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The Eclectic Magazine has a very fïnely executed portrait of Chief-Justico Waite, accompanying a brief biographical sketch of the editor. The loading papers ot the number are : Universities, - Actual and Ideal, by Prof. Huxley ; Dr. Johnson's Writings, from Cornhill ; Far from the Madding Crowd, chaps. IX. - XIV., by Thos. Hardy ; The Prince Printers of Italy, from Macmillan's ; John Stuart Mili, British Quarterly ; On Coal and Coal Plante, Macmillan's; The Mysogynist, by Austin Dobson, St. PauTs ; Alexander Dutnas, Fils, London Society ; M. Víctor Ilugo's New Eomance, Fortnightly Review. The Literary Notices, Foreign Literary Notes, Science and Art, and Varieties Departnients are filled with varied and interesting paragraphs. K. K. Pelton fc Co., New York. - The iirst picture in the Aldinc is, Tho Dying Hound, by John S. Davis, both sphited and touehing. J. D. Wooclward has three excellent pictufes : Silver Spring?, Florida ; Moonshine on the Coast of Florida, (a l'ull page) ; and A Huminock, Florida, each a gein in its way. A Retriever, after Deiker, is a " gamey " picture ; The Bashful Lover, by J. M. Barfield, as true to nature, perhaps, but not half as spirited. Up Springs the Lark, is exquisite in drawing and execution ; The Hemlocks of Lake Otsego, (full page), by John A. Howe, is both grand and sombre ; and, besides these, there is a fine view of the new Connecticut State House aud a portrait of Max Strakosch. The conteuts inelude : My Round Tower in the West, poem, by Annie Herbert ; A Little Fooi, by Kate Putnam Osgood ; Flights Through Florida, by tho Editor ; A visit to Erckmann-Chatrian, by Jacob L. Mayer; The Old, Old Story, by A. H. Cady ; An English Spring, by S. E. Hopkins ; with Editorial descriptions of the illustrations, poems, and full notes ou Literatura, Art, Music, and the Drama. A capital number. Ja8. SutTON & Co., 58 Maiden Laño, New York. - The Catholic World has amoag other papers : The Coming Transit of Venus, The Veil Withdrawn, Tho Principies oí Real Being, Tho Farm of Muiceron, Self-Education, On the Wing, Antar and Zara, F. Louage's Philosophy, Grapea and Thorns, Dante Gabriel Eosetti, Visit to an Artist's Studio, A Word for Women, with poetry and roviews. The papers are scholarly and controversial, without which it wouldn't be the Catholic World. Catholic PuBLiCATrON Hofse, New York. - Godey's Lady's Book has a seasonable and liberal supply of fashion and working platos, with directions and instructions, making it as always a valuable aid to the lady who has a desire to be up with the times. lts stories are of the old Godeg flavor and quality, white its minor departments are replete with desirable intormation. L. A. Godey, Philadelphia. The old literary society of the High School, the Philomathian, liolds its meetings every Friday evening, in its room on the second floor of the building. The society has#throvn its doors open to the public, aud all are cordially invited to attend. The following are the officers elected for the spring term : President- Wm. A. Otia. Vice President- D. S. Perkins. Cor. Secrelary - James Sias. Ree, Secretary - Clara Taj'lor. Treasurer - Minnie Cramer.


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