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BUSINESS DIRECTORY. FRAXER, HARRI.ÏÏAN A" II A.TIII.TO'k Attorneysat Luw. Otttoe Sos. 7 tiud '■) South Miiin ptreet, Ann Arbor Mich. EK4STUS THirCHGR, Attorncy iind Counselor :it Luw, No. ó Eiist Huiuu Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. 1386 i W IIUMII niYKKAl, BPRINCS. il. Hovris Hile ').. Sup -rintoudout Offlcp in buililinir, corner Mann and iVeatHuron Street. _ WIXES & WORDEV, 10 outh !ain strect, Ann Ar .or, Mich., Wholesale oud retail déniers In Dry Grxirts, Carpeta and Grocerles. 135ttf VI ACK SCHMID, Deülers in Dry Goods. -tl Groceries, Urockery.&c. No. 54 -outh Main Str-et. Xf H. JACKSO9I, DentlPt saccessortoC B. Porter. Orticfl corner M:iin and 'uron streete. over the store of R. W. Ellis & '"o , Ann rbor, .Mich. nestheticsiidministercd if reqairfd. 7jTÍIEKL,ANI de WHEDON, Life and o Pire Insurance vienta, and dealersin Real Estáte Office on Hnron Street BACII & ABEL, Dealere in 'ry Goods Grocerios, 4c itecNo 26 Soath Maiu -treet, Ann drbor. WTI. WA1ER, Dealer in R adv Madei'loth ing, 'lotb. C.issimeres Vestings, Hats.Caps, Trunks.Oarpet Baga, &c '21 South Mainstreet. I-ÜAHW'.OH E E V E K , ATTORNEY AT LAW ! (iflse with K. W. Morgan, Kast side of Court House innare. 1331 square. i.. vy" c7 C A R R v Dentist, . -v Sueeessor to C. C. _,.-. _ Jeukins. Im[. J Gas iidmimstered ÊjjmiÊB&y ■""' - -" - wiit'n nceessury. MRS. H. J. HILTON, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Office and Residence No. 88 Ann Street, cormt of Ingalls, Ann Arhor, Midi. t3T Office hours- 8 to 10 a m., and 2 to 4 p. m."3S Rtfmnca- Pkof. Saoee, Fsof. Pamieb. 143 1 y 1 nBOCKBKY GLASSWARE & GROCERIES, J. & P Oonnelly Havetnitorealargestock 'f 'rocker, Glanswnre, Plated Ware, 'ntiery Orocenca. &c, Ac. all tobe tfoidat unusually low prires No 12 Kast Hu run Street, Ann Arbur 1128tf J. 4: P. DOfNELI-Y. rOHiV G. GALL, DBALBB I3M FRESÏÏ AND SALT ME ATS, LtRD, SM7SAOF-S. Etc, Orders solicited and promptly llled with thebest meate in the market. 31 Bast Washington tret Ann Arbor, Sept. lth, ISO. 1-JSStf 1)R. c. aTlëiter, Physician and Surgeon, Offlce over Watis' Jewelry Store, i:iin Street, Reld nee 58 East Haron Street, 1469tf ANN ARBOR. MICH vr akksbï, 93. Manufactarer of Carriages, Buggies, Wagons, ANil SLKIOH.S, of everysty'o, made of the best material, and warrantel. Kep.iiring done promptly ml prios re:f mable. Detroit títreet, ne;ir K. B. Depot, Ann Arbor, iich. 1446yi T FEED. BKOSS, MANUFACTURES OF ruftiviiiïs, Bi'uiiiEs, m ?ï;:u wims, SI'ÜIM. WAM8 l TIl.KS, SLEIGHS, kt. All irork wurranted of the best material. Repair promptly ;iud reason;ibly All work warranted to give perfect satisfacción. 68 South Main ■tnwt. '422 BUSINESS COLLEGE! Bank Blook, Aun Arbor, - Michigan. No vacatious. Day classes throuphout the year. Students enter at any time. Inxtruelun aecording to most approved plana. íStudents have ''Actual Practico " at the beginning of tüe course in book Iceeping. 144HI W. A. LOVEJOY, TOBACCONIST I Deals in both FINE CUT AND S3IOKING TOBACCO, Sauff, Pipes, &c, AT NO. 7 EAST HCRON STREET, Nextto the Express Office, A?i ARBOlt, 1IICH. 1345tf "TÍVE ÖEESE FEATHjfiRS PIBST QtTALITT , Cjneintiyoi] tiiiud and forsali bj B ACM ir A.BML.


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