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New York School System

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The cjpitctl of the School 1'ihkJ is X'Zr 190,632 41, being an increasc of 97,'1G OOsiricelast vear. The revenue of $ he fund for the year was L278.458 87, vhieh, with l'hö balance n 1S44, makes e he whole means of the year 307,478 33. Fhe distribution to the comtnon schools is L í'275,000, to which have been added the mms raised in the counties and citios for c hat purposa, showing an nggregate Tor ' he ycar, including the district librarles, jf $786,000. Of Ihis nmouni the sum ' iaid for teachers' wages, has been 8629,356 94, which, with the amount ' ;nled on rate bilis, gives the large ' T.nto of 1,067,934 72 paid for teachers' w a ges. The school district libra ries contain 1,145,250 volumes, of which 106,854 liave been added during the yenr. Therc ire 11,018 organized school districts in Lhe Stale, of which 10,812 have made repons to the Superinfcndant. The whole nuuiber of children instructed in the cominon schools during the ycar was