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BUSINESS DIRECTORY,, II IIltl '1 HAIttlLTOM Attorneys at Law. Ottice Nos. 7 and U Soutl Muin Street, Ann Arbor Mich. EttASTUS THATCHER, Attorney and Counselor at Law, No. 5 Enst Huron Street Ann Arbor, Midi. 1386 4 WW AKBOR TIIM Kil, siitl.s. A. Morris Hale t Ü., Superintendent. Office in bnlldine, corner Mann and West Haron Strsets. WI1VES & WORDE, -20 -onth Vlain strest, Ann Ar or, Mich-, wholesale and retail dealera in Dry Goods, Carpets and Groceries. 135ttf MACK & SCH7IID, Dealers in Dry Goods Groceries, ürockery,&c. No. 54 fouth Main Stret. f H. JACKSON, Dentlst successor to C. B. VV Porter. Ofllce corner Main aud rfuron streeta. over the store of R. W. Ellis fe f o , Ann Arbor, Mich. nestheticsadministered if reqaired. (ifHEBLASID k WHEDON, Life and S Fire Insurance Vgcnta. and dealers.n Real Estáte. Offlce on Hnron Street BACH & ABEL, Dealers in Dry Goods Groceries, 4c &c.,No '-C South Maiu Street. Ann irbor. WJI. WAfilVEK, Dealer in Ready MadeCloth ing.'-'lotbs. Cassimere. Vestings, Hats, Cap, Trunks, Carpet Baga, &c '21 íouth Main street. VTOAFl W. CHEEVEK, ''attorney at law ! OSo with E. W. Morgan, East side of Court House Sqnire. 1331 W C. C ARK, Dcntist, „,-. Suceessor to C . C. iMIMSÉBHMEafe when necessary. MRS. H. J. HILTÓÑTm. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Office and Residence No. 88 Ann Street, corner of IngalU, Ann Arbor, Mich. fdT Office hours- 8 to 10 a m., and 2 to 4 v. m."5BH Rtfmnces- Prof. Saqep., Prof. Paljier. H31yl pEOCKERY ÖLASSWARE & GK0CERIES, J. & 3? Donnelly Have i n store a large stock of Crockerj , Glassware, Plated Ware, Cutlery Grocenes, &c, 4c. all tobe sold at nnusually low prices. No. 12 East Huron Street, Ann Arbor. 1128tf J. Sc V. nOBfKLLY. FÖHN G. QALL, DEALER IKT FRESH AND SALT MEATS, I. % HM. SMISAGES, Etc, Ordcrssolicitedandpromptly Uled with thebest meats in the market. 31 East W ashington street Ann Arbor, Sept. lth, 1869. 123Stf "DR. CTI. LEITEU, Physician and Surgeon, Offlce over Watts' Jewelry Store, Muin Street, Residtnce 58 East Huron Street, 14B9U ANN ARBOR MICH iy a k k s e v , oFjBijl Manu Tac ture r of Oarriages, Buggies, Wagons, . ANO SLEIOHS, of every style, made of the best material, and warranted. Repairing done promptIv ui t pncrfs rei3Dnable. Detroit Street, near K. R. Depot, Ann Arbor, Mich. H46yl T FEED. B1ÍOSS, MANUFACTÜBER OF I' lililí VtíKS, SIGUÍES, LUJIBER UUiOS, SPKlXfi iii;as ( il i rits. SLKHiilS, &c. Ailwork warranted of thebest materml. Kepairingdone promptly and rensonably Aff work warranUd to give perfect aatisfaction. G8 South Main street. 1422 QR.U.B. POKTER, DEISTTIST. Olüce in the Savingá Bank Bloek, Ann Albor. Ml Operations on the Natural Teeth Performed with Care. ÜNSURPASSED FACILITIES AND BXPBRIBNCE SETThb ARTIFICIAL TEETH, TO GIVE EACH INDIVIDUAL, D'tinrt, ti) tht proper tixe, thapr ,r.olnr . Hrmnesëand natural exprettion 1244 BUSINESS COLLEGE! Bank Blook, A nn Arbor, - Michigan. No vacations. Day classes throughout the yeiir. students enter nt any time. Inatructum iwcording tomost Approved plans. Students have ''Actua rractice " at the beginning of the course in book eeping. 1441t( TWELLING HOÜSES a uR SALE A largeand very well built brick house, with two or more lotn. Two larife framed hoMes Aho a aai S bJÍCk h0U!ie M!d fr"med h"18 "a á S name house on a grodlot, intended f or addini? a f ront for mie on (air terms and a reasonable credit Also other buildings, lots, and property MOPIEY WANTED-So many' wishinï to orTOu,moneyappl?tomethatI can readüy obtain ÍSSSSS Y investment .t'un pèr Ann Arbor, Atril 23. 1978. E' W'


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