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Letter From J. G. Birney

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XTLEMEN. - l sena yuu me uurresnce bet ween Mr. Oliver and myself, i I wish you, and all others who may e to do so, to publish wilh ihis note, -ill not dispute with Mr. Oliver, who nember of the Locofoco party about itting the word 'preference," into louth, when speaking of his "repub4 nominee," for the Presidency. It t unnatural that he should have done And I suppose, I should have got at ar answer from a leader of the whig r, had I addressed him, as I have done Oliver, as to what I said concerning. 'itepublican nominee." reference between Mr. Polk and Mn f never once entered my mind. I ld have looked on the support of ei, as a desertion of the very ' party ;h was recommending me, asan aban-nent of the cause of liberty, and as alt tantamount to supporting Nicholas, Czar of hfilf-civilized Russia, who is holder of fourteen or fifteen millions laves. viowed Mr. Polk and Mr. Clay - asï e for a long time, any slave-holdcr, as to the councry. The former is, alJy, provinghimself, what I alwaysinied to represent him. lf I commilled ■ error at all. regarding Mr. Polk, it i untferrating his power of mischief [ ouerrating the power of resistance of whig party. On the whig party he I, chiefly, to opérate, in the Senate, in Texas scheme. On that party, we re we might refy- wholever course chief might take, in rclalion to Texas. ks to the Loco-foco leaders - Mr. Polk ! but small troubl"e with them. Such them as were not prepared for him beehand remembered he was the Giver OjHce. The power of giving offico, s with them, generally, decisivo. Respectfully yours, JAMES G. B1RNEY. Lowr.R Saginaw, Mich. Aug. 1&4S.Ilioin M. Oliver, F.q. !ii:- In the New York Tribune nowspnper of IGih uit. is the following statement CedUorral) jeciing myself r In tho cnrs we henrd of him engaged in connixil wlii gering witli Loco Foco wireworkSimilar statements, oligiuly vorying in their ms, but 8ubs!untin!ly the sume, and rcforring tlveir origm to the same oceusion, appeared lèrnlly in the Whig press on the eve of the; Presidential eleciion. The intenl withwhichse statements were fabricated nnd put in ciration is too obvióos for ony remark shewing: nature: It was, totally to break up the confince that the Liberty pnrty were reposing inmer their Presidential candidate, with the expectan--a vain nnd siUy one, to bc sure- -that thore the party itself would be broken up, and that, it8 dispersed condition, il nivght, in great parrr cnlisted under ihe Whig banner. The only foundation for tlri story, so rnr as l ve learned, ia tbo conversation that took place1 iween you nnd' me, on my way from Rochester Albany, the next dy alter the Whig mn :eting held at tho former place, early in Octor. The cars were filted, as I supposcd, with higs reiurning froin the meeting. The gentloün witl whom I conversad, dui ing the greatef ,rt of the day. nnd almost exclitsively- fox the her pnssorrgers were, personally, atrangerfc ' e, wore Gen. Oatrom or ÜVicn, and Mr. tilt3 of Otsecjo county, both Whigi You wero )inted out to me. by one or both1 of these genemen, ns belonging to tlie party referred to in lequulaTion from the Tribine: and, if I rememír rightly, we vfere introduced to each other by ie of the same gentlemen, some twenty or thirr minutes before you were to eave the cars. Of ie last fnct, however, I am not certnin. As Boon after the election as 1 cou!diprocur ie neecssary evidence, I publiehed an elabórate ïfutation of varioui libellous charges set afl'oat gainst me by the Whig press, to decry and clnior me down, as one wnnting even in coramonbe snpported by a Forgenj of the most abaote chïiracter - one in which1 the official' nnmes soveral persons were forged, including the afting of their pretended seáis to the forged inrument. This forging wns most cunniru?ljr Ijusted to the objwet in view, and was mor multnneouaiy and extensively circirlated and juched for, by the unscrupulous part of the Vhg press, than ony other infamous trick that H8 ever been resorted to, - in thi country, at .a8t - for compaasing party ends, in opposition ) the public will. No attempt has been mode y thé Whig party to relieve themselvca before ie public of the odium of this transaction; and, 0 fnr hnve tliey been, even up to thi time, from (Tering the least reparation for the wrong done j me individually, that their paper a-re agoin uiting forth the libela of last October, (1844,) ith an nffrontery that can reasonably be nccoun3d for, only on the suppos'uion, that they havo oteven read my refutation of them. ín that refutation 1 did not omit to contradict :ie story about our "confidential whieperings ;" nd in such terms, that I supposed no ropectablo urnal would repeat it. without at leaat bringing rward some evidencc to oountoract my demal. tut m this, ït seems, Imietook; for the Tribuna ,-ith, as rt would nppear, the same mischievou itent, whichactuated the original fabricaorp and ropogntorc, has ropublished once and again thi ng ago refuted falsehood, without adducing article of evidence, or evon name 10 eupport im. May I then. oír, nsk of you, with n view to set iiyseíf right before the public in this matter, an nswer to this letter, - in which you will atate tb. ircuni8tances under which we becamc acquaintr d; the subjecis on which we conversed,. and thftipinioiiB expressed, so far as you can rocaH them; vhether there wa3 any thing said by m thnt a iVhigmight not have been admittcd to hear, nu veil as a Democrat, and whother there was any hingcommunioated on either side, that, wa of 1 private or confidenlial nature, or that would n rhe slightest mannec authorize the etatemfnt f the Tribune? Expecting an early reply, I remain, Sifi Your ob't erv't, JAMRS G. B1RNET. Tinn Yan, Dec. 8th, 1845. Ion. J. G. Birney, Doar Sir:- 1 am in the reccipt of your favor