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- We quote Mark Twain on the teraperance crusade and woman suffrage without indorsing all he says. Until American bom citizens clear their skirts of all evil practioes and vices it is scarcely fair to speak in wholesale terms of " foreignborn savages." Foreign-born citizens are not all worthleas and vile, and many of thein will compare in intelligence, morality, and virtue with the native American. In fact, the average will not be very dissimilar. "A mean white "-to use a Southern phrase - is a mean man wherever born and whatever his accent or brogue. Besides, does Mark Twain expect to disfranchise the wives, sisters, and daughtera of these " foreign-born savages " and negroes ? If not, will not woman suffrage duplícate that and the American " mean white " vote 'i - An Ypsilanti correspondent of the Detroit Post has a decided leaning toward woinan suffrage, but wants separate polls established for men and women, so that " respectable and decent women can vote as respectable and decont men do ; go to the polls, cast their votes, and go home again, without feeling that they havo in the least prejudiced their social standing." If voting is just the thing for woman she should have no exclusive privileges, but should cheerfully accept the accommodations provided for " respectable men." Wouldn't that toning and refining influence be lost by separate polling places ? - In the Supreme Court at Washington, on Monday, decisión wasrendered in "the 20 per cent. cases." holding that all employés of the Government within the city of Washington were entitled to 20 per cent. extra pay, under an act of the last Congress increasing compensation of those in the civil service. Justioe S wayne read a dissenting opinión, which was concurred in by Chief-Justice Chase and Justice Davis, holding that none of the parties were entitled to the extra pay, in fact that it was not pay but a gratuity, the labor of the year having noarly all been done wheu the bill was passed. Sound.


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