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Narrative Of Frederick Douglass

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: continue onrPXirucip irom nis inri i Ay orrative. Th followu gpiclure of llip i real ment nnd forlorn sitnntion of the Qj{ :'s ')OOr olü'i'l ii'lillllfi' lü-r" 13 60 vividlV - nr i, llmt lie whope o y o 1 oes nol rnoioien p .lei.iplithig it m-ist possess extrardmu . nuiand over hia feelings. - Liberty. ry eoon nfipr tny return to Uuliituorfe, my nö' ss, Lncreiin, died leaving lier htubond l'ieir ia chiM, Amanda,; and in a very short We i ft er lier death, Ma.ster Andrew died. - ticle nll the propcrly of my old master, slaven an a led, was in tlie hands of elriingers, - 0. jerd who had had nolhing to do vvith (n( r.ulating it. Nol n. slavc was lelt t'tee. anj iiurtjud slaves from the youngcüt lo tlie . t. If an onctljing in my pxpcriui ce, thnn nnolhcr, m;i v.d to deeptfll my coiimoflhe infernal choniclcr of fclai-try, a 6 lo iill (o iih iimiua-njbb Ipaüjing r enrr lioldcrs, i'. wns base ngratitudjB io iny l'Or. old grnndinotlicr. Siic had terved my this nnsler failhfully frcui youlh lo old ngp. A hod been llie sonree of )l liM wulli; e lod pcopltd UU pluntotion wiih tlavep; vcg iudbeconio n grent grnndmullier in liii . ce. She hod rockod him in infancy, aled him in cluldhood, rerved iiim Ilirough and al liis death ijed from his icy brow or ;old dcolh sweal, ond cioted lus eycs Wii She wne neverlhe!eles iefl a slavc - umr ave for life - a slave in tlie hands of" thal ïgers; ana in tiitir lmndá she saw hor sile iie, lier grnnd childrcn, nnd her t)a .d-chüdrcn, divided. like so mnny sheep, ceil out beinp gra-ified wilh ihesmnll orivili-gc single word, as to their or ber own riestiAnd, to cnp the climax of their bns inilude ano fienuiih barbarily, my grandlCr, who wns now very old, liaving suc I my o!d m.ibter nnd ui! his children, not ij" seen tlie bezinning ond end of nll ol i, twd her present oxners findiog she was sisl t little valuo, her frnnie already racked mo the painsofold ugo, and complete are icss fust eleoling over hor onco aclive e s, they look herto tho vvoodij, huill her a tj)e ■ huf, nut up n linlft mud-chimney, nnd p made hnr weicome to the piivili'ge of lorting herself ilicie ín perfect loi:el:ncss; virlually liiriiinj: her cni to die! 1! my ■ old grandmoii.'er now Üvc--, 6he live? to Qn :r in l.inelinps.-;; sle lives to ■' nnd luourn ovor the loss of children, the str of gralidchüdron, and the ltss of tic idchüdreo. Tl:ey are, in tlie languagc of foi slave's poet, Whitlier, - n( 'Gniip, ponf, soM and pone A( To the rice wèmp dank and Inne, of Where the whip ce.ibe!ess swings, a{ Whcre the noisomc insect slinge, ji) Where the fever demon strews „ Poison with the falling dewe, Where the eickly eunbeams glaro Throngh the hot nnd tiiisty uir: - ' Gone, gonp, eo!d and pone 'J'o Iho rice swarnp dank and lone, ea From Virginias IhI'b and wr.tert - e Woe is me, ni stolen düiightert!' a riio aetirth is dosólate. The children, the de onscioits children, who oíjcc tang and w iced ín her prescnce.are gone. She gropes p, way, in the daikness of nge, for o drink of i0 icr. Instead of the voices of her children, j hears by day Mie monns of dove, nnd night the sercams öf ihe hideous owl. All 'q gloom. "Tlif. gnive is at tlie door. And v, when velhecl down by the pains anJ o hes of o'.d ngr, when tïie hrnd inclines to b e fect,when the beginning and ending of ll nn exit-tnnce meet, nnd hnlpless inrancy nnd I inful ildae combine together - at this time a is most ncedful time, the limo for the r ses oflhat tendernr'5K nnd nffedion which L ïild'en only can exerciao towardt? a declining I irent - my ponr oá grandmother, the devo-l d inother of twelve childrci), is left all alone, i i yonder lUtlc hut, before a few dim ember?. I he stands- -she sits - she stuggere- she fulls -ïhe groans - she dief - and therc me none ' f her child'eri or grandchildrcn prpsenl, to Apa f.'om her wrinkied brow the cld sweat f den;h, or to piuco beneath the e d her fall n remains? Will not a righteous God visit or thcfe Ihlrig?