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The Debt Of Texas

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eteenth iwcntieths of the unredeemed exe cas bonds and scrip is owned in the tne ited States. The Houston (Texas) [re legraph informs us that the people ot j)oa sas care little about the redemplion of TIn Scrip os very few of them own nny he e amount of it. The Texan Editor lat s: SO ! 'We have ever been opposed to jori tion in any form,' but we cannot induce of f person to expect that our me nt will ever redeem these notes at par. the lias not the means, and it is not Th that it will have the means for many wil ïrs. The only resource the holders of hin :se bonds nnd notes have for iheir paynt is the public lands. The lnw nllowr these lands to be nppüed to the redempn of these notes at the rate of 2 nn re has been repealed, and they are rc1 now rcceived at the land-office in Rj)( jntof fees, &c. It is possiblc that the ' ïited States Government will assumc ltl( r public debt, after annexation, in a ange for our unnppropriated public lu ids; and then it would be required to j)( ieem these notes. It is probable that jjfi 3 speculators who have recently been gaged in purchasing Texas bonds and ex tes, look to an event of this kind for so 2ir redemption.n sii . pc