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"closing In" On The Liquor Sellers

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A Centerville correspondent of the Fr'ee Press gives the following account of how the liquor aellers of St. Joseph County are being " brought to tho limerick" : "We have liad a grand jury in session for a woelt and a half on the liquor question. It is going through the soveral townships of the county like a tornado. It is a grand success. The respondents who have been indicted have all thus far put in a voluntary appearance without waiting for a bencli warrant. ïhoy have come down like Smith's coon without invitiug a shot, and have paid in several hundred dollars for violations of law, and still the money comes. Is not this the better way, beoauso : 1. Witnesses will develcp before a grand jury, but will not before a justice, surrouudod by tlioir " cronies" and syuipathizers. 2. Kvidence of violation of law is sought before indictment and the people are sure of it on trial, but a coraplaint boforo a justica may or may not be sustained by proof when the case is heard. 3. Witnesses are easily procured by a grand jury, and no particular perêon is liuble to the curses of tho liquor seller, the power to bring thora in boing lodged in a body of men who are swoin to discharge their duty, and cannot therefore be supposed to bo actuated by malice. 4. It does up the business, for a time at least, at once, and relieves the townships of the friction, ill-blood and fury of looal trials had in their ruidst. It is remarkable how smoothly and triumphantly the work has progressed - the good temper even of the convicted - for they admit that " no favor is shown," no man's friend is shielded, saloons and stores are treated alike. Neither money nor position makes any difference, and therefore the game is played fair, and there is nothing to howl about but the ïav?, and that must stand. The grand jury are still busy, and the indictments pour in from their room below and the money pours into the court above. Several have pleaded guilty to the second offense, and probably dare not trust another violation."


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