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Trying To Sell A Banker

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The San Francisco Chronide tells this ale: A curious looking individual presented íiuiseií at the Bank oí California and demanded to see Mr. Ralston. From tbe íess and appearanoe of the man one would scarcely be led to suppose that be ame in for the purpose of engineering a nancial negotiation. On his right arm, ïowever, was a large basket of remarkajly fine and small spotted pups, whose ïLitds stucK out in all directions from the dge ot the basket. Iu a few minutes a man with nieely brushed hair and soft, 'lidiug step citme out aud informed tho man that hu might cume in. In a mo ment more he. advanced with a quick tep and moved within the sacred and baruHx) cuele where thousands and thouunils of ulinkinggold twenties jostle and uake music with thuir tullo ws. But the ioisi' occasioued by the chnk of wealth d uot seeiu to attraut bis attention, aud without seeming to that the pUce u which he stood was " holy grouud,"' b wulked into the pi i vate office of the lillK.iiiüire and depusited bis basket of ottud buil pups on tbe floor with thereüirk : " There's them pups, Ralston." At the ght ot thu catiiuti beaulies the eyes of He baiiker glislened with pleasure, aud ie ltautd over to inspect them. Then he pup tancier turned the basket upside own, aini iu an instant the wbole litter wtie running over the soft carpet and {iimboliug with delight. "Nuw, just look it -em," remarked the urn, Wdvmg his hiind over the group ; tbe fii.est btram, bamn' uun, that iver 'elped iu th;s town, you bctcber. Now I want to si 11 ye tbe whole lot, and known ' ihat you ie a little bard up, aud struglm' lo keep a lm ge tam il y runmn', 111 iiit. 'ew down where ye can leaob 'em without hlrainin' your elbow Howmuch or Uie lot, the whole ot 'em, just as they re '(" ' Well, Jack," replied the money king, you know how l'm situattd now - times uighty hard ; slocksdown; nioney marktet depressed, and this new issue ot greenjitcks, you know, Ukes the uuderpiuuiug ut ol things, you kuow." "Yes," replied the dog-seller with coniderable deliberation, ' 1 took all 'em liings into cousideration, ye see, and con luded 1 wouldn't put the screws on ye ery heavy on that account. l'll slain he price down aud chuck ye the whole ot lor, 8ay - a- a - ." Here the man iiiused and hesitated, whilehelooked tbe janker iu the eye and seemed to wait tbr ïim to say somethiug. There was an unjleasunt pause. " Well, " said Ralston," I guess the price 'ou uiinitd is about the thing, don't you'r1" urniiig to a Chronide reporter on his ight, who had been waiting for some iuie to negotiate a trifliug loan of $100,000. The reporter thought so, too. " Well, all right, so that the whole lot of these fine buil pups go for thelow bedrock price of $75." " Seventy-live dollars' Great God, nan, such a sum, in these times, for six spotted pups. Ain't you joking '{" ■' Now, look here," pleaded the dog trader, ' if you can git any such pups as tbem for the same amount of coin, l'll pay for um and eat urn raw ; yes, eat um raw, by ." " But dogs, my man ain't in the demand they used to be. Dogs are quite common now, you kuow, and getting cheaper every yenr. "That's so, for the common breed o' pups; but for this yer kind of spotted pups, not snatched up on every bush - the tinest strain, as I said before, barrin' nun that ever wagged his trotter in the town, for coin - all the coin you can put up," rotirt'd the man, quite excited. ' I know ; but these spots are not regular spots, are tbey 'i But it strikes me there is sometbing of an artificial cast aliout these ipots, " and with. reuiarkable deliberation the banker lifted one on his knee and began to examine it with great deliberation with a magnifying-glass such as are generally used as a counterfeit detector. "It strikes me, Jack, these spots are dyed - put on with a brush." The dog tancier did not remain after tUis aimuuncemeut, but gut down on the floor aud bigan to scramble about under the chairs after his tpotted pups, which he caught, and, replacing them in his basket, started off. " Hold on, Jack,' yelled the banker, laugbing heartily " you go over and sell these pups to Sam Butterworth, and l'll pay you all he doe for 'em." " Sutu Butterworth, h - 1 ; do you a'pose Sam Butterworth don't kuow a puiuitd pup the minute he sees one; I tried hiin about half an hour ago, and he sent me rounc to you " ín anuther instant, the man had vanished taking the puinted doga with hiin.


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