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A Student "jollification."

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The announcement on Monday morning tha six students - three freihmen and three sopho mores - had been suspended for the remainde of the college year, with permiuion to leav town immodiotely - created quite a ripple i university circles, which inoreased to a wav before night. It is understood that the ofTens charged, and confessed or proved, was " hazing, in which general term is included "pumping and "smoking out." The sympathy of th classmates of the aggrieyed boys - victims to surplus of student vim and love of innocen fun, and to faculty misappreciation - was im mediately aroused and produced as imraediat results : and we have nerer before witnessec such a manifestation of sympathy over the com mendable and really noble doeds or doings o our student friends. These results were i brief: The drawing up and signing, by somo 12 members of the two classes, of a manifestó or pe tition, addressed to the faculty, conlessing t equal guilt with their abused classmates, anc demanding the restoration of the suspended o the suspension of the petitioners, that justic like the rain might fall alike upon the heads o all. Next carne a procession, the sahent fea tures of which were an omnibus carrying th six recipiente of unwo(a)nted college honors headed by a pump or a student carrying a pump and tailed in the same way. The omnibus wa preceded and flanked by the pall-bearers an follovved by the mourners - numbering in al about 140 -each with a white haudkerchief tied to the arm in lieu of the usual festivo crape ?io band was called into service, and the lookers-on were convinced that the participants were competent to any desirable amount of music - or noise at leastThe procession proceeded through the principal streets, halting at and groaning or cheering betore the residences of professors - it being difficult for the unintitiated to determine the basis of selections - and hooting and groaning at professors met or passed en route. The President was not exempted in the bestowment of honors, and we witnessed the halt of the procession before bis residence and heard the manly voices utter three inimitable groans : which might alraost have been heard at Chicago - the Presideut's then whereabouts. The procession broke ranks in the campus, gathered around a monument or tomb stoue (significant), numbered, had a war dance, etc., and ordered a banquet: all this after having "smoked the pipe of peace" and buried the hatchet - as classes. And these are atudents who claim to be men, who scorn the treatment meted out to boys under tutilage, who proclaim their competency for self-government, and hold rules and lawa and discipline au indignity. Comment is necessary ; but it is appropriate to add that it remaius to be seen what is to be the up3hot of. this commendable attempt to discipline the faculty. - Since writing the above we learn that at a joint class meeting held Wednesday aiternoon or evening, a resolution was adopted apologizing for groaniug for or at two professors who, they had since learned, were not present at the offending faculty meeting. " Out of the frying pan into the fire," perhaps ! We are also told that personal, authoritative and humble apologies have been made to the President and insulted professors. A little more forethought and less afterthoiight would avoid such complications and the consequent necessary apologies. - Xever having had the good fortune to pursue a regular college course we are, perhaps, lamentably deficiënt in that appreciation of a class-spirit which is only manifested in dragooning honest, studious, well-meaning, conscientious and right-minded students into standing by classinates guilty of short-comings or misdcings, or detected in any or all manner of deriltry. If so, let the lack of early training bear the blanre and account for an old fogy desire to see students (oryoung men out of college) emulate each other in laudable aud noble work and leare the thoughtless, indolent or dare-devil to " paddie bis own canoe " and reap his own wellearned revrards or punishments.


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