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"Facts ARBstubborn tbings" isa snying just bs true now as when first uttered, and wh, therefore, coirnnpnil tlio following statement, made by H. A. Chaney, Ksq., to a public meeting at Langing, to fcbe considoration of the reader : " Statistios sbow that two years' stoppagé of the liquor traffic would pay the national drtbt. Threo years' stoppage in the city of Detroit would build the railroad bridge across tho Detroit Iiïver ; and a stoppftge of the liquor trafrio in Laosing for tbe same length of tiuie would pay for the High School building, and pay the bonds recently issued fur pUicing tivu iroa bridge across the Grand lliver." Whul could be done with the cost of tho truffic in Ann Arbor? In n few years it woulc give us water works, faetones, and general thrift. In lieu of thi, the traffic takes bread from the mouths of womcn anc children and makes paupers and crimináis If any seller does not believe this let him ask of every custoiner liow much ho pays for drink for bimself and how ranch for bread and clothing for his fainily, anc compile and study the answers. - In discussing the general appropriation bill, in the House, a few days ago, raany words were wasted over the items for horses and carriages which some of tho inenbers thought should be funiished tho Secretarles, to enable thera to discharge thoir duties promptly, attend cabinet meetings, etc. But the tact that Attorney-General Williams used that landau for f imily and not official purposes, and that the Secretarles may do the same with department turn-outs (if stylish enough) was studiously avoided by both idea. Why not furnish each Senator and Representativo a horse and carriage, so that they may make corafortable and peedy trips between residences, boarding houses, " corner groceries" and the capitol? - The vote in favor of passing the inflation bill over the veto of the President was composed of, Republicans, 2G ; Demócrata, 9; .Liberal, 1. The no or sustaining vote was : Eepublicans, 22 ; Demócrata, 8 ; Liberáis, 2. These figures include the paired Senators. Two Demócrats absent would have both voted no (indorsed the veto) ; one of the absent Republican, yes ; oie, no ; and the other doubtful. This olaasification gives a Republican majority' for inflation, and a Democratie majority against it. - Miss Carpenter, an English lady philanthropist, has been writing up the prisons and prison discipline of the United States. She tinds special fault wit the 8ze of the cells in our prisons, and would have each prisoner furnished a room 7 feet by 12, well-lighted and ventilated. Would Miss Carpenter have our authorities or those of England furnish each "poor but honest" person outside of prison walls a room of that size ? The light of a little practical, every-day common sense makes such sentimental philanthropy look farcical. - In the Senate, on Tuesday, the vetoed finance bill caine up for considera tion. - The only discussion was on an informal proposition to postpone a vote until the return of Senator Schurz, necessarily absent. When the question was put, " Shall the bill pass notwithstanding the President's objections ?" the roll cali showed, yeas, 34 ; nays, 30 ; absent, 9. üf the tees, Morrill, of Me., was paired wit Morton ; and Bansom, of N. C, wit Schurz. The other absentees were Messrs Alcorn, Brownlow, Cooper, Saulsbury and Washburn, the last three of whom would have voted no. - A circular from S. B. McCracken compiler and note maker to the new Con stitution, advises the press that the note to the pamphlet edition will in sonie cas es show "wherein the instrument submit ted by the legislature differs from the ree ommendations of the constitutional com mission." An unnecessary work, it strike us, and only calculated to befog the peo pie as to the changes made from the pre sent constitution, - which is what the; want to know. - It is now given out that Senato Cameron has two strings to his hopefu son's bow : he wants him to be Secretary of the Treasury in case Eichardson is ban ished (to some foreign court) ; and failing that proposes to press him for a seat in the United States Senate. He must have some fat place at the public crib or he forfeils the right to the name of Came ron. - Senator Brownlow is again absen from Washington, but we presume not to the detriment of publie iutereEts. However, is it not time to consider thepropriety of members of Congress and other officials holding on, with a deadly grip to positions tbe duties of which they are phyBically unable to discharge? We include Vice-President Wilson in this cate- The World Washington correspondent says that " somo of the Western repudiationists (inflationists) proposo to take the President at his word and introduce a bilí to revive the incomodas on al] incomes over $5,000," which would exempt the salaries of Senators and Eepresentatives, but " salt " the President. We are just impecunious enough not to oppose that proposition. - T. A. Spence, assistant AttornoyGeneral for the P. ü. Department, has jiven an opinión that a supplement need lot neoessarily be printed at the office of the paper in which it is mclosed. This reverses the ridiculous decisión heretofore referred to in the Arous. - The divorced wife (or widow) of Dharles Sumner is prosecuting her appli catión for permission to assume her muiden name - AÜce Mason. Death got the start of the court in grantingher potition 'or leave to marry again.


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