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3 School Teachers Wanted n each county for the Spring and Slimmer. tl 50 per mout li. Hend for circular giving f all pracnUn. ZIKOLER MoOPBDT, Chlogo. IU. WILD LIFE KAR WEST! AOENT8 W1KTED verywhere for t.hls new nd beautifully illustrated -Book of the Author's tliii i y vean' Life and Adventure among Uu Indians, in the Mexican War, huntinc wild ani mals, &o. Thrillingly inttrnVng, and selliiijf fanter than anything ever before known. Sertd for illuBtrated circular and term. F. A. HTJTOHIN8ON & CO., Chicago, 111. 1474 BUY J. & P COATS' BLACK I THREAD for pr MACHMt FLOWERS C. ! AliLElV offers hi surplus utocU of CHOICE MIXED GLADIÖLAS at Wholesale lor $3 per 100, $20 per 1.000. Sent by expresa upon receipt of pricc. Sond for catalogue, address C. L,. AL.L.EWj Ctueeim, X. Y. 0 The LoNr.-CoNïKSTKD !ii;iT ofthe fc H FLORENCE SKWIMi MACHI Jl E CO. f H aguinst the Smger, Wheeler & Wilson, L tl and Grover & Bakrr Oonipiimea, involving over f $250,000, l ij Is tlnally decided by the öupreme Court f of the United States in favor oí the Florenck, J; n which aloni' has Broken the Monopoly , t jö of High 1'uicEg, ' THE HM l'LORENCE l. K Is the ONLY machine that sewH bac.kward fc Jij and forward, or to right and lett. i Simplest- Cheapest - Beat. h O fOLD FOK ClASH OnLY. 8FECIAL Tf.BMS TO % Hl lis and DEALERS. f U April, 184 Florence, Mass. % k. JjSTCHOMANCY, OH SOUL UUAHM1NU 1 How either aex may faBcinate and ur iin th loA'e and affections of any persen th-ychooe, instant ly. This simple mental acquirement all can pofweas fiee, by mail, for -5 centB; topether with a Marnaf? Guide, Egyptain (iracle, Dreams, Hints to Ladies. j queer bo'o'k. 100,001) sold. Address T. WILLIAM & CO., Publishers. Philudelphia. t% "1 í VT %Êf Eatert cured permanent] I cheap, quick, without sul B ' ?BI fering. The only true an I tidote. S. G. Akmstrono 9 X JcL V iï M. I)., Berrien Michigan Gfc EXTER.MINATOR g P APÍD INSECT POWDEK. For Rats, Mice, Roaches, Ants, Bed-Bugs, Moths, & J. F. HENRY, CUKEAN & CO., N. Y. Solé Agen 1-jESIRABLE EEAL ESTÁTE FOB SALE! The subsenber, on account of iit healfch offers h 33 ACRES In the corporation for sale. This ground adjoins tl Umversitj Observatory on the east, oppositesicleo the street. Xt naa a most excellent SPRING ! On the northeast corner- ƒ ormerly supplied the Rai ïoad tuuks with water. ITS ADVANTACES , Are as follows : For city purposes the Huron River meanders th same some 30 to 40 rods, and is part of the beat "Water Power On the River in this vieinity, and the elevation on th northeast corner is suüiciently high and ampie to bu ply thö city necesaitiea for water and flre purpoae THE WESTERN PORTION On the road is very appropriate and suitable for Public City Cemetery . The city haa no such g-rtium now but must have soon, and whatever froundH th city doea not care to use, can be old at an advantag so much so.that the cost of the "Water Works f?mn( and Cemetery, would be merely nominal. Tf the cit doe not want the same, Ihe grouudg would be inva uable for FRU1TS, LARGE & SMALL There beingrsome 10o trees now in boaring Vegetables ind Pasturage And alao for MILKsupply,BLOODED STOCK Horses, Slieep, And other animáis always in great want by luany i the city and its viciuity. As city lots adjoiningth northwest corner of this land are now selling froro three hundred to three hundred and flfty dollars these lands would or could be sold in a short time to good advantage and to much proüt to the purchasers LIBBEAL TIME Will be given or the same will be exchanged fpr Mer chantable fooils or Drugs and Medicine, át cas pricea. TRACY W. ROOT. AnnArbor.Jan 81 1873. 1411 Briggs House, Randolph St. and Pifth Ave. CHICAGO. This well-known Hotel, rebuilt upon the oíd site, has all the modern convenieiices - Passenger Elevator, Iï:uh Rooms, Hot and Cold Water in each Room, Ekfrantly Furnished, andlocated in the business centre of the city. TERMS: $3.00 Per Day. RICKCORDS & HUNTOON, - Proprletor. puFlOÜE MONEY WIIERE1TWILL DO THE MOST GOOD. A. A. TERRY HAS A FULL STOCK OF HATS AND CAPS IN THE LATEST STYLES. QUALITY AND PRIOES T 0 DK F V C O M P E TITIO ALSO, A FUI.L LINE OF GENTS' FDRNÍSHING GOODS 55" Cali before purchatiug. 15 South Main Street. _JFf PÖB SALE OE EXCHANGE! The undersigned offers his Farm of 42 acres, one mile trom the State University, in the Townahip of Ann Arbor, for sale. It has on it a convenient house, wo barus, a ñue apple orchurd ; besides a variety of mail fruits. Also the undivided half of 237 acies lear ürand Rapids. City property in Onmd Rapids, Detroit, or Ann Arbor taken in part payment. February 12, 1674. I66m3 JOHN M. CHASE. APPLETON'S American Cyclopseflia. New IUmísímI Etiitloti. Entircly rewritten by the abiesl wrUrrs op every subject. Printed frona new type, and UluHlrated Sevoral Thousrind Engruvinge mul Mupw. Thi work originally publishtxl unrter the title of Phi; New Amekioan C'vrj.oi' i,i. waa complet ed in 1863, tiuce which time the wide eirculatioD which il haa attained in all parta ol üi i i Htatca and tbe aignal dovelopments which have laken place iu ev&ty branch of science, literatura, and artnuve induced the editora nud publihern to Bubmit it to au exaoi and tborough revisión, aiu ( inane u Dew sdition eiltítled TllK AMKB1OAK CTCOI&VMDIA. Wtthin the lam ten pean the urogresf? t dweuvery in overy depaitment of knowleqge uu made a uew work of refere nee an impertttive want 'Ihe mo vemen t of pohtiral afötirs ha kepl paoe with the (liseoveiies of science, auü thfiir fruit lui tpplication to the industria] and useful arta and the convenienco and rofinemenf, of Booïal 1 r t . Qre&i wars aud consequent revolutionn have occiiixecLin vol ving national ohangoe oí peculiar moment. ThE civil war of oiir own coimty, wbion waaat its height wben the last volnm oí tiie w3d wurk sppeared naá happily been ended, and n new QQurse of commercial and industrial itri ivii y hsfl buen comznenced. Lufre aocesstons to o&r geographictü knowledfje have been iu;tdc by the uaefatlgablfc explorera oí Ai rica. Thögreat political rpvolntioDs of the 1íi decade, with tb e nutuml restüi oí the twpsc Of timt-, have brought into public view a mnHltude of new men, whoae Dames are in every one's moutb. mkI of whove lives every one in curfoue to knuw tlie partioulars Great battiea hare been fottLht uu'l importa ui Biegei maintitined, of whioli thedejails are aö yei pn only in tlie news(a])erB üf in the tiannirct publicatioiiB of the day, but which onght ikiw rotajEetbeú place in permanent and autheuüohistory. In preparing the pre.sei;t edftiofi for the pre?6, il han accordincly been aim of the edit i - ïo brine down theinfonnatiou to the latesi possi ble daten, atid to fu"uish uu accurate account oí the nmst recent discoveriea in science, of ever, fresh product ion in littrature, and of the newewt iDventions in the practical arts, as well a to gire a succinct and original record of the proffress 01 political and liistorical eventa. The work hae been benn afler Iüiiíí and careful prehrainary labor, anti with the most implo resources tor carryiugr it on to a successful termination. None of the original stereotype platea have been used, but every page hus bet n printed on ïuwtjpe, forminu in faet a new Cyclopaïditi, with the rae plan aud compitas as itw predecesaor, but with a far greater pecuniary e. penditure, and with such improveniente in its composition a havebeëïi BUggosted by longer expeiieuce ana enlarged knowlede. The illtiatratious which are intvoduced fov the first time in the present edition have been added not lor the sake of pictorial effect, but to give greater lueidity and force to the explanutions in the text. They embrace all branches o science nnd natura) history, and depict the most faraous andremarkitble features of scenery, architecture, und art, as well as the varioub processes of mechan íes and manufactures. Although intended tor ins'.ruction rather thiin embellishment, no pains have been spared to insxire their artistic excellence; the coat of their execution is enormous, and it ia believed tbey will find n welcome reception aa an admirable feature of the Cyolopeécha, and worthy of its hiph churacter. This work is sold to Hubncribers only, payabie on delivery of each volume. Itwill be comph ted in sixteen large octavo volumes, each containing about 80C pages, fully illuatrated with sever;il fhouanñd Woo Engraviugs, and with iiumerouhcolored Lithographif Mapa. Prïce and Style of Binding:. . In extra Cloth, per vol. .45 0( In Library Leather, per vol. 6 0Í In Half Turky Morocco, per vol. 7 Oí . In Half Russia, extra gilt, per vol 8 ÍK In Full Morocoo, antique, gilt edges, per vol. 10 0( In Full Russia, per vol. 10 Oí Four volumes now ready. Succeoding volumes until com pietion, will be isued once in two months. VSpecimen pages of the Ajsikrican Cyclopíedia '"Bhowing type, illustratioiis, etc, will be sent gratis on application. First-Clabs Canvashing Agents "Wanted. Addrea the Publiphers, II. APP1CTO1V t CO., 540 & 551 Broadway, V. V. IHE MICHIGAN MUTUAL LIFE INS. CO. OF DETROIT. J. 8. FAURAND, - - - President, W. A. MUORE, - - - Vice President JOHN T. LIUUETT, - - Becretary, L. M. THAYEtt, - Geni Agent. Assels Jainiary lsts 1874 $500,335.41. The people of Michigan can no lonerer aíford to pay tribute to Ea.stern States by placing' their Jjife Insuftince with Eastern Companies, who by their charters are corapellcd to loan their tnonoy in their own Otates, thus becoming a heavy drain on the resoiirces of the State, when we híive ho reliable and well managed Life Corapany as the MICHIGAN MUTUAL. Tn 1873 the business of the Oompany whs increased H'orty-eitïlit and. on-ltitli' per cent. of the total amount done the piovious live years This hows the MICHIGAN MUTUAL LIFE has the Confidence of the People. The loseea duringr the year 1873 were only FÍFTYFIVE per cent of the amcunfc the mort&tity tables calï for, showing great cure in the selection of its risks. Duriupthe year 1878 there was a macerial reduction in the ratio of expenses showing CAPEFUL MANAGEMENT. The tieliiffau 'Mutunl í'ísiie 11 the most desirable forma of Liiie and eudowinent loliciea. DivideiMls Declarrd rnl raid at (he end of the First Poliry Year and each year thereafter. All Policios noii-forfeiting lifter one Anniial Premium luis been paid. All Endowment Policies are convertible into Onsh at the end of auy yeur atter the ñrat. Reliuble inilciniiity ;it luw's( (';iih rates cao he procurcd Ilie illiiliig-ii-ii mutual Ijii'e. GEO. L. POOTB, Dis't Agent, Tpeiïanti. J. Q. A. Sessions, Agent, Ann Arbur. üko. E. Foote, Agent at Dexter. pHAMBERS' ENCT0L0PJEDIA. a dic;tionahy oï Universal Knowledge for the People. RKVISED EDITION. WITH Maps, Piafes, and Engravings. Complete in 10 Vols. of 832 pages each. llmlrated with about Fotir Tlumsand Engravrngx ml Forty MapSt toiether with a Striêt ftf f ram ÈigJdy to One Jfnwired Elnyanüy Enffrava) Platos - ülustrativ' f ' the Subject of Natural Hishny - now for the fihst time appêdring in the wort.: PEICE PER VOLUME. Extra Cloth, beveled bonnis, - . J so jibrary Sheep. marbled edgea, - -e, l0 Huif Turküy Morocco, ... (j jo 'his Edition is Sold only by Agexts. Published by J. I!. LIPPIXCOTT & CO., l'bilaelpbia, Pa. SYLVANVS WATiREN, 189 Woodwavd Avenuo, Detroit, General Agent for the of Michigan. By comparing Charabers' Kncyclopwciia witfa the ïew American Cyclopiedia, - the work with which it 8 most frcquently brought into comparison. it will e fo'und that while the ten volumes of Chamberí?' ontain 83'-'0 pages, the original riMMfl volumes of the ew American contain leas than 12,006 pfiga. It will al8' be found that a papo of Ohitmbers' contains uil ons.-Jifth more matter than a pagre of the New American, making the ten votarnos of the tormer equivalent in amount of printed matter to at least ïirteen volumes of the latler, not to raention the mnerous Platea [about 80), Woodcuts (some 4 000), i nd Maps (about 40), that are included in this edition i '. Chambers', and to which the New American pos sessee no correspondini? fenturen. It is contldently i elieved that as a popular " Diotionary oc 1 L Kxowledce," the work ík without an equalin ' he English language. I426yl i 'T'HElïEST ACCOMMODATÏÖNS I In the city for [ BOARDING HORSES Ia at the Monitor Stablea. X. V. N.GEEGORT. '


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