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Mrs. M. C. Huyett wiU reeerve a limited number of pupila for instruction on the Piano Organ or Vocal training. Cali at 39 División and tertns will be given. Advance pupils pref erred. 4wH75 Dr. I-ewitt, ïereby notifies hia patrons that be has returned from lia western tour and has resumed the practice of hia rofeB8ion. Office in the Haven Block. üated, Ann Arbor, March 9, 1874. 1 - - l'Iiirt) Vears' Kiperience of an Old Nurse. ÍTlrx. WinsIoiv'H Soolliinir Syrup ia the )rescription of one of the beat Female Physicians ind Nurses in the United States, and has been used 'or thirty yeare with never f ailing sai'ety and succes jy millions ef mothers and chüdien, from the feeble nfant of one week old to the adult. It correcta acidi;y of the stomach, relieves wind colic, regulates the owel , and gives rest, heulth and comfort to mot her and child. We believe it to be the Best and Surest Hemedy in the World in all cases of DYSENTERY and DIARRHCEA IN CHILDREN.whetherit arises from Teething or from any other cauae. Full directions for using will áccompany each bottle. None Genuine unies the fac-simile of CURTÍS & PERKINS is on the outside wrapper. Sold by all Medioine Dealers. H3(ivl Cbildren Of ten Look Pale and Siik From no other cause than having worms in the stomaeh. BROWN'S VERMirUGE C0MFIT8 Will destroy Worms without injury to the child. being perfectlv WHITE, and freefrom all coloring or other injurious ingrediente usually used in worm prepara CURTÍS & BROWN, Proprietors, No. 216 Fulton Street, New York. Sold by Druggists and Chemislt, and dealen tra Medicina at Twenty-Five Cents a Box. 14,)(iyl H0USEÏÏ0LÏTWhUV? You To all persona suffering T k TkT A m A 'rom Hheurratiam, Neu JtAÍNAuLA ral?ia' ramps in the limbs or stomach, Bilioua Colic, Pain in the back, bowelB or side, we would - AND - aay, the Hoübehold Panacea and Family Liniment ia of all others the -n . -. . tt -r-r remedy you want for inr & M I I Y temal and external use. X. X1ÍU.1JJ X it has cured the above complaints in thousande of caaes. There ia no misLINIMENT- 5??% 8old TIRE INSUEANCE. F1UZER, HARRIMAN & HAMILTON'S OFFICE OVER SAVIKÍGS BANK. Ann Arbor, Michigan. We can now carry fullliuea in SAFE and TRTJSTWOETH Y Companies, and our ratea are reaaonable. We Are now carrying the best business risks in the city. We invite the Public to examine our Registers and judge ior themselves of the kind of business we are doing. Wê make a specialty of Dwelling Houae Insurance, and can gire low ratea, and good indemnity. We represent tho following wellknown Com panies : The Westchester, - Organized 1837, Asseta, $G5i,000.00, Jan. Ut 1874. The Allemannla, of Pittsburgh, Pa. Aaseta $472,000.00, Jan. lat 1874. The Lancaster, ol Lancaster. Pa. Organized 1838. Aaseta $337,000.00, Jan. lat 1874. The Michigan State, of Adrián. Organized 1859, Assets $304,000.00, Jan. Ut, 1874. The National Fire Ins. Co. of Phil. Assets (567,000.00, Jan. lat, 1874. The Globe, of Chicago, 111. Aaaets $460,000.00, Jan. lat, 1874. The Atlantic & Paeiflc, of Chicago, III. Assets $330,000.00, Jan.'lst 1874. City, Proridence, R. I. Asseta $182,000.00, Jan. Ut, 1874. The Watertown FIre Insurance Coinpany, of Watertown, '. T. Asseta t556.000.00, Jan. lst, 1874. The Watertown was organized in Dec, 186", since which time its premium receipts and lossea have been as follows to wit : Premium Heceipts, I.osses. Jan.l, 1868, imonth - -$1,204 28 " 1868 .... 29,833 49 $1,865 00 " 1870 - 45,542 69 5,297 42 " 1871 ... - 55,605 16 1S.314 51 " 187Í .... 141,417 03 2I.C15 97 ■ 1873 - - - 214,965 19 63,169 65 " 1814 .... 352,228 01 106,296 04 Cash premiums received in 6 years - $740,695 89 Losses in 6 years - 220,946 39 Actual losses less than 30 per cent of premium receipts. Excess of premiuum receipte over lOBses $519,649 60 INCBEABE OF AS&ETS. Jan. 1, 1868, assets witb $100,000 capital. .$101,854 31 Do. 1869, do 122,684 60 Ho. 1870, do. - - - 148,431 47 Do. 1871, do. - - - - 168,893 98 Do. 187, do. - - - 338,603 13 Do. 1873 do. - - - - 441,500 64 Do. 1874. do. - - - 656,849 54 This shows a steaily average gain in assets of over $75,000 each year. Official statement of groas assets and liabilities Jan. 1,1874. to wit : Grosa officially admitted assets - - $556,849 90 Oiücially calculated lmbilities, including reinsurance f und - - 217,104 61 Suiplus as to policy holders - - $340,745 29 If this record is evidence of bad management, safety and protit to policy and stockholders would wish that other companies had a little of it. The policy and practice of this company have been steadily 10 increase its financial sohdity, by wllich justly tocommand the confldence of the public. To this end all surplus premium receipts have been retained, allowing the stockholders only legal interest on the assets. The interest on iis invested funds pays all dividend, leaving all surplus premiums for the additional security of the policy-holders. All we ask is that the people shall investígate for themselves, and we do not fear the result. FRAZER, II AHK1M.W & HAMILTON, Office ever the Savinga Bank, 1476m6 Ann Arbor, Mich. AGENTS WANTED. PIERCE'S NEW HI&TOR1CAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL CYCLOPEDIA. One Large Octavo Vol. of 1,013 Pages. It records just what shouïd be remtmbertd, and discaids all supei'fiuities, making it the book tor the million, and within their means. " We recommend this work to all tbose who want concise, well-classiíled, useíul hnowltdge. ' - Chicago Tribune. One agent'B commiisiona wcre over $200.00 in one week. Another reporta 73 orders in one week. Siinl for Circular to M. M. BÜRNHAM, Publlsher, H75w4 SYRACUSE, N. Y. "XEW EEAL ESTÁTE OFFICE OF ABNER HITCHCOCK & CO. 43 South Main St., Ann Arbor, Mich. City Property, Ilouses, Lots and Farms KOR SALE AND EXCHANGED. SOVTUEBN LANDS FOR SALK. COLOMES LOCATED. STOCKS AND IIORTAGES FOR S1LE. H76mS AND MONEY'S LOANED. jsr e "w Dry Goods AT THE lISTN AEBOE TRADING We have JUST REGEIVED A Big Stock of DRY GOODS! We cali SPECIAL ATTENTION -TOFINE DRESS GOODS Which will be sold CHEAF FOK CASH. CALL Al SEE Tl! We are now PIPARE!) TO BXHIB1T To our Patrons our SPRING ASSORTMENT OF CHOICE AND Elegant Designs IN CARPETINGS, &c. &c. CHEAP FOB CASH! Anu Arbor, April 22, 1874. G. W. HAYS, Supt. 147Bm2 SOMETHING NEW! No Ooramissions - All Free! I have opened A REGISTER at my office, in R. W. Ellis ei Co. 's Dm-usTORK, for the aocoinmodation of the public, where those who have stores, houses, lots, farms, cattle, horses, buggies, or any other property, for sale or to rent, may register the same for convenience of those who may wish to purchase or rent. ■ There will be no charge to either sellcr or purchaser, provided when a sale or rentage is eftected by the owner, he will at once cali and cancel the same on the Register. 1478 A. DkFOREST. "POE SALE OE EXCHANGE! . The undersigned offers his Farm of 42 aerea, one mile frora the State Umversity, in the Township of Ana Arbor, for sale. It has on it a convenient house, two barnB, a fine apple orchard ; besides a variety of araall fruits. Also the undirided half of 237 ucies near Grand Rapids. City property ia Grand Rapids, Detroit, or Ann Arbor taken in part payment. ' Fébruary 12, U74. 1406iu3 JOHN M. CHASE. Atchison,Topeka and Santa Fe THREE MILLION ACRES LISTOSLIBERAL TEUMS TO IMPROVERS. II YEAR8 CREDIT, 7 PER CENT. INT. No Part of the Principal payable for Four Years, FINE GliAIN-GROWING REGIÓN. Tracts of one and two thousand acres availnble for Neighborhood Colonies, or for Stock Farms. Excellent Climate, with Pure Flowing Water. II 1 would say, that in the eourse of many years, " and through extensive travel, I have not scen a mote ' inviting country, nor one which offers greater in"ducements, with fewer objectiona to tettlement, " than these lands of the A. T. & S. F. R. K."- Extract Report of Htnry Stewarl, Agricultural Editor American Agriculturalist. For full particular inquire of Ai E. TOUZALIN, Land Commissioner, Topeka, Kansas. E. B. Pond, Local Agent, AnnArbor, Mich. 11 HOW TOJJO WEST." This is an inquiry which every one shouid have truthfully answered before he starts on his journey, and a little oare taken in examination of routes will in many cases save much trouble, time and money. The Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad hfts achieved a splendid reputation in the last three years as the leading Passenger Boute to the West. Starting at Chicago or Peoria, it runs direct through Southern Iowa and Nebraska, with close connections to California and the Territories. It is also the short line and best line to Quincy, Missouri, and pointa in Kansas and New Mexico. Passengers on their way westward connot do better than to take this route. This line has published a pamphlet entitled ' How to ao West," which contains much valuable information ; a large, correct map of the Great West, whieh oan be obtained f ree of charge by addressin the General Western Passenger Agent, Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Knilroad, Chicago, 111. 14Cty 1 RailroaD Accident I Cases after cases of GENTS' YOUTHS' AND BOYS' READY-MADE Spring and Summer CLOTHING! are continually arriving for WAGNER. Thegoods were bought for Cnsh so low that they can and will be sold at prices Detying ail Compotitiun, and just suitable to those m need of OLOTHES, and pressed somewhat by hard times. Also those that take pride in weuring First-Class Clothes n Will be tibie to select from the best of Foreign and Domestic miikea of CASSIMERES AND VESTINGS And have them made at the same place in the la test Style, una Warrnnted to Fit before they leave, lf anything in Furnishing Goods line they should hnppen to need, everything in the Gents' Dressing line can be foundat Lower Prioes thun at any other Clothing House at WM. WAGNER. No. 21 South Main St., Ann Arbor 148tf


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