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ïta pücvtomf uta ïö 8 t : In tliis city, nn Aale Gold King- TIn: flnderwill be suitably lewmded by leaviug it ut thia oflic-o. 1477 -I AE!TS nrnke from M to 100 dnlluia t week aelling the Needie Threading Thimble. Hixl the Magie ISewing Machine Needie Threader. They sell atsicht. Nolady can do without tlnm. Glrculnra und 8ampleB of both articlen sent pont paid tot 7tl eentst one article 40 centa. WESTEEN AOENCY, Box 1, Indianapohs, Ind. JTROM I HEADQUARTERS, 1 1 I's S8B'-ii-il] BiiHfll THE POSTOFFICE QUESTIOX IS SETTLED AT LAST. BEAL ÍS BEATEN BY THE -A.I-T3ST ARBOR AGRICDLTDRAL CO. Who unirounce to their Customers tb at they v, - ï 11 aell Full Trimmed Wagons, Warranted for one yeai at $75, including all extras. % fire, Sprint? seatfi, Whiffletrees. Neckyokea, and top base. Thia anle tobe for Cash, and lo be open i'or Thirty Days. Also TRIM1IED PLOWS. 10 DOLLARS. Farmers, if you wish to supply yourselves now is the time for cash. All guods warranted. ny arlicle in our line equally low. We nre never uudersold. We are gettin on a fnll stock of REAPËRS AND MöWSRS of the JoïiDston Patent, which we offer equally low, and we wül 'put up $1,000 that the Combined Keaper is the best, cheapest and easiest working combined Reaper and Mower in the U. S, of America. The old reliable Reaper ia too well known to reqüire any backing, it i admitted by all that it i the bet Reaper in the Union. We would also say that we will aell all our gooda for Cash at lower figures tlian they cua be bought elsewhere, andevery artiele ■WAKRAISTT BX5 to suit purchaser or no sale. Cali Befure Tou Bity and Save Tour' Money. A, A. AGRICULTURA!, CO. 1477m3 CITY DRUG STORE! SIG-3ST OF TÜE GLASS MOKTAK! Having been for the past four year with E. W. Ellis & Co., I have now purchased the Drug Store of E. B. Gidley No. 12 EASTHURON ST(Cook's Hotel Block). I have Cleaned, Ee-fitteJ, and Re-stocked the Store with Pure DRUGS, MEDICINES. A Full line of Fancy Articles, Perfumes, Brushes, Combs, Soaps, Bponge, Patent Medicines, l)ye PAITS & OM, PUKE WINES AND LIQUOES For Medicinal Purposes Agenta for Tieman's Celebrnled SÜRGICAL INSTRUMENTS. Physicians' l'rescriptions a Specialty. L. S. LERCH. U69tf ; A Chance for Bargains ! For sale at a great barain, 160 ACRES OP CHOICE LAND, Iying2)á miles f rom the city of Ioni. 100 acres under improvement, with good orchard, barn and shed, and a comfortable house. Terms of puyment- from $2,000 to $2,.'i00 down ; balance on loni; time. Also 90 ACRES, about 2 'i miles from Auensta, Kalamazoo County, all improved, with ifood buildings. Terina- extremely low. Alm 40 ACftES about eight miles trom Hiistings. Also 80 AORKS on section S iu the town of HnzeV ton, Shiawasse Couüty, about 12 miles trom Üorunnu. Well tirnbered. For terma addresa the undersigned. E. IJ. POND. Ann Arbor, April 2, 1873. ICE! IC_HJ! The undersigned wishes to announri' that he is DOW ready to deliver Ice in any part of the oity. Orders left in his box in Uu !'"sl Oflie uill l,c promptly iilleil. PBICES r 18 lbs. daysin the week, - - f3.00 er mrtdrh. " " 4 " " " " - - - 2.M " " TEUMS : lm urijiblj in Advance. M. ANDRE?. TJIöSOiXTION OF FARTNEUSHII'. Notico is hcreby given that the partnership lateïj existing between Joseph C. Wattfl and Benjamin F. Watts, of the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, undej the firm of J. 0. Watta & Bro., was dissolved on the flrst day of May, 1874, by mutual consent. All debts owing to the tmid iirm are to bo received by 8;iid Josepli C. Watts, and all demanda on the mud partuerahip are to be presented to hiin iorpayment. Drtted, Ann Arbor, May 1, 1874. . JOSEPH C. WATT, BENJAMIN F. WATTS. J. C. Watts will continue the buaines at the olcl stand, and would respeetíully roquewt all persons indebted to the late lirm to culi nnd aettle their accounts as we wish and must close up the old business at oiiee. 1475w2 rTPHËBÊST ACCOMMODATlÖNS In the city for UORSES TO HAY AND GRAIN Ia at the Monitor Stables, J V. N. ORECORY. 1AMKS McMAHON, Justice of the Peace, Office in new block, North of Court House Money collected and promptly pald over. iüïsltrastce agent. Triumph, assets, $727.903.11 Nortn MlgS'inrl, " 645,417.91 Htbernia, " 350,000.00 RKA.L KSÏATE. I have s:ncres of]uml '4' of a mile from the city iniits, tiuely located lor fruit or garden purposes. Aiso 40 acres. Also 10 acres, with house and barn.and a live! stream of water ruiming throogb the burn yard. 60 acres, a mileont 1 will sell .any or 11 the above cheap, or exchange forcitproperty. lS74y 1 JAM BS McMAHON. JPOE SALE'! 70 Acres, on Washtenaw Ava, 1' i miles from tbe Post Office. Ten Acres Wood Land - The rest in High State of Cultirution. Will be sold in lots óf ten nerea or more, as huyera nui.v desiro. üue lot of ten acres hus on it A House, Harn and Viell of (jood Water. TERMS IiASï. l'or fin ther plu tioolun inquire of 14741111 68 Statt Street, Ann Arbor. T") WELLING HOÜSES ïuE SALE A hiKje.-mil very w.-ll huilt briok house with two or inore lots. Two larve friimed houses. Also a (rood sizod bnelc house and frumed hou9" ; nnd n small frame honae on u gooü lot, intended for addin? a froD t for snlo on fmr termo and a reusonable credit. Alsoother buildings, lots, and property. MO.-VJEY WASITUD-So many wihing to nrrmv money applj to me that I eau readily obtain forienofcrigoodsatisfiictüry investments at ten per ctínt.jntere . r ..",., W. MOROAN. Ann Arbor, April 23. IS73. uostf ' I MICHIGAN CEKTRAIi IÍAILRO.U)WINTEB TIME TABLB. Passengeitrainsnow lenve tlie several gtutioMi foUowi GOING WEST. aTATIONb. _; . W Z & - '5 h H 3 'b a i p m - h _&_ A. M.tA. M. P. M. P. M. P. M. P. N. Detroit, lenve, 7 15 : 10 ÍS 12o 4 OH 5 40 10 Ypsilanti, 8 43 11 25, 2 3 S 80 7 10 i.. AnnArbor, Ï M 11 43 2 ál 5 ÖQ 7 45 1J ' Dexter, 8 ;i.í 3 12 6 25 8 10 - ■ Chelsen, 5 SO 8 30 - GrassLake, 1 19 p. u. 3 55 ) ihi - ■ JackBon, !1C M 1 OS' 4 30 9 35 13 P.K. A. .11. Knlamazoo, 2 20 3 4(1 7 40 12 25 ühicago arrive, 8 30 00 6 30 8 OOING EA8T. i Uiñi lili ' A. M. A. M. 'p. M.'p. M. Chicago, leave, 5 00 8 30 5 15 S) 00 P. K. A. M. A. M. KiiluniHzao, 11 05 1 1 18 5 00 2 15 1'. K. A. M. Jackson. 2 SO 3 65 S 00 12 30 4 43 GrassLnke, 2 56 8 30 Chelsea, S 24 - - 8 53 í. "■ Dexter, 3 41 i) 0D 6 H Ann Albor, 4 5 5 03 9 S8 1 SIS (i 00 (i M Ypsilanti, . 4 25 5 22 10 03 2 17 (i 20 7 !' Detroit, urrive, " 5 50 6 25 11 20, 3 30 7 2J S Ü The Atlantic and Pacific Express run between Jackson and Xiles on the Air Line. DETEOIT, HILLSDALE & ENDIANA EAILROAD. GOINtï WE8T. -1873- (;O['( KAST. STATIONS. Maí. Exp. f STATIONS. Exp. MJ'' A. M. P. M. „ v Detroit, dep... 7:15 5:40 i a. M. Ypsilauti S:4,- 7:15 ' Bunkers .' 5:45 2:" Saline, 9:26 7:43 Hillsdule fclí -' "'' Bridgewater . . 9:50 8:00 , Manchester ... 8:35 48 Manchester.. ..10:22 8:!8 I Bridgewater . . 9:0H 4:ís P. M. Snline '9:2.1 Hilladale 1:00 9:52 ! Ypsilanti Ï0:03 í:l? Bankera 1:16 10:00 I Detroit 11:20 6:2' Trains run by Chicago time. W. F. PAKKER, Sup't, Tpsilauti.


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