby notifles his patrons that he hns rel urnfd from hU western tour and hus resumed the pructice of hits prufesüion. Office in the Haven Block. Sated, Ann Arbor, March 9, 1874. Cbildren Often l.ooli Pale and Sick From no other cause than having worms in the stomach. BROWN'S VEUMIFUeE COMFITS Will destroy Worms without injury to the ehild, being perfectlr WHITE, and free from all coloring or other ïnjurious ingredienta usually used in worm preptiraCURTI8 & BROWN, Proprietors, No. 21ft Fulton Street, New York. Sold by Druggists and ChemiiU, and dealers in Medicina at Twbhtï-Five Cents a Box. 1430yl household" '1b, y-u To all persons suffering D A AT A PT? A ?m EhííUIr atism, NeuXAINALÍJA ra'Kla. Cramps in the limbs or stomach, Bilious Colic, Pain in the back, bowels or side, we would - ANIi - say, the Hoübehold Paniacea and Family Lini'mknt is of all others the -n i ■ tt tt remeay you want for in FA MTT.Y ternal and external use Ü.1Ï1XJJ JL it has cured the above icomplaints in thousand of cases. There is no mis .T'NTTMP'Nl T ;keaboutit. Tryit. s„k JjliN llVlXllN 1' by all Druggists.


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