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Pirates Defending Themselves With The Pen

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Tho So.ith Carolinian publishes nn alV ios! interminable letter of 15x-Governor ing Í lammond io Mr. Glarksoii, ín defenco of mm nvcry, and intímales ihat more are to Wi orno, by ..".ving: m "The tciurnplmnt vindication of our eoplo froin the foul asperajpns ond vile ' V) anders of thfi abolitionists of the North mial) nd elsewhera, which theso letters aflbrd, nnd ( ulitles their author to the thanks and t;me ood wishes of, his fellow-citizens - and, Now c mighl add.feilow snferers." iiiclt So they do suffer. That is hopeful.- strai x-Govornor Hammond says he has abun, - - , Aii i ence of leisure. Donbtless. So have rindiera genoraliy, when they are j essfu!. He honors Clarkson. Me does vicl ot propose to defend the African nn(] rade. Then he gocs on lo palliate it, slnv nd compliments Clarkson with having poo pent his life's labor in vain. He wöuld "11 iot exactly defend slavery ia the abstract Siie -don't like to meddle with abstraclions sl' t all- thinks there aro no general trulhs, hinks "ihe wisdom of ages has concurred n the justice and expediency of jW ng rights by presc.-iptive use, however e orlious in their origin they may have eve teen." You Clarkson, said he, hold land a t vhich was wrested by violence frorn the atre anquished Briton, the northern cn' st holds by the samo tenure f rom the red ?ra "an; both of you would think il insaneto ttR juestion your rights, therefore tirnes does 'consécrale wrong" - therefore my ' jroes, by whatspever means obtained, are mQ] ny property, as your land is yours. - )ve Pretty good reasoning for a pirule, who, j,av jfcoürse, can see no material difttü-ence tljp jetween a man and a clod, bet ween the of t iranquished Briton'scbildren and the wit juished Briton'd hunting ground. ile f8 finds positive aulhority for slavery in the . lioly Seriptures; if he did not, he would gmancipate. In the tenthcomniandment, for instancp, we are comrnanded not to tj)U covct our neighbor's man servant nor his pOr maid servan!; henee our neighbor lias a Suf property in his man servant and ber vant recognised by the Almighty, and l which ho may dispose of at auction lo the gr-' highest biddei. The abolitionists, who llie have undorlakon to explain ihe words "bondman," &c, to mean somelhing short of challéis personal, are guilty of open blasphemy; and ex-Governor Hammond, of South Carolina, echoingsentiments tlmt have gone froin Andover and Princeton, pajs the beautiful compliment to Christ and his npostles: - "II is vain to look to Christ or any of his apostles lo justify sucb blasphemous perversions of the word of God. Alihough slavery in is most revolting form [so il - Ui Reems slaverv bas revolting farms! Wonderful coi.cession] was every where ble around them, no visionary nolions of w piety or philanthropy ever tempted them s 10 gainsay the law, oven to mitigate the [r cruel severity of the exisiing system. On iio contrary, regnrding slavery as an ik iblished as well as inevitable condilion ut f human society, they never hinted ai !l' uch a tliing as its tcrminaiion on canh. ny more than thot "ihe poor may ceaso L ut of the land," which God affirrns to c Woscs shall ncver be; and they exhort c] 'all scrvanls under the yoke" to "count p; heir mastorsas worthyof all honor;" "to u )bey them n all things according to the ir lesh; not with cye servico, a3 men s ers, but in singleness of heart, fearing 3od:" "not only the good and gentle, but :ilso tho hrowiurd;" "for what glory s it, ' tí when ye are buffet ed forycur faulls ye ( sholl take it patiently1 but if when ye do , ivell and sufl'or for it ye lake t patiently, this is aeceptablo of God." St. Pnul acLually npprehended a runaway slave and sent hm to his nmsterí Instead of deriving f rom the Gospel any sancüon for ihe woffe you have undertaken, it would be [üíYicuk to imagine sontiments and coniluct morestrikingly in contrast than those of the npostles and the abolitionists. It is impossible, thereforè, to suppose that slavery iscontrary to the will of God. It is equally absurd to sny that American slavery differa in íbrm or principie i rom that of the ehosen pcople. We accept Ihe Biblc terms as the definüioii of our slavcr,, and its precepts as ihe guide of onr conduct. We desire nothing more. Even the right to "buftet," which is esteemed so shocking, fin ds its express licence in the Gospel. 1 Peter i. 20. - Nay, what is more, God irects the Fie brews to "bore holes in theears oftheir broihers" to mark them, when under certain circumslancesthey becarnecrpeKf slavcs. Ex. xxi. 6. Somo time or other we will look at the social and political relations pf slavery as vindicated by this exgovernor, but not exbuccanoer. Are not somo of our D. D.'s proud of such a truc yoke fellow on the1iblieal argument] - Emanciyator. The remainsof Commodore J. D. EHiott were ciad in a plain umlrcss uniform, which, from tho breasl down, rns hid from view by a small flag which had lbrmerly belonged to liis barge, when in the Mcditerranean, on which npenred the following inscriplionr - ltThe flag consecrated at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre; Jerusalem, in Palestine, 1837 - J. D. n.5 Tliia was interred with him, nooording to his