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An Important Decision

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ClĂ­lCAOO, April27. - An Important deision was rendered in the United States District Court to-day by Judge Blodget n a case involving the right of the wife nd daughter of a bankrupt to hold gainst his assignee personal property roperty giren them by said bankrupt n payment of services rendered as his lerk or agent. In this case the assignee L Jonathan Hay, a dealer ia musical nstruments and sewing machines at Treeport, 111., who, having absconded, was thrown into bankruptcy, seized on piano belonging to Hay's daughter and everal sewing machines in the possession Idrs. Hay, which they claimed were urned over to them by the husband and rather in payment for services in the tore. Judge Blodget to-day decided bat the plaintiffs were legally entitled o the goods in question, and ordered the ssignee to return thera to their posession. The case possesses additional nterest from the fact that it has been onducted throughout on the part of he plaintiff by M,iss Alta M. Hulett, the ady lawyer of this city. Mr. M. C. Snover, Assistant Engineer f the Michigan Central ltailroad, in harge of a party of surveyors, arrived t Trenton on Monday aflernoon, having ocated the line from Ypsilanti to this )lace. The line lea ves Ypsilanti about me mile east of the depot at the top of he grade, thence running direct to the end of the Huron River, thence to a oint on the Canada Southern, about one-fourth mile west of the Lake Shore rossing. The engineer's report will how a line with but few grades, and hose very light - none excecding fifteen eet to the mile. The earth work will e very light, and the road once started will be built in a very short time. - Wyandotte Courier.


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