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The New York Tribune, cotnmentiug on the passage by the Senate of the inflation bill, says : The bill whioh was finally passed by the United States Senate yesterday, having for its object the cheapening of pa per mouey by making it more plenty, is of' immediate iinportance chiefly as an indication of the acquirements, intentions and opinions of the men who voted for it As a precedent, indeed, nothing can be imagined more outrageously bad. A policy is inaugurated which, if not soon reversed, must necessarily dishonor anc weaken the government and bankrupt the people. If paper inoney was necessary to save the country, what soit of a figure 8hall we make in our next great war, into which it seems that we may have to enter while already up to the ears in the slough of paper money '{ Messrs. Schurz Conkling, Anthony, Stewart, Thurman Sargent and others made earnest protesta against the action of the majority, bul without effect. Mr. Schurz submitted a substitute, which, while it may appear ironical to many of our readers, is yet nothing more than a plain and sober statement of the opinions expressed time and again on the floor of the Senate by Morton, Logan, Bogy andotherstatesmen of the cheap money school. There was a time when the United States Senate coulii challenge comparison with any similar body in the world. It ia a most respectable collection of statesmen even now, bul extremes meet there in a wonderful manner.


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