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The Way To Conquer

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" I'll master it," said the ax, and his jlows feil heavily on the iron ; but eery jlow made his edge more blunt, till he ceased to strike. " Leave it to me," said the saw ; and with his relentless teeth he worked backward and forward on its surface till they were all worn down or broken ; then he 'ell aside. " Ha ! ha !" said the hainmer, " I know fou. wouldn't succeed ; I'll show you the way j"1 but at his first flerce atroke off lew his head, and the iron remained as iefore. " Shall I try ?" asked a soft, small lame. But they all despised the flame ; aut he curved gently round the iron, and embraced it, and never left it until it melted under his irresistible iufluence. There are hard hearts enough to resist :he force of wrath, the malice of perseeu:ion, and the fury of pride, so as to make ;heir acts reeoil on their adversarles ; but there is a power stronger than iny of ;hese, and hard indeed is that heart that can resist love.


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