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Dr. J. Walkci's California ViiiOgar IlitU'I'S are u puroly Vegetable preparation, m.icle cliirfly from tlie ntitive herbR Eoundón the lower ranges of the Sierra Nevada mouutaitis of California, the medicinal properties of which are extracteil therefrom without the use of Alcohol. ÏIil' questiou il almost dailyasked, "What is the cause of the unparaUeled success of Vinegau Bitteus?" Our answer is, that tliey remove the cause of disease, and the patiënt recovers his health. They are the great blood purifier and a life-giving principie, a perfect Kenovator and Invigorator of the system. Never before in the nistory of the wprld has a medicine been compormdéd possessing the remarkable qualities of VrNEGAR Bittehs in healing the sick of every disease man is heir to. They are a gentle Purgative as well as a Tonic, relieving Congestión or Inflammation of the Liver and Visceral Organs, iu Bilious Diseases. 11" men will enjoy sooil health. Iet them use Vixeqab Bitteks as a medicino, and avoid the use of alcoholic stimulants in every form. Druggists and General Agenta, Han Francisco, OaKfornía, and cor. Washington and Charltou 8te., New York. Sold bjr all Urufil and Deulri-. CiVEN AWAY IF IT WiLL NOT INSTÁNTLY REL5EVE m ■ RheumtB'm JMZ tMSEk. Deafness, Neuralgia, m A Catarrh Headache, fl M Bowel Cajn. Spralns, ■ ■ plalnts and Brulses, W3 K9 a,, eimiar Cuts, Burns, H Hf risease3. 5 Chltbialns, H V D 'i WILL KILL The worst cough In qulcker time than any other preparation In the world. Wewlllwlll refund the money Ifwedo notglve immedlate relief. SOLD EVERYWHERE. ONLY HARMLESS DYE. Acts like jBHífeK t!"le most a charm ! fl jk natural Nevorfñils B R shades to S w of Brown !y produce LB BF or BIak BY ONE APPLSGATSK), ; A Chance for Barguilla ! Kor s;ile at a preat bargain, 160 ACRES OF OÏTOIOE LAND, lying 2 % miles írora the city of [oniu. I0C acres under iraprovement, with good orchurd, ban nnd hed, and a comfortabltj house. Terma of p.iy ment- from $2,000 to $2, TjOO down; bnlenee Oö Mmg time. Aïao 90 ADRES, about 2 í miles from Kalamiizoo County, all lntprovedj with yood buiiil inga. Tenas- extvemely low. Also 40 ACRKS about eight mile.-s trom Hastings. Alao 80 ACRES on section Í in the town of Bazel ton, Sfaiawasse County, about 12 miles from ( oí anua. Well timbered. For terms addreas the undersignecl. i:. jr. poní. Ann Arbor, April 2, 1873. Estáte of Ellis Bulloók. TATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, ss. At a aession of the Probate (Jourt for the County of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Offioein the City of Anu Arbor, on Thursday, tlie twenty-eixth day oí Marca, in the year one thousaud eight hundred and seventy-four. Present, Noah W. Cheever, Judgeof Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Ellia liuiiock, deeeaud. U-eorge N. B. Renwick Administrator, with the will annexed of said estáte, comes into eourt and rep n-st-nu that he la imw prepaied to render lus ttnal account as uch Administra tor. Thereupon it is ordered. tliat Thursday, the thirtieth dáy of April next, at ten o'clock in the torenoon, be assigned t'orexamininyand allowingsuo)] uoeounts. and tnat thedevisees,legatees,and heirs;it law of saiddeceased, and all other persons interested in said estáte, are required to appear at a session ol s;ud Court, then to he holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Anu Arbor, in waid County, andahow oau&ö, there be, why the said account should not be illo wed : And it ia f urther ordered , tl i ; . t ; i i Administratorgivenotice to the persons ïncerestod ín ,iiil éstate, of the pendency of said aeoount, and iiic hearing thereof, by oausing a copy of this order tobe publishe in the Mtcfcioan Argas, heWspaper printod andcirculatingin aaid 'oiniiy, thvee sacoesñi i previoiisto sdid day of hearixtR'. (Atruecopy.) NOAH W. CHKEVER, 1472 JuiU; s of Probate. Mortgage Sale. WHEKEAB Levi H. Douglaai of the city of Ann Arbor, county oí Wastnaw aud of Michigan, on the eighteenth day oí July, A. D. 1872, exeouted a morlgHge to John N, Gott and Julia A. Gott, oí the same place, to the paymeut of eertaiu principal and interest uioney ttierein mentioned, which mortgage was recorded in thenttice oí tlie Register of dee-ds iu thecounty of Waehtenaw and State uf Michigun. on the lftthdayof July, A. 0.1872, in Liber 4H of mortgages, on page 2i)-2, und wheras deïault lias been made for more than thirty days, in the paymentof au installmentof said interest money which becamedue on the Irtthday of -Tuly, A. 1). 1873, by reason whereof and pursuant to the terms af uud mortgage, said mortgagees ekct tlmt so mjach oí said principal as remanís unpaid, willi all axrearagoi of interest thereon, shall become due and payabra immedialely; aud whereaR, there is claimed to be due aud nnpaid at the date of this notice the sum ot thxee (liousand two hundred and ninety-eiyat dol', sixteen cents for principal and intersi , :ilo flfty dollars as a reasonable bolicitor's or attorney's feeanould any proceeding be taken to foreclose afil mortae, and. no suit or prooeedinga hae tíe&a instituted, cither in law or cquity, to recover Uw samu pi'aiiy part thereof : Notice ia thexefore hereby giveii, thut on SATURDAYrHE TWENTY-SLJVkNTÍí h.vï OF JUNE next, at tw o'clock in tlie at'U riioon of said day, at the south door oi the Court House in the oity f Ann Arbor fthat beixtg the building n: the Circuit Court for the couuty of Watthten&w and state aforesaid is held,) and by virtue of th ep mrr of ale contained in sitid mortgage, 1 shall sell at puojta auction to the hightjst bidder, the premiss desoiubéd in said mortgage, to satisfy the amount of principa] íind interest claimed to be due with the Attornuy's fee of flfty dollars and charges of sale, to wit : Ál! thatcertain piece or paroel of land situated in the city of Ann Arbor, county of Washtenaw. aforesaid, known, bouuded and described hr follows, towit: - Iteing the north half of lot number sis (6) in bloek mimber three south of Huron street, and range number six (6) east, accordinf loa recoulcd plat ol the village fnow cityj of Aun Arbor. Dated, April ;ïd, Iö74. JOHX X. GOTT and JULIA A GOTT, TriHV X .GoTT,Atty. 1472 Mortgaee?. Mortgage Sale. DEFATJLT having been made in the conditiona of a certain movtgape, mude and executed by Jèrusha Huil, of the city of Arm Arbor, Counfer of Washtenaw and State of MichipHti, to Lew is C. Kidon, of the yame place, in trust for ir'ram Rogers, a minor, bearingdate tlie twenty-flist d.iy of Iunet A. D. 1869, and reeorded in the office of the Register of Deeda tor suid County, on the enme day, at tour and one-half o'cloek r. m., in liber iï of rooi t gages, on page 57 ; by which defnult th' i contained therein became opeiütivu, uud there now being claimed to be due therron tlie svrn ot two ' thouaand aix hundred nnd tweiity tbi-t'i dollnrq Bind ninety-six cents, principal and interpHt, inut no prooeedinga at law or ia equity havhig been taken to : oover the same or any p;irt therof : Nptioa is lint-bv J giren, that. by virtue of a power of sale contftined in said mortgage, I shaJl sell at public ailctioTl, to tTie highest bidder, on the sixth day of July next, at 12 o'ciock noon, at tlie south door of the Court House ■ in the city of Ann Arbor (that boin.r the plnce for holding the Circuit Court fprth County of Ww naw), the premiaes described in anv mortgttge, or ao much thereof aa shall be necessary to pay the tunonnt ] iue theieon and the lesral roats of unie, to wit : I,ot , aumber twelve (121 in blonk number two &2) snnth ol I Huron street and Range numlerel ven, in the eust ?rn afldition to the viïlnge (imw ci:yj of Ann Vrboï in the County oí Washtenaw nnd Sfate of Michigan Dated, Ann Arbor, March 12, 1874. 1469 LEWIS C. RI8DON, Mortgageein Trust Mortgage Sale. WHEREASOeorgeW. Mohr and Rochel A. bis wite, nf the township ot Sylvan, Washtenaw Couniy, MiohiETrtn, on the ninth day of October, in the year of our Lord one thouitaad eight hundred vp.nty-one, executed a mortgage to George E. Davia of tne same pUioe, to the payraent of ccrt.uin principal ml luterett moncy thprem men tioned, whicli mortgage waa recorded in the office of gister OI DeecUfB saM öonn+y, on t,h tnth ■ day of October, a. d. 187 1, at nine o'ciock . m. of s;iiddíiy,in libet M oi cnortgages, on page 69 ; which .suirt aiortgag ffafl riulj awigned on the eoond day of Januaryi a. d. oue tkouaand etght hundred u enty two. to Luther James, of the township of Lima, ■ of Wa ah ten a w ai d, and wcorded In the drfice of the Register of Dedf-of Baid county, on. the first day of April, a. d. 1874, in hber Xo. i of nspignol iriortirüíít's on ptfgfl two hundred im tv; and whereas det'ault hüc been mude for in&xe tnun thirt) day ïu the paytnefil ufan Installmeñt oJ interest monej whicJa becume die on khe ninih clay oí October, a. d. '878, by rearan whereof !nd pursu ■ oortgAge, utid moTt: : ■■ , f.lint so Uaab OÍ s;iid piitn:ipn.l ., with all arrearagea oi interes! therfou, ili.sii b come due and payable mmediately aud wnerejiL there ii oi Lmed bo ba due and ttnptüd uu g-oal the date of tina notioe the wum of tive thousand tour hundred nnd tifty-i nu aoihira and . i'jv iiiiiü i;,l dtu) mu-re t, lw) tin n; torney'B fee of flfty nhould any proci edinga ■■'' said mortíicf, una" alho the turÜltiV 8 111 Ol ■■■1:1 fOl Ü I-UI :( THM', (18 pt'OVlded for in said mortgage, and bo auit or prooeedintfs lij.vii: i atéd either in law or rnuiiy to retny part tbereof: Notioe tetherefore hereby given. thittoq the TWENTY-HEVENTH k-WO!' JUNK NKXr,,ii Jo'olookÍBtheftfternoon oi gaW Ahj . i . door of the COurt House ia the ei j oí Ann Axbor, county aforeéaid, (that beinfj the building in which the Gireuil Coart óf süid eounty is heirij and by virtue of the pow r of sak oontnined in said caort?uge, I hall wil at public ituction to the highesi biddeïthe pvemlMA dewribed in m m irfgage to satÍBÍy ïhn fimount of principal aml interest above claimeo as due, wilh thé charges of 'j aÉtorney's fee of üity dollars, with insuraaee .. said, 11 the folloVinc deseribed jueces and I of lnd, to v.ii : The Etouth half of the southeast quartex óf khfl eemthmti quarter atf tètSum ■ i ■■ atrjp o land ten chaJus and iridth ñorth and futh nud abrai srxty i.'iiiiitm pat and wesi being off h"m tbe mouÜi sidfr of the ■ m irter oi the spuhwesl q carter of Beetion twentyfonr, and off bf the sonth mdeof the hoi i h hal! of tli; sonthcast ni'arlor of section tweníy-three (2S,cmtaining i ti the last described pfece or paTCel of land Bfteen ; also bezinning at the northeasi oorner of the southwest quarter of the southweat quarter of section twtnty-four [24 running- thenee south on the h::lf quartr line six olninw and seventy-three links tii tïie nprtheast corner of land deeded by Aaron tiawrence to Loia Fenn, thenee BQuth eighty-six aerees west sixtc--n Ifijchnins to a etalw, thenee aouth fout derrees eaat three chains and-thirty-eieht links to a stakeon the eant side of u spïin. tic nee mvt tour clmins n cross anv spring to a iake, thenee north twenty-five links to 8 stake, thenee sonth eighty-&dx degreea west three cmtfna nd titty li ks to n itake in the east line of section twon6y thtee, thenee soulh eií?hty-flve defrreesand thirty minutes west piuraUel with the sonth line of seetion i wenty-thi'pe (23) about forty f40) chaina tu a stake in the center line of said section twenty-three, thenee nor tii on snid center line nine chains and eiffhty-six links, theree east parallel with the south line oi aid sectiona twenty-three and twenty-tour aïout sixty ehains to the pluce of begihning, containintr tifty-five Reres ol l'-nd ; isoapieee of land ofï of the northweat í corner of the northwest quarter of the southeast quAfter of said section twenty-three live ohains and sevenfcy-oiï'i and one-half links wide east and West, und even teen chaina and flftylinks north and sdu'lt rrom the northvest corner, of the piece of land second abore descrihed oontuicing ten acres of land, all in township two south of range three east, county ol Washtenaw and State of Michigan aforesaid, eontaining in all one hundred aeres oí land more or Il'hh I!' in.1 the landn dencribed in a eertain indenture of mortgagre piven by Geotge W'. Mohr and wife to I h orge i1'. Dn vis, and recorded in the Register's office for Washtenaw couuty, in liber 40 of mortgnges on paffe 342. Daled, April 3, 1874. LTTTHEK JAMES, As?isnee John N. Gott, Attorney of uuid Moituugee. tor said Assignee. I472td Mortgage Sale. EFAUTjT hnving been made in the condition dt -L' u certain mortgaye made by David MctJoll, oí ïSeio, in the Üdftnty of Washtenaw and Slate ot Michigan, to William Iiatson, of the city of Ann Arbor, in the County and átate atoieaaid, datea ÏLaxch twciity-Hixth, i6ö, and reeorded m the office ol liegwteroi aeeds f er Wtwütenuw County, Michifr-iu, on the twenty-öixth day of March, 1866, at aleven and one-half o'olock, A. M., in liler 35 of mortgages, on page 2ö7 ; which said mortgage, togethet with tJienote acoQmpanying the name, waa on the eighteenth day oí January, A. D. 1872, duly assigned to Leonard VaugJbn and Martiia Vaughn, which af&ignmeht was duly ïecoröed in the office of Eegistci of Deeds, afore&aid, on the third day ol (laren, is, i, at nine o'ciock, a. m., m lmcr 4 ol us8igninents oí úiortages, on page 235: upon which fage there ig claiiued to be dut by virtue of the conditioiih thereof, and remairxjog uupuid at the date of tiiis notice, the sum of twenty-two hundred and forty -l wo doiiars und sixtcen cents, nnú nu attoruey's fee ot thirty dollars prorided lor in said mortgage, and no uit or hnving been tn&Utnted at law to recover the sum now due aud secure by said moraKOi or any part thereof : Now, tbtfrèfore, by virtue ot tlie power of sale contained in said moWgafte and by virtue of the tstiuute in Buch ease made and provided, notice is hereby given that on Suturday, the thlrtieth duy of May next, at twelve o'oiook noon of that day, at the front door of the Court House, in the city of Ann Ai-hor, in said County of Washtenaw and State of Michigan (said Court Houae being the place of boldiiifi the Circuit Court for said County), theie will be aold at public auotion or ve'ndue, to the higheat bidder, the premisos üescribed in said mortgage us: All thatcertain tract or pareelof land kutwn and deacribeü as follows : Being oue equal aud undivided lialí oi thecarding mul clothing worka and one-half of theiappurtenaooeSt macbinery, and preniises thereto belunginy ; aaid premises are upou the southeast 1'ractiouH.l qmtrter of section two, in township two sou tn of range tive east, beginninHt a stake standing on the north bank of the Huron river, at a point aear üuee rous liom tlie end of the bridge acrosH riveron the rond leading from nn Arbor to Sowell, in Livingston ('ounty, thence running north liom sail' stake eiiilit roda on the line of taid roac thenee westêrly eiglit rods, thence aoutherly auc parallel with said rond eight rods, thence eusterly t the place of bcginning. 1 Dated, Marcfi 4, 874. 1 LEONARF VATUïHN, MAUTiïA VAUGHN , A sw linees. .Taiks Iï. Gott, Att'y lor Aseignee. 1468 Mortgage Sale. DEFATTLThaving been made in the condition 'o a eertain mortgage executed by Junatïmn Bock ert and Lydiá his wife, of the townsiiip of Dextei county oí VViwktenaw and .-tato of Michigan, t l.viiu1 Ray, of tlie saiae place, on tlie twenly-hf: day of August, one thousand,eigrht hundred and sev muy, aud recordad in the Hegister's oifice, in th eoumy of Wjislitenaw aud tí tute oí Michigan, on th fourth day of November, a. d. 186, at %% o'ciock p .m.,-iii liber 42 of mortgstres on page A28 : And ther is now clairued to be due on said mrtgage aud uot l 'i ompanying the same the sñm of five hundred au eighty-seven dollars and seventy-one cents, (and th lurllier sum of three hundred and four dollurs am seventy cehta to beconie due on the 2öth day o; , August. Ifs74 and 18T6.) also un attorney's fee of thir ty ahould any proceedinga be taken to fore close aid mortgage, and no proceeding m Ihw or in Li[iuty having Let-n had torecover said sum of money or any part ttiereol : Xow, therefore, notioe is hereb; givfn, that by virtue of the power pf saie in sau mortgjuge contained, I Bhall Bell ui public auction to ■ the hiliest bidder on the thirtieth dny of May next at 2 o'ciock p. m. of Baid daj , at the front door of th ! Court üouae, in the city ot Ana Arbor, county afore said Tthat being the piaee of holding the Circuí 'ourt tor said county;, all that eertain pieee or par eel oí land situated in the towndliip of Dexter, Waah tenaw County and State of Michigan, known, boun 3ed aud desoribed as follows, to wit : The nort' half of the soutliwest quarter of aection numbertiT ol township one sonth of range four eiut. Dated, Marcho, 1874. I8AA0 RAY, Mortgagee. John N. Gott. Attorney for Mortgagee. Mortgage Sale. DKF VTTiTby non-paymentof moneys,havlng-been mude in The condition of a eertain mortgage ex ecuted by ivjlliam A. Beriedicl aud ( atherine H Benedact, to Andrew J. Shively., hearing date the twenty-nvêt ááy of April, A. D. 1870, duly stamped and recorded in the oitice of the Kegister ot Deeda of Washtenaw County, ín the State ol Michiyan, on The i.te,.nih day of May, A. I). J87O, at four and ooe-half o'ciock p. m., in liber 42 of raortgHges, on puse 412, and thereafter fully aasigned by the aaid Andrew J. Shively to Philip Bach, by an instrument of ass&nment, ben date the tenth day of January, A. D. 1874. and roeorded in the aforesaid office of Register of Deeda, on the aevcnteenth day of Febrimry, A. I) 1S74, at three and one-half o'clöek P. m., In liben: l ot assignments of raorfgnges, on page 220, where by the power of sale contained in sid morigage bas beoome operative, and no auit in laworin py having been instituted to recover the debt reniainini! sicured by said mortfrage or any part thereof, and the sum of eight hundred and ninetyseven dolían, and üfty-nine cents being claimed to be due mi snid mortirage at the date of this notice : Therefore, notice is hereby given that to sutisfy the tmounr. due on said raortjiafie. with the interest, eoats., andchtigea allowed by law and provided for in said mortgage, including an attorney of thirty dolíais. tïiepreiuispfcdeseribedinsHid mortfrag-e.fowit: AU thiat eertain piece or parcel of land sitúate in the v.'w v of Aun Albor, County of Washtenaw and State of Mïehig-; n.kmnvn bounded anddescribed as followe, to wit : Being in the , sou t heust corner of the northD art er of the nor th west quarter of wection number iliirty-wo [32Í, in township nuiuber two f2) Mjuni, raiiKc ïtumbersix (; east, commencing at the cornei stakc in the Ann Arbor and Lodi plauk road, running eight rodn west on the line of said quarter, tliencu north twelve rods, thence east eight roda to theoentefof ssid ruad, thenoe south twelve rods to the place cf bezinning, wijl by virtue of the aforesaid poWtjr of srIp contjiined in said nioi'tjïge, nd of fhé statñte in BUch case made and provided, be soM at pnblie aoctien or vendue, to the higliest bidder, at the eouth door of the ("ourt House in tii' citj nt Arm Arbor, in the County of Washil itute of Michigan (sfiid 'óurfc Houee beinu the place of holding the irruit Court within hná fetr said County) on Baturday the sixth day of June, A. D. la74, aL ten o'ciock in the forenoon of that day. i. March U, A. D. Í874. rHILTP BACH, i B. F. Gringer. At-si"uee. ] Att'y for íssignee. l-í(í) i „______________ _____ i, Mortgage Sale. DEFATT;T bavins been made in the conilitions of ! H lin mortgage, exeented hy Goorite K. FtraithwaitB, af the city of Ann Arbor, i-uunty of Wásht' uaw and St;ite of Micbi-aü, to Samuel P. Jewelt. of ttó sasfte place, hearing date ttie tifth dar of . j. wie thouBEAd eighi huBdrfld and sevent-two, and recorded in the oifice of tlie Register Washtesftw (nmtiy, Miriiigan. ou the ninth-day oï January, a. r. 1872, in liber 48 of mortis, by wnfch aefauli the power of Bale ' I In s: id raortgage has beeoma operative, and on which n ce sclalmsd to be due at BUIT of thirty-Tour dollars and " il ihe fiador sum of fuur hnndred M dollars to be ue ue therron, also an aitorney'a fe ' of. thirty lioHörs'shouid any proeeeding b taken to ' i ; and xu pnx liugs at huv 6 or iu ohancery having been instituted to recOTerthe t ; ' ■ BBT pt thereof: o : iTen that by virtue oi the " coDtained in Baid mortgage, and tlie ft 3tatut0 is ':;ide and ïrovi'i.I. s:r'i P jagewilj 'm si i't-Kitw, tukTwkxtikth o: day of.Hnk, a. l). 167-1. at two oVloi'k in the p noon ofthot day, at the south door of the Court 'i House iu th ctVr o' Ann Arbor in said eomity of h iw fsald Court House beieg the place of A '.e Circuit Court for the eounty of "sj lay . by. ;■ aaj ■ al ml, lic auction, to the highebt P1 Ier, the i rfbedrin ;id mortgage, which pi iro !;nown, tn)iudtd and described as follows. to wit: P' oun)ucr twenty ■2), in Jeivett's additiou si o Ann Ariw city, secdrdirtj to a recorded plat d li ivofin the Rcgister's office of Washtenaw County, co n liber ij7 if deeils, on page 678, Dated, March 26, U;7i SAMUEL P JEWETT, Ci John N. Gott, Moitïtge. Mt'r for ilortgag. 147i D Mortgage Sale. "TVEFAULT having been made in the condition of -L' a certain mortgage, made and execuitcl Ly SoIod Cook and Aun L. Cook. his wiie, of tl:e city ot' Aiid Arbor, Washteuaw County, and State of Michigun, to Silaa H. Douglass, ot the same piar1;, beaiiLg date the llrst day of August, in the ytai of nuv Lord ono thousand eight bundred and aixi y-seven, nnd rtc, ■ ed in tlie office of the Uegister of Deeds ol tl:e cotraty of VViixtitcnuw, in iaid Mate ot Michigan, on the tlrnt day ot August, ... D. 18li7 ïri liber Sb ot morl ges, on page 53, on whioh mortgage thire is claim to be due ut the date ut this nolice, foi pricci] interest, the sum of two thousand flve bundred . ninety-eight dollar and twrut j-ninc cent, together with an attorney fee of flfty dollars, as provided and agreed should any proceedings be taken lor the foreoloHure of aaid mortgage; and whereas to proeeedmgs at law or in equily have been taken to rtc the sume or any part thereof : Now, therefore, nol Is Iwitby given that by viitue of the power ol m contained in mortgage, I snall se 1 at pullic ituction to the bighest bidder, on Mondn , :ie tnuth day of l'ebnmty, . D. 1874, at tli ot noun ot that, duy, at tlie wn'.L doot ol I Houhc in the Hly of Ann AvI i ■ gun, that being tl e buildinii in Court tor the county ol Wa-lr premisea deseribed in io mol o rriuch thereoJ as shall be ecessiiry lo dueoiiBiid miirtgiige ttaei sale and the Httoinej fee Kb ïi are dtescribed as f,ll„v.s, towit: All tl tract or parcel ot land known nnd desciihtd lows. to wit : lying in the townsl , o! Aun Albor, and being part of ihe nortbwesj quaitei i nnmber thirty-three in townshii ouinher tno fouth of raAgu numbei e i; in , . the emt luie of smd qunrter eectkui txteen chaina and nfty-three liuks south oi tl, e i.miheast corner of suid quartei taence aontta on said line fire i links thence south flfty-oni i twenty-two chaina andeleven links to il,, , the YpBÜiinti rond, thei center of said road ninettei ehaim links to a point eighteen ohaii Honth ot the north line of said swe parallel to the north line ut suid .- .- cnains and thirty-two links, thenee north pi the west line of said seotiori six Bliaiü fiva links, tbence eat paralle] ohainsand foityfour links to the l quarter section, thesce couth four ehnins umi 'Int links fo the place o) bezinning and I land deedodby Jacob hen, ptlo s-;,i,; l ut the lg-t part (to said mortgage and - aesenbed in two deed? to eaid Kempf recordeí ín Kegister's office, in said eoonty. in fiber Y of Deei on papes (7( nnd (;;, and m liber Ni . i at p&grs 6Ü8 and 5S9. Ann Arbor, KovemVr 12. 1S73. S1LAS H. POUG1 Feixh & Grant, Attorneys foi '■ Tbfl mtle of the premraes ;ibo i. ;id.ionrned to Thursday, Muy eventh, al place und hour of the day. Dated, February a, 1S74. 1' & Gbahx, S1LAS II. DOCGLASS, Attorneys. Mortgage Sale. DEFAtTLT havinR bef n made m the eouditiou of o certaln mortgage made andexecuted by Itlnah W. Morgan and Lucy W. ,s. .Moil , ' i„ John Henly and Amundu M. . Goodale, on th eleventh day ot August, A D. 1873 anB récorded in the ottice ot Ihe Begi.ster ot Dtedstor the Connty of Washtenuw and tate of Michigan, on tic n'ineteenth day of August, A. I). I o'dock K M., in hberl.') of mortgages, on piiij, 904 ;, i, , . non which said mortgage tin re u uow claimed to be ■ and unpaid the num ot nve hundiei. ond fwenty-sil dollars and ninety tour $ó26.W,i cents prini 1"! and interest and b rensonable at toi nej i i „tec insaidmortijage, and nosuit hiviiiL been institi in law or equity lo recover muil suin (.i thereof: Now, therelore, notice i,s e'n by given thnt ■ by virtueof apowei of iale contained in said moregage, and in pursuance of the amtute in bucI i l made and provided, the laijds hik] prtmisee i in said mortgilge . to wit : All those celtiiin paio of luiid knoirn and described as Iota nambí i flie '5J six ÍS}, seven f7); eight fh' ninc f), h n f I' ■;. .leven C11J, twelve(W), thirteen (18), fourteen ( 14), ti.i (15; anl sixteen (Ui), in block number five (5] 3outh in raugeone west, in Maynurd'f? oddition, in the , city of Anu Arbor, 'ashtenaw County, Michigan, or so much thereof as may be necetsary to im . amountdue, with intf rest, costs of fale and eaid . torney fee, will be sold at public auction, to the . highest bidder, at the .-outli door ol flii (ourtlfóie in the city of Ann Arbor, Wasl.tem.w Connty, I of Michigan, (thatbeing the plaos foj hi ■ Circuit fcr said County), o:, liiu ile frwenty-fiecondday of May, A. l. Ib74, al ten o'clock m the foienoon of aaid day. Datad, Anu Albor, Fcb. ?6, IRT4. JOHN' HENLT, AMANDA M. F. I Fkazkr, Haeriman & Hahiltqh, Atty's ïor Mortgagees. Mortgage Sale. DKFAULT having been made ir, the eonditions of a certain mortgage, by ihe Don-paynient ot money due thereon as providet, by tlie teimsoi snid moitgage, executed by Elijan ".".Moiaan and Lney VV. s Morgan, his wile, to John Benlj and Ami M.F. Ooodale, hearing üate the Í A. D. 1870, and récorded in the otl, ter of üeeds of Washteuaw County. in th, Stati ,t Michigan, on the nineteenth day oí May, A. i. in book 45 of mortgages, page S4, bj svhicl di tanlt the power oi sule cunt luid m said mo come operative and on which mol claimed to be due at the date of this of one thousaud one hundred and ninety ninc dolíais, and no buit or proceedings hiiviiiLr bei i, u,stin;lM in law orequity torecover the debt -i,id mortgage: Notice is hertby given that on Frii the twerity-second day ot May, A. 1). 1874, at ,ü o'clock A.M., on said day, at tbrsouth ciooi ei House, in the city of Ann Arbor, I ■■! i . , ■ . . -i.tenaw, in the State ot Michigan snMCoart I ing the place lor holding the Ciieuil I Couuty), there will be sold by virtue of tl , sale contained in said movtgage a1 publica i the highest bidder, the premitee Si mortgage or so muefi thereot iip in,i sati.-sfy the amount due ;mrV payabl (, gage, with lnterist, costs, chaigts Bi lowed by law aud provided tor in said that is to say : Lots number flve (5) , t eight f8), nine (;. tenilo,. els ven ilij. ! thirteen (13), lourteen (14; hfttir (l., and :ijnm ( 6), in block number (tve (5) south in i west, in Maynarti's addilion, in the citj 1 1 Ana Aibor, Washtenaw County, Michigan. Daled, Aun Albor, Keb. 26 Ö74. JOHN HKNLT, AMAKDA M. F. GOi Fiïazer. Harriman & Hamilton, Atty'a for Alortgiigees. Mortgage Sale. DEFATL.T havinfi boei made m tbc o a certain mortgage pxecuied by William li. Ialloj-y and Helon M. Mallory to joh bearing date the sixteenih day 'of . lS72,and récorded in the oi&ce ■] Deeds lor the counfy of WiH blate of Michigan, on the ninih day oí I Liber forty-nine of mortgitges on p g and nmety nine, whie), said mo aigned by John N. (iotl to :ur;url 1'. Jewett, n Samuel 1'. Jewett to Christian Mack and Jredi Schniid,andbyreasonots:iid uefnultthi pi m said mortgage having btcome opei:ttiv . ;md theri bing chumed to be due and owing on f and the bond accompanying the same u tl.t , this notice, the sum ol tho'isao, icd and flfty-six dollars and twenty-nim 3], together irith an attorney's tiv oi titty dollar, provided lor in said mortgayt-, and n.i soit ei pro cecdiogs at law or in equity having been üisiitu to recover sa d amount or any pal t Eliereof: "Nc'ioe is therefore hereby given tl at on Saimdaj . the nvcnty-thirddayof May. a. i). 1874, al ekven o'duck m tlie forenoon of said day, at the south door ot the Court House in the city of Ann Arhor (said Court House being the place for holding the iicuit Court lor the county of Washtenaw) theie will be virtue of the power of sale contained in said ni"rtgage. at publie auction to the high the premiges deeeribed in said mortfrage, m so moch thereof aa may be necessary to satit-ty the amount itue and pi.ynble on said mortgage togëthei v interest, cuats, charges and ezpeDei B alkffl l d by hw, and provided for in said mortgage, that ia to say All tlmt certain piece or paroel of land situated in the . city of Ann Arbor, county aforesaid. kuown. bounded, and described as lollows. to wit : Commenoiug t a point in the north line of Huron sïrret, in the city of Ann Arbor aforesaid, eight rods nnd eiirhteen west of the west line of I). Mclntyre's land ïunning thenee north parallel with said west lini ol Mclntyre's land twelve rods, ihence TO8i parnilel with Huron street to the east lint of Al ann thenee south twelve rods to the cornei oí Ma Huron streets, thenee i-a?t to the place of begii Said description being intended to eover the pi, where said William H. Mallory uow livea, o north side of Huron atleet. Uated, Februarj ïli. i74. ('HlilSTIAN MACK, FREIIEIili' MUM I 1'. Assignees,of saidMortga ;e. D. PriAMEn, Att'y for said Assignees. 14C7 Mortgage Sale. OKFATI.Thavingbeen made in the oondiHon of a certain mortgiitre ezecuted ou the twt-my tiirh dayof July.A. D. 1868, by Kobert 1'. I Uartha A Leonard. of the city of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Michigan, to Jojseph Praj, of he township ol' Northñeld, in the Countj of v enaw and lítate of Michigan, afores aid. áud i ed the name day in the office of the Regfcter ot ! i or the County of Washtenaw, Michigan, m liber 8 of mortgnges, on paee 4,53, npon which mol iiere is claimod to be due at the dale of this notice, wo hundred and fifty-'ue dollaients, for principal and mterot, and alm thiiiars aa an attorney or solicitor's fee as oíten asa' proceeding is taken to fo:, e. and ïo proceedings baring been taken at law or n , ;o recover amount due or uny parttnereof: ore, notice is hereby given tht by viitue o ower oí sale contained in said moil;i;t: e, T sball aell it public auction, to the hiehrst Í , he twenty-third day af Ma) oext, at two oMock '. m. of said day, at the fi'oni i louse in theeityof Ann Arbor. County nforesaid, that being the place of hohling tl , j t lor aid County): All that certain piece or pan and sitúate in the township of NorthUeVl. AV aw County, ytate of Michijjan, ]niOWB,boi escribed as follows. to vt : Cpmmencina lirty-six degrees forty-four minutes enet, i rods and eight links lr m a -take. s(vii! In ont of the northenst corner of Alt ■, ■itand, thence south flfty tl minutes west, eight rod?. thenee south i).i legrfes and forty-four minutes cast. fooi thence north fifty-three degrees and lifteui fni 'ast, eight rods, thence nortli thuty si:: i 'orty flve minutes west. fonr ïorls to legitiniüg, containing one-filth f an ;■. nore or less. Dated, Feb. 25, 1S74. JOSEFH PKAY, t r r. t(fage, John Gott, Alt'y for Morigagee. IHE CIRCUIT CÓI-RT X tenaw - In i hancery : Uozella Sinter, compl mt, vs. Jacob Slater. Defendant. ippearing to this Court, by aiïidal i aii, Jactb Slater. is nor n resident of tms Sj'.-ne, hut esides in the state ol New Yoik. o:: ir 'ramer, solicitor for complainant, if :s orderpd be uefendant cause his np-pearaiice to be eiïtfied in liis pause within three months tiru ti ■ nier. anti that in c:isc of hit nppe.'ll'iníí he can-nswer to the compiainant's bul l l-e filed ia ause, and a copy thereof to be serwd on tl f , lainant'tLsolieitor within twenty daya n hiin or his solicitor, ol a copy of the bill ol lainant liled in this cause, and a notice of r!:is oic't r, ndiudefault thereof, that the said pbnrptaill ill tío taken as confeseed by the suid ueiendunt. ■nd it is fulther omered that within i ih Baid complainant cause a oopy 01 ublished in the Michigan A j ■-, a public i eMsnaper linted in said county of Wüshrenaw. and that the ttbiiciition eontiiuie ït least once each wei k for six icces-ive weeks, r that she cause a eopy oí this on ír to be persoiiülly served on the anid ueft ndant ncirdmg to the rnles and practice of this court. Dated, Ms.rch lütb, 1874. JOHN F. LAWEENCE. jcuit Court Commissioner, Wa&htentiW County, Michigan. . Cbamer, Solicitor for Complainant. 1470


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