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A Lawyer-witness Cross--examines Himself

A Lawyer-witness Cross--examines Himself image
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The St. Joseph Dernocrat says : We have heard of many amusing scènes occasioned by the liquor crusade, but we hink that the case of lawyer J. P. E , at Centerville, last Tuesday, is entitled to ;he "blue ribbon." Lawyer D. Was drunk. The ladies had lim arrested and brought before Esq. P., awyer S. prosecuting the case, when the 'ollowing evidence was given : Lawyer S. - E. you're drunk ? Lawyer E. - Yes sir. S. - Where did you get your liquor ? E. - By express. S. - Where did you drink it ? E. - At home - alone. S. - I give over the witness. Lawyer E. then arose and said he would ike to cross-examine the witness. The court granted, and E. began questioning limself as follows : Mr. E. - You admit being drunk ? A. - Ybs sir. Q. - Are you in the habit of drinking? A. - Yes, I sometimes take a glass. C. - You say you drank alone to-day ? A. - Yes sir. Q. - Do you always drink alone ? A, - No sil. not oíten. Q,. - Whom have you drank with mostA.- With lawyer S- . Q,. - Where have you drank with him ? A. - ín Three Eivers, Sturgis, Constantine, Pigeon, Mendon, Burr üak, Nottawa, Centerville and other places. Q.How did you get your liquor today f A.- By express, C. O. D. Q. - Were any other parties connected with you in this purehase 'i A. - Yes. Squire P. promiscd to take half, but he couldn't raise the cash, so I had to take it all. E. - I arn through with the witness. A writer in one of our Presbyterian exchanges raakes the suggestion that the 11 theological seminaries in the denomination be Consolidated into four, which would give but little over 100 students to each. These could then be amply endowed and the best talent put into their faculties. One of the reasons the writer givea for consolidation is original in its way, his opinión being that the more nearly the rising ministry is brought under the same tuition the less likely are they to wander from the old paths.


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