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Murder And Arson

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AöntAN, Jan. 19th, 1846. im AboUt six o'clock this evening the Lt arm of fire was sounded in our village. t?1 )ur Fire Department rallied in an tant, and proceeded tovvards the scène of la langer, but lenrning that there was no - :upply of water in the vicinity of it, hey retnrned with their apparotus, after _ iaving proceeded about three-quarters of i milc. A number of our citizens, tin jyer repaired to the spot, which was ha i-er two miles distant, and on arriving J there, found thot two barns were entirely c wrapped in flames, whilo the County ]} Poor House was also fired by an ' diary, and only saved by the most at uous exertions of the neighbors. Added b, to this, was the discovery of the fact thatHttle son of S. Cobb, overseer ol the tic oor House, had been most inhumanly j lurdered ! The facts are briefly these : th k man by the name of Chamberlain has Ti or the last five or six years, been more t) r less an inmate of the Poor House, th hough really in good health, and an able tj lodied strong man, cnpable ofdoingany vork ; he has managed to excite the (vmpáthy of the Commissioncr of the ti ?0or House, and thus obtain the support P .fthecounty. He sof a most y 'ui malicious disposition. The c ioner ordered him lo be discharged, and w ie attributed the cause to Mr. Cobb. - Fo revenge himself, he enticed Mr. C.'s n son into an upper chamber, there struck c lim three times on the head with a a hammer, and then cut his throat from 1 ear to ear. Hnvingdonethis, he put the c child into his trunk, locked it, and locked also the chamber door ; set fire to the r building in an adjoining room, and for rthe purpose, os is supposed, ot crawmg o ottention from that, he immediatelv fired S the barn attached to the Poor House ; j, then he proceeded to the barn of John v Hutchins, [one of tlie commissioners,] v and fired that also ; and then to that of Bryce Hofig, [4he other commissioner.] and was there deiected in the act of ( tíng fire to that. A more cool, delibérate piece of villainy we have seldom i heard of, The skull of the little boy was broken in ten places ; he was a fine healthy child of about three years of age. - The hammer and knifer were both fouad i on the floor of ihe room where the child was. Chamberlain's clothes were covered with blood. He is now in jail ; but refuses to answer any questions on the subject of the fires and murder. He will doubtless raise the usual plea of insanity, but we thïnk it will hardly avail him. The barns were totally destroyed with their contents, which consisled mostly of wheat andoats. The loss is probably Judge Thompson had over 400 bushels wheat in Hutchins' barn which was destroyed. Our place isin great excitemenf. C flThe Staie Journal aays of the reviöon of th Laws, "We learn from Detroit tlmt the revised ptatutee, a part of whic'n have bcon laid befoie thelegislature, increase the Btilaries of stote offlceru. The snlary of Gov. is raised to $8, 000. The pay of township officers is raised to Si 25 a day. They próvido for the appointment of inspectors by the Gov. and that no floiir, beef or pork shall bj sent out of tluplace where it is put np vvitliout being inapccted, and of course paying a liberal fee to the inspector. Dislileries are to pay 1 50 dollars a year. We understand the plan is to pass at once upon this revisión, and 'nmke it the law of the Btate, before the people shall have time to exnmine anti express their opinión upon it."ftJThe Advertiser Bays of the Single District Bystem, We understand that n cnucus of' Locofoco members have decided against adopting" the district syetem. Such a course is in direct oppoBition to public sentiment without distinclion of party. The prese almost wiih one voicc have commended the syetetn. The people in their private intercourse unformly pprove of it. It is manifestly tïe fairest and tnost convienent eystem. Even Mr. Speaker Crary is reported to have 'concecded in Ihe caucus that it was the most democratie, but said it would be bad policy for the party" Q7"Wc Judge from, the appearanee of thing?, that nothing effectual will be done about the sale of the Railroade at the present sesaion of theLegislature.aHhougha consid erable number of petitions in favor of their ealo have been nresented.[JCThe number of convicta in the Ohio que te Prisonis464. Last year they earned (M 8,000 more than the expense of the wo An ' On (ET A bill for the abolition of Capital b(j ment haa been introduced hito the jje re of Rhodelsland. After eotne discussion, ei was laid on the lable. cot . . be ([We are indebted to the polileness del Mr. Platt, Secretary of the Senate, for sgislative documents. ,