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The Bricklayers

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" Ho, to the top of the towering wall ! " - 'Tis the master-niason's rallying cali ; - " To the scaffolciing, boys, now merrily climb; 'Tis seven o'clock by the town-bell's chime ! Brmg to your work good muscle and brawn ; And a keen, quick eye wliere the line is drawn: Out with your saw-temperetl blades ot steel ! Smoother than glass fiom point. to hee", - Xow, steady and clear, from turret and port, Ring out your challenge : Mort O mort1!1 " Gliuk ! clink ! trowel and brick ! Music with labor and art combine ; - Brick upon brick, lay them up quick ; But lay to the line, boys ; lay to the line ! " Clieery as crickets all the day long, - Lighteiirag labor with laugh and song ; - Busy as bees upou angle and pier, - Piling the red blocks tier upon tier; - Climhing anti ciimbmg still uearer the sun; - Prouder than kingsof the work they havo done I CJpward and upward the bricklayers go, J'ill men are but children and pigmies below; While the master's order talls nnginS! and short, To the staggenng carrier : " Mort' O mort' .' "├╝link! clink! tiowel and brick ! Mumc with labor and art combine; - Brick upon brick, lay them up quick; But lay to the line, boys ; lay to the line ! " Vlio are the peers of the best in the land- rVorthv 'neath arches of lumor to stand ? rht-yoithebrick-reddeued,mortar-stainedpalms, iVith shoulders iii giante and sinewy arms, iuililers of cities and builders of homes - 'toppiug the sky up with apires and domes; - VrilMli thereon with their trowel and lime Lejjeuils of tuil for the eyes of Time ! So that the ages may read, as they run, All that their magical might ha? done ! So clink ! clink ! trowel and brick ! Work by the master's word and sign ; - " Brick upou brick, lay them up quick ! But lav to the line. bovs: lav to the line ! " - Scribner's for May.


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