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I ,. "Mf t ia r - L "-At f""" Dr. I. Walker's California VinPgai' Bitters are a pnrely Vegetable preporation, made chipfly from tlie nativo lierlisfouncl on thelower ranges of theSiorra Nevada mountains of California, the medicinal proporties of whicb are extracted therefrom without the nse of Alcohol. The question is almost daily asked, "What is the cause of the unparaUeled succors of Vtdíegar Bitteiis?" Our answer is, that they remove the canse of disease, and the patiënt recovers bis health. They are the great blood purifier and a life-giving principie, a perfect Itenovator and Invigorator of the syste'm. Neverbeforeinthebistory of the world has a medicine been componnded possessing the remarkablc qu.ilities of VrNEOAR Bittees in bealing the siclc of every disease man is heir to. They are a gentle Purgative as wel! aa a Tonic, relieving Congestión or Inflammation of the Liver and Visceral Organs, in Bilious Diseases. If men will cjood healtli, lot them use Vinegau Bitters as a medicine, and avoid the use of alcoholic stimulants iu every form. R. II. THrDOXAI.n &, CO., Druggiste and General Agente, Ban Francisco, California, and cor. Washington and Charlton Sta., New York. Sold by nll Druffgists and Dealers. CARBOLIC DIS1NFECTING SOAPS. For washlngHorses, Cattle, Pigs, Dogs; Kille Fleas on Dogs, Destroys Lloe on Cattle and Horses, Tlcks on Sneep. Death to Bed Bugs and Roaches; Cheaperand bet terthan all Powders. CARBOLIC TOILET SOAPS Whlten, Beautlfy and Cleanse thr skin from all Inipurltles. CARBOLIC MEDICINAL SOAP CURES BÊ B OTHER Salt-Rheum H E Cutaneous And all H WK DISEASES. CARBOLIC PLANT PROTECTOR AfTords complete protectlon to p'-mts Vlnes, Trees, &c, from all Bugs, Fleas Plant Llce and Parasites. Without in Jury to Vegetable Life. Never fails. CARBOLIC SHEEP DIP The most effectlve cure and preventive o. Scab-lt W I lis all Llce-Cads-Tlcks' etc. The Increased growth and weight o fïeece encouraged by lts use more thar equals the cost of the dip. -♦ Buchan's Carbollc Soaps and Compounds al} are genuine. AU othors are base imitations i. Yorthless. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTSA Chance for Bargains ! For sale at a great bargain, Kin ACRE8 OF CHOICE LAND, lying 2 i miles from the city of loniii. 10(1 acres under improvement, with good orehard, barn and shed, and a eomfortable house. Terras of ]a - ment- from $2, 000 to $2,500 down; balance on long time. Also 90 ACRES, about ïii miles from Aususta, Kalamazoo County, all improvcd, with aood buildings. Terins - extremely low. Also 40 ACRES about eight miles trom Hastings. Also 80 ACRES on section 8 iu the town of Hazelton, Shiawasse County, about 12 miles liom Corunlia. Well timbered. For terms address the undersigned. E. B. POSD. Ann Arbor, April 2, 1873. Estáte of Cyrus Beckwith. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw ss At a seasion of the Probate Court for the Countv of Washtenaw. holden at the Probate Oflioe, in the City of Ann Arbor, on Thursday, the twenty-third dav ot April, in the year one thousand eight huudred and seventy-four. Present, Noah V. Cheever, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Cyrus Beukwith, deceased. On reading and ftling the petition, duly verified, of Luther Beckwith, praying thut a certain instrument now on file in this court, purporting to bê tha last will and testament of said deceased, may be admitted to probate, and that Amarilla H. Beckwith may be appointed sole Executrix thereof. Thereupon it is ordered, that Monday, the eighteenlh day of May next, at ten o'clock in the foienoon, be a signedforthe hearing[of said petition, and that the devisees, legatees, and heira at law of said deceased, and all other persons interested in said estáte, are required to appeai at a session of said Court, then to be holden at the Probate Office, in the city of Ann Arbor, and show cause, if any there be, why the pr ayer of thepetitionershould not begranted : And it is further ordered, that said petitioner give notice to the persons interested in said estáte, oi tlie pendency of aaid petition, and the hearing thereof, by causing a 3opy of this order to be published in the Michigan Árgus, a newspaper printed and circulatin;;' in s.nd County, three successive weks previuus to said day of hearing. (Atruecopy.) NOAH W. CIIEEVER, M76 Judfe of Probnte. Mortgage Sale. WHEREAS Levi H. Douglass of the city of Ann Arbor, county of Wastenaw and State of Michigan, on the eighteeuth day of July, A. 1. 18T2, exe;uted a mortgiige to John N. Gott and Julia A. Gott, f the sanie place, to secure the payment of certain principal and interest money therein mentioned, : ivhich mortgage was recorded in the office of the Regster of deeds in the county of Washtenaw and State f Michigan, on the lSth day of July, A. D. 1872, in Líber 48 of mortjtages, on page 29?, and w herías dtlault has been made for more than thirty days, in j ;he payment of an installraent of said interest money vhicli becamedue on the ISthday of July, A. 1). ls;'. ' jy reason whereof and pursuant to the term of Baid ' nortgage, said mortgagees olect that o much of said ' principal as remains unpaid, with all iirrcn-iget of ntereet thereon, shall become due and payable I nediately ; and whereas, there is claiincd to be due ind unpaid at the date of thia notiee the sum of three , housand two hundred and ninety-eight dollars und , ixteen cents for principal and intern, also tüty ftrs as a reasonable solicitor's or attorney's feeshould ny proceeding be taken to foreclose said mortg-ago, f nd no suit or proceediugs have been instituted, i ither in law or equity, to recover the sanie or any i art thereof: Notice is therefore hereby given, thiit n 8ATURBAY, THE TWENTY-SKVÉÑTH DAY " IP JUNE next, at two o'clock in the afUrnoon of aid day, at the south door of the Court'House in the ity of Ann Arbor {that being the building in whioh (ie Circuit Court for the county of Washtenaw and tate aforesaid is held,) and by virtue ot th epowerof ïle contained in said mortgage, i shall sell at public I uction to the highest bidder, the premisas described J i said mortgage, to satisfy the amount of principal ei ud iutereat claimed to be due with the Attorney's B )eof lifty dollars and charges of sale, to wit: Al! ti lat certain piece or parcel of land situated in the city ai t Ann Arbor, couuty of Washtenaw, aforesaid, (,1 nown, bouuded and described as follows to wit ■ tl eing the north half of lot nuinber six (lij in block Ol umber three south of Huron street, and range p: umbersix {6j east, aocordiuc toe reoorded plat oi A ie village fnow city) of Anu Arbor. ot Dated, Apiil3d, 1874. JOHN X. OOTT and oí JULIA A GOTT, n John N. Gott, Atty. 1472 Mortgaaees. in (Jhancery Sale. -:■■ N THE CIRCUIT COURT for the county of f' Washtenaw, In Chaucery :_Lucy W. S. llovgan, ,1 mplainant, vs Anne Uuigley, Patrick Wall. John L Jigley, Marffaret uigley, and Anne Quigley an."l i,. itnck Wall. administrators of the estáte of Wil]nffi :n Uuigley, deceased, defendants. In purauance of ,,„ lecree of this court, made in this cause, I shall sell public auqtion, at the Court, House in the city of „ in Arbor, on the sjxth day of June next, at noem, do b west huif of the southwest quarter of section Xo. ai i in township ono touth in raut-e oix cast, in the „; ate of Michigan. )f J. F. 1,AWRENCE. to ï. w. Mohoan, Circuit Court Commissinner. ,,,1( Compl'tfl. Sqücitor. b„. inn Arbor, ApUl 2Ü, A. D. 1874. H75 Soi tUARDIANS SALK-lth antier oí tW Mtate n, ! of Sarah Black wood, minor. Notloe is hereby thi en that by virtue of alloenae to me granted on the tbi ïth day of April, 1874. by the Hun. Joséph C. tla well, Judge of Probate for the county of Oaklaiid, T)Oi tt' ot Michigan, I will sell to the highest bidder, on thf ■ premiMI in the town of Salem, Washtenaw soi, inty, on Saturday, the sixth day of June, 1S74. at ij,i ! o'cloek, p. m., all the right, tifie and interest (.r tu, i minor, in and to the foliowing described real ten ate, to wit: All that certain piece or parcel of land hei inbed u follows: The southeast onerfourth f ■outheast one-fourtb of section uumber three, in ju, rnslup nuniber one south of range ntimber sevl n v. t. contaiulng forty acres of land aceordini; to the f ?inal survev of lands iu the State of Jlichiïau atwl, April 21, 1874. n 1475 JAMES BLACKWOOD. Cnardian. ■MMiW- -ia- a-iaa- aaj Mortgage Sale. WHKKEASGoorgeW. Mohr and Rachel A. his wife, of the township of Sylvnn, Washtenaw Cuunty, Michigan, on th ninth day of October, in the year of our Iord one thousand cight hundred jiix] w-vi-nty-orir-, executed a montage to George E. Davieof the ame plaee, tn aecure tne paymcnt of oertain pxiooipal and interes.! jmmey theiein nientioncd, yvhioh montage n recorded in the office of tlie Kegister of Dveda in said'y, on the tenth diiy oí October, a. d. 1811, at nine o'clock a u of said day, in libei 14 of mortaages, on page 36í which sa.d mortgage w8 awwned on the secend day of .lanu.u-y, a. d, one tkouaand eighl bundxed and seventy two, to Luther James, óf the townebipof Lima, eou.ity of Washu-naw a.toresai'1, and rOcOTOed m tbe oliiOB oí the fiegiater of Deedsoi said ouotr, on the Brst day of April, v. i. 1K74, in liber'No. I of askigumcsUoi mortgages on page twci hundred and evenij , and wherejis default haa fcm made lor more than ttiirl 'l;i s m the )amrnt ot ui iriatallment ■ il ïnturest money wbioh beosme on tlie ninth day ot Oetober, a. D. 1873, iy reaaon whereof mul pursuant to the term óf ala ihoiUrage, said mort:.':i-i- hi'rrliy electa that so Kmefa of said principal una anpaid, with all aixearage ot interest thereon, ahall become due and paynble immediatoly ; aud wbéreM there ia eh.imed to be dm and unpaid on said mortgageal the date oi this notie ihc sum of tive tbousnnd four liundred and hfty-two dollars and ■aiine oents, fo principal and interest, also an ai torne) 'a fee of flfty dollars should any proceed&nga be taken to iovelose said mortgage, and alao the furimol sight. dollars for buuranee, as provided t'or in said mortgage, and no snit or proceed3njra liuving heen ..stil eithi r in law or cimty to recover the same or any part thereof : Notice is therefore given, thaton theTWÉNTY-BEVENTH DAY OF .Jl N i: X10XT. at BoWook in thflafteraoon of aid day, at the tuint door of the Cotral Hou ra the city of Ann Arbbr, connty aforeamd, (that being tne bniiaing in whioh the Circuit Court tor asid county La heitij. aiuT by virtue of the powr of sale contiuned in said mortgage, T shall sell ai public auction to the higheat bidder, the premises deeciibed in said mortgage. to satisfy Die amount of principal and int' -lol ahove claimed as diie, with the charges of tale and atlorney's (c of flrty dollar, with insuranee a& af oresaid, ftlj the fbllowing daacribed piecea and pan-ris of land, to wit: The south half of the aontheast quarter of the nouthwest quarter of nection tweut-three ; also a strip of land ten ohaina and rifty linies in width north and souih. and abont sixty ohainseaatandweal being off i rom the south side i-t 11 ii1 non h west quarter of the -south west quarter of section twerity-fonr, nnd off of the south pide of tl.e nortii half of the outheastqimrter of eection twenty-three (2;ij, eontaining in the last described piece or patcel OI land fiftet'n aores ; alsn B6ffSM)l&g at the northeaat corner of the southwest quarter of the aouthwest quarter of section twenty-fnur (24, running tfaflnee south rm the half qimrter lino six chains and eeventy-three links to the northeast corner of land deededby Aaron Lawrence to Lois Fenn, thence s.iulli eiuhty-six degisea west sixteen 16)ch:ins to a stakc, thence south four deffrees east three chains tind thirty-eieht links to :t stake on the enst side of a spring, thence west four chains aerotw said spriner to a stitke, thence north twenty-five links to a stake, tliPDCf sOnth eishty-six degrees west three chains and fifty lir.ks to a atake in the east line of seetion tw'nty three, thence south tighty-flve degrees and thirty minutes west parallel with the sonth line of seetion t wenty-three (:2:i) ibout forty f401 chains tj a in the center line of said seetion twenty-three, thence north on said center line nine ehains 'and eighty-six links, thence east parallel with the south line of said aections twenty-three and twenty-tour about sixty chaina to the piare of bezinning, containini; ftfty-five acres of land ; a'so a piece of land off of the northwest corner of the northwest quarter of the southeast quarter of sáid seetion twenty-three five chains and seyenty-one and one-half links wide east and west, and seventeen chaina and fifty links north and donfh (rom the nortliwest corner, of the piece of land aecond atmve described. contaicing ten acres of land, all in township two south of range three east, county of WashteDaw and State of Michigan aforesaid, containing in all one liundred acres of land more or less Being the lnnds described in a certain itiaienture of mortgage üiven by Ueorge W. Mohr and wife to Qeorge K. l)a-is, and reeorded in the Register's office for Washtenaw county, in liber 40 of mort'mges on page 342. Dated, April 3, 1874. LTITEIER JAMES, Assignee John N. Qott, Attornty of said Mortgagee. for said Assinee. 1472td Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT haviiiK been made in the conditjonl of a certain mortgage, exeouted by George Ii. Bralthwalte, of the city of Ann Arbor, county of Washtenaw and state of Michigan, to Samoel P.Jewett, of the same place, bearlng data the fii'tb day of .lamiary, a. t. olie tlioiisand ciKlit hundred and seventy-two, and recorded in the office of the Eeeiater of Peedsfor Washtenaw Connty, Michigan, on the uinth day i!' .lanuaiy. a. l. 1S72, in liber 4.H of morttages, on page Is, by which default the jtowct of sale conttrined in said mortgage bas beeome operatire, and "ii which mortgage there is claimed to be due at the date hereof the sum of thirty-föur dollar and tliirt ci'nt-i ihiiiI the fiirihcr sum of four hundred dollars t beoome due thereon), alao an attornev's fee "f thirty dollars should any pröceedings be taken to Forecloae said mortgage ; and no pröceedings at law or in chineen navolg heen nstituted to recover the lebt Secured by -aid mortgage or any part thereof: Xotiee is therefiue hereby giren that iiy of tlie power of sale contained in said inorgage, and the Ntatüteinisueh case made and proTided, said mortgage will beforeclosedon Svitkd.iv, tukTwentieth bay OP Jujte, a. D. 1874, at two o'clock in the afternoon "f that day, at the sc.uth door of the Court House in the city of Ann Arboi ii. said coanty of Washtenaw (said Court House beleg the place of holding the Circuit Court for the county of Washte"iv', by a sale at publil auction, to the hlghest bidder, the premises described in said mortgage, which tirv known, bou&déd and deaeribed is toiluws. to wit: Being in number twenty (20), in Jewett's addition to Anu Arbor city, according to a recorded plat thereofin the Reffister's office of WMhTenftw Connty, in liber 67 of dLeds, on page 678, Dated, Match 'M, 1874 SAMUEL I .IKWKTT, Joux X. Gott, Mortgage. Atty for Mortgagee. 1471 Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT hnving been made in the condition of a certain mortgage, made by David McColl, of Scio, in the County of Washtenaw and State of Michigan, to "William Latson, of the city of Ann Arbor, in the County and State aforesaid, dated Muren twenty-sixth, 1S06, and recorded in the office ot Kegisterof deeds fcr Wushtenaw County, Michigan, on the twenty-sixth day oí March, 1S((, at eleven and one-hiüf o'clock, A. M., in liber 85 of mortgnges, on page 257 ; which said mortgage, togel her with the note afteompanying the same, was on the eighteenth day of January, A. D. 1872, duly assigned to Leonard Vaughn and Martha Vaughn, wmch assignment wan duly jecorded in the office of Register of Deeds, aforesaid, on the third day of March, 1874, at nine o'clock, a. m., in liber 4 of asgmuents ot mortprages, on page 2aó : upon which mortage there is claimed to be dut by virtue of the conditions thereof, and remaining unpaid at the dato oí thia notice, the sum of twenty-two hundred and forty -two dollars and sixteen cents, and an attorney's fee ot thirty dollars provided for in said mortgage, and 110 siiit or proceeding having been mstituied at law to recover the sum now due and secured by said mortgage, or auy part thereof : Now, therefore, by virtue of the power of sale contained 111 said mortgage and by virtue of the sttttute in such case made and provided, notice is hereby given that on Suturday, the thirtieth day of May next, at twelve o'clock noon of that day, at the front door of the Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor, m said County of Washtenaw and State of Michigan (smd Court House being the place of holding the Circuit Court tor said County), there will be ! sold at public auction or vendue, to the highest bidder, the premises described in said mortgage as: All ' that certain tract or parcel of land known and ' seribed us follows : Being one equal and undivided ' half of the carding and olothing works nnd one-half , of t he appurtenances, machinery, and premises thereto ' bejonguw; said premises are upon the soatheast ! tractional quarter of section two, in township two south of range live east, beginninjr at a stake stand ing on the north bank of the Hurou nver, at a point nearthiee rods trom the end of the bridge across saidriveron the road leading from nn Arbor to Howell, inLivingston County, thence running uorlh tionisiiid stukeeight rods on the line of said road, ' thence westerly eight rods, tlience southerly aud ! parallel with said roud eight rods, thence easterly to tlie place of beginning. Uated, March 4, 874. ' l.KOXARD VAUGHN, MARTHA VAUGHN, J Jamks n. Gott, Assxgnees. , Att'y for Assignee. 1458 Mortgage Sale. 1 "EFAULThaving been made in the condition of J ÏJ & certain mortg-age executed by Jonathan v Brt and Lydia lus wife, of' the township of Dexttr ' joumy of Wushtenaw and rtatc of Michigan, to l Isaac Ray, of the same place, on the twenty-flfth s 3ay of August, one thousand eight hundred and ' jnty, and recorded in the Kegister's office, in the n ouniy of Washteuaw and State of Michigan, on the ourth day of November, a. d. 1870, at 3a o'clock p 1., in líber 42 of raortgases on page 528 : And there s now claimed to be due on said murtgage and note loeompauying the same the sum of flve hundred and aghty-aeven dollars and seventy-one cents, (and the urther suin of three hundred and four dollars and eventy cents to beeome due oa the 25th day of , Lugust, 1S74 and 1875,) alao an attorney's fee of I y dollars should any proceedings be taken to } lose said mortgage, and no proceeding in law or m ij qmty having been had to recover said sum of money Í5 r any part thereot: Now, therefore, notice is hereby ,1 ïven, that by virtne of the power of sale in said Í jortgage contained, I ahall aellatpnblig auction to 1 he higheat bidder on the thirtieth day of Mny uext, f, t 2-o'cloek p. m. of said day, at the front door of thé „ ourt House, ia the city of Ann Arbor, couuty ií ud.Othat being the plaee of holding the Circuit f ourt tor smd eounty), all that certain piece orpar;1 of land situated in the township of Dexter, , Maw ('ounly and State of Michigan, known, la; ed and described as follows, to wit: The north P alf of the southwest quarter of aection number ñve ? t township one south of ranee four east V Dated, Maichö, 1874. fo: ISAAC IÍAY, Mortgagee. K" romf N. CteTT, Attoroey tbr Mbrtgagee. ", Mortgage Sale. n( ■ EFAUI.T by non-payment of moneys, having been (th ■T made in the condition of a certain mortgale ex8I%' :uted by Willmm A. Benedict and tatherine H lB1 enedict, to Andrew J. Shively, bearing date thé na lenty-nrst day of April, A. B. 1870, duly stampei de! ld recorded m the office of the Register of Deeds thi Washtenaw County, fatheBUteS Michiyan on rot ,e sixteenth day of May, A. D. 1870, at four and tr .e-half o'clock ,.. „., in hber 42 ot ortgages ön 8t? ce 412, and thereafter fully assigned by the said ml: ndr.w J. Shively to Philip Bach, by an .nstrumeñt ? asslgninent be ring date the tenth dav of Januthe y, A. 1). 1874 and recorded In the aforesaid office ?"s Register 01 Ueeds. on the seventeenth day of Febíor ary, A D. 1874, at three and one-half o'clock p m be liber 4 of assignments of mortgages, on page 2üo' H hereby the power of sale contained in said mortL pe has beeome operative, and no suit in law or in ancery having been instituted to recover the debt maining secured by said mortf-age or any part J Breof, and the sum of eight hundred and ninetv?en dollars and tifty-nine cents being claimed ïo ' - due on said morteage at the date of this noticelerefore uotice is hereby given that to satisfy thé T imint due on said mortgage, with the interest D M, and charges allowed by law and provided for sha feboíwZSSH4 ? WH '-"ein11;;! b0"I"Í",'i :mA d"SS -ftaSï Be, ut . Being in the southeast eorner oí the north at ft ■ fflz "ZrT'1 ff1 " ■'"■" nZ: gl lhnt-to (42), in township number two Hl cont ïe.' a k?fa"nhí A f1 S8' STSïrt the nein 1 ... c t fi...i,„ïl wfl by v,rtue of the aforesaid give statute ,nCn T m MMrtBage, and of íaid in snch case made and provided, be high l at puhlic auction or vendue, to the hisrhest 1" o' citvVAVT.1 d00T'Lh Crt ! Voïfto in 5, cit} ot Ann Arbor. 111 the C'ountv of wih. hold awand State of Michigan fsaid O 7,m t Le navil for snfd C6 t ? S ;he ,fÍrCUÍt COUH within mucl , Tnin 't f,"urday the sixth day of duet tday ' attenoclock " the forenoon of um ated,'i5arch 13, A. D. 1874. """ F. ORANOEn, riIILIP E .C1?' in'h AtfyforAnee. m A.gnM. )a Mortgage Sale. ■p)EFAUI.T been made in the eondition o J a cel-W mortgnge, made and executed by Solo. Cook and Ann L. Cook, his wife, of tlie city of An Arbor, Washtenaw County, nnd State of Michie to Silas H. DougJa, of tí,e .ame place, UariiH"? the rti-st du of AuiruBt, in the yeur of our Lord on thousand efeht hundrcd nnd Kixty-sevcn, and record ed in the office of the Register of Deeds of the cour ty of Washtenaw, in suid State ot Michigan, on tl, flrst day of August, a. d. 1867. in liber Hb of mort, gen on page Mg, on which mortgage there is claim,.' to be duc at the date of this nolice, tor principal „. interest, the rara of two thoumiid five hundied an, uinety-eight dollars and twenty-nine cents, togetlie with nn attorney fee of rlfty dolían, as provided an, afreed ahould any proceedings be taken lor the for closure of said mortgage ; and wBereaa no prooeeil Ing al law i,r in eqüïty have been taken to recova the same or any piirt thereof : Now, therefore notie uhereby eiventhat by virtue of the pover of sal eoateined ui mottgage, I shall e 1 at public auctio, tp the highest bidder, on Monday, il.e mnth dav n lebruary, a. d. 1874, at tin of the olock in the lore noon ot that day, at the BOuth door of tl l Honaein the city of Am. Arbor and State of Mich nn, that being the building in which the Circii Oourt tor the county of Washtenaw is held t, premise descrlbed in aflid mortgnge, or ko hip' thereof as hall be neoessary to satisiy the aruoun duc on said mortgage, the eosls and expense of Baii sale and the attorney fee as aforesaid ; t-niö pn dim are described as fouowi, towit: All that oertaii trant or parecí of land known and describtd ai te 1 lows, towit: lying in the townahip of Ann Arboi and being part of the northweat qnarter of sectici immlierthlrly-threem township iiuinber two fout] ot range number six eat in aaid Btate, bsginningu tne cast line of said quarter seetion at a point mx teen ehains and flfty-threi of the nortl east corner of aaid quartei section, and runnlni thence south on said line five chaina ai.,1 thirti ttv links, thence south tilt v-one and a-half degreeg wea twenty-two chaina andeleven links tn the center o the Ypsilantiroad, thence nort liivc-tnly along Uu center of said rogd niaeteen chaina and" ninttv-fiv, link to a point eighteen chaina and seventj flve link south of the north line of said nctton, thence ea parallel to the north line (.f raid Beobon twent. ehains and thirty-two linke, theneenortl, parallel i, the west line of said section -ix nhañw nnd twenhttve links, thence ea5t parallel to aaid uorth line nhi chainsnnd forty four links to tho eat li,,. quarter section, thence south f,, in' ehafns „ml tl,,, inkato the place oi beginaing, and being the sumí lnnddeededbT Jacob Kempfto said Cook, pni-tv (, the fir-t part (to said mortgage) and the same lam dejcnbedin two deeds to sai.l Kempf recorded in tl. Registert office, in said eoiinty. in fiber Y of Deedi on pages 876 and 677, and in líber No. 33 ,,i paeres 658 and .'.."i!i. Ann Arbor, November 12. 1S73. SILAS H. DOUULASS, Mottesgee Felch & Oeant, Attorneys for Moi 1 gagee Ihesale of the premises above describid, is i,l journed to Tbursday. May sewnth, at tl place and hour of the day. Dated. Februnry 1), 1874. FxtCH & Gbtx, 8ILA8H. DOTJGLA88 Attorneys. Mortg Mortgage Sule. r Ei' AVLT having beert made in the conditior, r -L' a certain mortgage made and executed by Elija W Morgan and Lucy W. 8. Morgan, hia wife, t: John Henly and Amanda M. F. (Joodale, on th eleventh day ot August, A I). 1S73. and renorded i the office ot the Register ot lx-eds tor the ( ountv c Washtenaw and Btute ot Michigan, os the nint teenth day of August, A. 1). 1873, al threc o'dock P M., in líber 45 of mortgases, on page 304 and uno which said mortgage there is now eiaimtd to be du andunpaid the aum of live hundren and twentv-st dollars and ninety tour i636.W) centa prinripai an interest and a reasonable attorney 'lee as timilate in said mortgage, and no suit havinj; been institutn in law or equity to recover snici sim or any pai thereof : Now, theretore, notiee is hereby Riven tl,a byvirtueof a power of aale contained in said ramt gage, and in pursuance of the stat ute in sucli en made and provided, the lai.ds and premiseí describe in said mortgage, to wit : All those certain parce] of land kno-wn and described as lots number five (5) six rcj, seven f7), eight ft), nine t9), ten f n IJ, twelve(12), thirteen (131, fourteen (14), fitten (15J ani sixteen (16), in block number flve (5) south in range one west, in Maynard'fi addition, in tl, city ot Ano Arbor, Washtenaw Oounty, Michigra or ao much thereof as may be neceeeai y to i.av au amount due, with interest, coata of sale and said ai torneyfee, will be sold at public auction, to Ui, highest bidder, at the Kiutli (ooi of the i Hom m the city of Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Connty, Stat of Michigan, fthat being the place for hold'ing thi Circuit for said fountyj, on l'iiday the twentv-sw ondday of May, A. II. 1874, at ten o'elock in tl foienoon of said day. Duted, Ann Arbor, Feb. ?.r, 1874 JOHN HKNLY, AMANDA M. ï 000DALE, Feazeb, Habeiman & Hamii.tox, Atty's tor Mortgagees. Mortgage Sale. rjEFAULT having been made in the conditioosol U a certain mortgage, by the non-payment oi money due thereon as provided by the temis of said moitgage, executed by Elijah ".Morgan and Lucí W. S Morgan, his wife, to John Henly and Amaimi M. i. Ooodale, hearing date the flrat day of Apiil A. 1). 18,0, and recorded in the office of the Rei terof Ueedsoi Washtenaw County. m the 8t Michigan, on the nineteenth day oi May, A V i87l in book 45 of mortgages, page 340, by wbich defauli the power oí sale eontiiiued m saidmoitgag come operative and on wlm-h mortgage there ii claimed to be due at the date of this notiee ■ oi one thousand one hundred and ninety-Bini and no suit or proceedings havinif been' ïnstitutei in law or equity torecover the dèbt seeured by taid mortgage: Notiee íb hereby given that on Pridnj the twenty-second day of May, A. D. 1S74, at ten o'elock a. m., on said day, at the south door of the Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor, tounty of Washte. naw, in the State of Michigan (said Court Ho ing the place for holding the Circuit Conrt for said Couuty), there will be sold by virtue of the power ol sale contained in said mortgage at public auction, to the highest bidder, the premises descril . d in said mortgage or so mucli thereof as may be necessaryto satisf y the amount due and payab'le on said mortgage, with interest, costs. charges and expenses allowed by law and provided tor in said mortgage, thatistosay: Ltots numbei -h've (5),six (6),sevenl7) eight f8), nine (}, ten (10), eleven (11), twelve I tlurteen (13), tourteen (14j. f,een (15) and sixte'k fJ6), in block number Hve f5) south. in range one west, in Maynard's addition, in the rity of Aun ibor, Washtenaw County, Michigan. Daled, Ann Arbor, leb. 25, 1874 JOHN HENLY, AMANDA M. F. GOODALE, . Morlgageee. t itAZER, Harkiman & Hamilton, Atty's lor .Mortgagees. Mortgage Sale. TAEFAULT having been made in the eonditions oi y ■ certain mortgage executeü by William H. Mallory and Heln M. Mallory to Joh N Gott bearing date the sixteenth day of September, a. d. 1S72, and recorded in the office of the Register ri Deeds for the oounty of Washtenaw and State ol Michigan, on the ninth day of Oetober, . n. l7i, in Liber forty-nine of mortiráges on page two hnndred andmuety uine, which said mortgage was dnly msigned by John N. Gott to Samuel P. Jew et t and bj Samuel P. Jewett to Christian Mack and Frederii Schmid.and by reason of said uef ault the power of sale in said mortgage having bicorne operative, and thon being claimed to be due and owing on said mortgan and the bond accompanying the same at the dafe ol this notiee, the sum oi thousand sevun liundml sud tifty-six dollars and twenty-nine cents (,1 7.H.29), together with an attoraey'a tee ot lifty dolían, provided lor in said mortgage, and no suit or proïeedings at law or in equity having been ïnstitoted to recover sad amount or any part thereof: Notice is therefore hereby giren tr at on Baturday the i enty-third day of May. a. d. 1874, at eh veri o'rfork in the forenoon of said day, at the south door of tU Court House in the city of Ann Arbor f-aid Court Hwise being the place for holding the irenit C'eiut lor the county of Washtennw) there will be sold by firtue of the power of sale contained in said nvrt?age. at public auetion to the highest bidder, the premises described in said mertRiim, nt so mtich thereof as may be necessary to satisfy the timount iue and pi.yable on said mortgage togt'thei with tbe nterest, costs, charges and expenses ajlowed bytow, md provided for in said mortgage, that is to sav : All :hat certain pieee or paroel of land situated in the :ity of Ann Arbor, county aforesaid , known, bounded, ind described as tollows. to wit : Commencing at int in the north line of Hurnn Street, in the city of nn Arboi aforesaid, eight rods and eighteeo inches rest of the west line of D. MoTntyre'a land and ninïing thence north parallel with said west line of saiii Hclntyre's land twelve rods, thence west parallel rith Huron street to the east line of Mann street, henee south twelve rods to the corner of Mann and luron streets, thence east to the place of bcginmn?. laid description being intended to cover the premistt there said William H. Mallory now lives, on tlie lorth side of Huron street. Dated, February 26. i874. CHHISTIAN MACK. FREDERIC SCHMID, Assigneesof said Mortpngf. D. Ceamer, Att'y for said Assignees. 1467 Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT having been made in tlie condition of a certain mortguge executeü on the twentyflfth ay of July, A. D. 1868, by Robcrt 1'. Leonald and lartha A Leonard. of the city of Ann Arbor, fashtenaw County, Michigan, to Joseph Py, of ie township of Northfleld, in tlie Countj oi' Wasb;naw and State of Michigan, aforesaid, and ïecord1 the same day in the office of the liegister of Deeds, r the County of Washtenaw, Michigan, in liber of mortgages, on page 453, upon which mortgage iele is claimod to be due at the date of this notice, ro hundred and fifty-me dollars and six'y-sever. nts, for principal and interest, and also thifty rlolrs as an attorney or sohcitor's fee as often a's any oceeding is taken to foreclose sai 1 mortgage, and proceedings boring been taken at law or in equity recover amount due or any part thereof : Therere, notice is hereby given that by virtue of tbe iwer of sale contiiined'in said morttrape, I shall Bell public auction, to the hie-hest bidder, on Saturday, e twenty-third day of May next, at two o'ilock m. of said day, at the front door o the Court 3use in the city of Ann Arbor, County aforesaid, ïat being the place of holding the Circuit Court for id County): All that certain piece or parcel of ad sitúate in the township of Northheld. Washtew County, State of Michigan, known, bounded and acribed as follows. to wit: Cormnenemg south rty-six degrees forty-four minutes east, eight Is and eight links from a take. seven links in mt of the northeast corner of Albert Steven's teven) md, thence south flfty-three deprees and flfteen nutes west, eight rods, thence south thirty-siï rrees and forty. four minutes east, four rods, mee north fifty-thrt e degrees and fiíteen minutes :t, eight rods, thence north thirty six degreès and ty five minutes west, four rode to the placeof nnning, containing one-fifth of an acre of land, re or lens. )ated, Feb. 25, 1874. JOSEPn PRAY, ohnN-Gott, Mortgagee, Att'y for Mortgagee. Mortgage Sale. F.FAV I,T huving been made in the conditions of a oertain mortgage, made and executed by JeruHuil. of the city of Ann Arbor, County of Bhtonaw and State of Michigan, to Lewis C. Jö, of the same place, in trust for Francés 31rers, a minor, baaring date the twenty-first day une, A. D. 1869, and recorded in the otlice of the ■ister of Deeds for snid County, on the same i our and one-lmlf o'elock p. m..' in liber 42 of mortes, on page 57 ; by which default tbc power of sale ainetl therein bceame operative, and there now ig claimed to be duo thereon the snm of two ïsand six hundred and twenty three dollars nnd ;ty-six cents, principal and interest, and no proiugs at law or in equity havinii been taken to n'r the sume or any part therof : Notice is hereby ii, that, bv virtue of a power of sale contained in mortgage, I shall sell at public auction. to the est bidder, on the sixth day erf July next, t clock noon, at the south door óf the Court ITouxe ie city of Ann Arbor (that beina the place f'"' ing the Circuit Court for the County of WashteI, the premises deecribed in said mortgnge, or so h thereof as shall be necessary to pay the'amouut ;heieon and the legal costs of sale, 'to wit: Lot ber twelve (12,1 in block number two f2) south of n street and Range number eleven, in the easttddition to the village (now oity) of Ann Arboi e County oi Washtenaw and State of Michigao. ted, Ann Arbor, March 12, 1874. I.EWIS C. R1SD0N, Morttraese in Trust.


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