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LOOK OUT FOR THE LEVIATHAN! c-C3rRS,A.T PACIFIC" MUSEUM, MENAGERIE AND MAMMOTH CIRCUS. . Uüited With Springer's Trained Animáis and EYPTIAN GAiRA.V'AlSr! FIYE SEPARATE AND DISTINCT SHOWS. The wliole to be exhibited under Massive Tents, Covering acres of ground Biilllantly lUuoiinated atSIght Ijj Kidd's Patent Siinliglit Apparalns. Will Exhibit at ANN ARBOR, On SATÜRDAY, MAY IGtfo, 1874. the museum: : Consists of Works of Art and Relies of Antiquity, and is a feature wortliy thf attention of visitors. THE MENAGERIE I componed of Living Wild Animáis f rom all parta of the prlobe. Amorg is the fnr-fftmed PerformiDg Elephant SÏTITAN." A DE4 OF FOUft MONSTER NUMIDIAN LIGNS, All Af rifan I. iones and her Cnbs, four in nurnber, Bom Uarch loth, 1374, olyccts üf.Specj, itilHiest to the thousnnds who daily viait thi.s Momiaoth Colle(;tifn, whioh ia presiiled over by 4&3i HfcT Kl. Ot'H OKEAT DOUBLK MAMMOTH LjxjORCUS TROUPE SfiBLjSraT Hjk S Of English, Frencb, and Ameritan, SEi Selected reeaTdless of expense, from tlie leadingcb MSÜwMffMMrifllilinBBi cuses and Amphitheatres of thcwuild, cor.laiiis E&EEÍElEM m tiv' '':II-V l!illt'ls ;ni(1 Gyinnasts. gL-fc; '. fcJ'-S 9B " 21 Star Riders, (, and Aorobafs, The Three G-reat Clowns. ALBERT AYMAE, TOM LENTON, AND W. B. ASH, The Funniest Oraduates of the Temple of Mirth and Fiui. The Hest Circus Company in America. 2 We make no exceptions and acknowledge no pquals. Prof. J H. UtssKLI. IfV And his " Imperial' Band of Twelve Musiciana will diacoui-se JMfil Kffll sweet music from the Magrjiñcent Band Chariot USH HHmw 'GREAT rCIFIC" Bacil mórning on its entre iuto town, followed by n (W llrm Long Lin of Animal Ifens, W fq - Nadies drossed in llt'gal Splendor, Kni;íit8 ciad Ín Armor, -- :- muunted xipon beuutiiul capurisoaed pranciug steeds makir.g an p=cJfe = IMPOSING SPECTACLE, 3 Woi-th miles of travel to behold. " BEMEMBER THE TDAnT -A.3STID DATE. T:ike b holiday and visit this, Ihe Model Show of the age. AdinHsion 50 ets. Children under Ten years of age ■ iJitu.


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