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g Democracy at Washington, thus Gi flTthe "Oíd Hunker" org&n. One ponde 1 think the Editor had been reading whic ; VVolverine papers! choo: e look at hundreds of newspapers 1 v veek; most of them are the most hs a i js advocates for democracy and "thc - f of which any idea could be ynl they take especial cure not to a solitary democratie principie to lica admission into their columns. They I is nc v tho most flagrant derelictions from so , from justice and from principie, on sm art of our leaders, to pass by without :e, remonstrance, or rebuke; to cali Par i to an account for their high-handed Mr. ng doing. might injure the party - so H ( e party tools are as dumb as a j. e. There is not one democratie in fifty which dares to speak the honplainj unvarnished truth, regardless shi onsequences; a great majority of them thcr ;nd upon some would-be great man's wU jr, or Executive patronage, which don ys up presseslike cattle in the mar" at a far less price than that paid for m ' li bond-men by the late United States the ,k - and they daré not utter a word the ept such as their leaders approve. - of , 3re is less genuine independence of j press in the (nominally) free United tes. than is exercised in any other na in the civillzed world. We possess evi nntrolled freedom- nominally; andyet rea rcise no more independence thandoes ten Southern slave. He is corporeally 3 - he is mentally free- to do preciselïy lus master bids kim! And this is the wa isted freedom of the American press. an e slave exercises no freedom of thought; the has no opinión ofhis own; but 2s all his views, habita and opinions, as irly as possible, to those of his master; ms also most unfortunately do a great we ity of those who control the columns jts the American press. They are the re echoes of the opinions of olhers - a jy dare not express one of their own. ley are the puppets who dance as the oi res are pulled by the master spirits foi id the curtain." of - - wi