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The Sightless Eye

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That sightless eye ! - it has haunted me long ; It has stirred me witti feelinj$s strange and strong; Ay, something the world would cali deforraed A fresher spot in my heart has wanned ! So white was the brow- bo brown the hair - So sad and sweet were look and air! So well I kuew that the forehead pale A quick pang hid in the silken veil ! So sadly lts mate of hazel gray Looked up with a glauco that seemed to say, In a pleading trust and a shriukiug fear, I am not beautif ui : no, look here ! " do not know - I shall never know - Vhut dire mishap or what sudden blow [as dimmed that star of her maiden sky . shall never ask, till the day I die. ut more lovely far than she would have been [ad the dim orb flashed beside its twin, - he has crept to my heart as children have done ; 'here is beauty lost, but fcehng won. }h, brown-haired girl !- if we meet again, evír drop the veil with that shudder of pain ! ror a love that is blent with pity, may make uch a cord as no time or change can break !


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