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A Mate Fob Laura Bridgman

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correspondent ot tne Jïlontrose liepuoltean writes : " There lives in the city of Wilkesbarre a girl, now nearly eighteen years of age, who can neither see, hear, nor speak. Her name is Sophia II. Hutson, and she is a daughter of Deacon Hutson of the Baptist church, with whose family I had the pleasure of spending the night a short time since, and Irom theni learned the facts concerning her. Although in this situation from infancy, ehe has learned by association with her friends to understand muoh of their comuiunications, and, in turn, to make herself quite readily understood. This is done by means of feêling - a touch on certain parts of the fingers, or hand, indicating lettors, and then placing in her hands the aiticles she has spelled. She will go along to any part of the house or cellar, bring potatses, apples, or anything desired. determining by the particular placo of touching tho article you wish. She is unwilling to be idlo any length of time, is very tidy, and when not engaged with her lessons, assists in assigning tho clean ironed clothes their proper places in the different bureau drawers, as I witnessod tho morning I was there. Miss Augie Fuller, an experienced teacher from Illinois, is now engaged in teaching her by use of ttue manual alphabet, and I trust the foundation is being laid which will make Sophia equal with Laura Bridgman, of world-wide fnme."


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