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A company of poor children, who had been gathered out of the alleys and garreta of the city, were preparing for their departure to new and diatant homes in the West. Just before the time for the starting of the cars, one of the boys was noticed aside from the others, and apparently Vbry busy with a cast off garment. The Superintendent stepped np to him, and found he was cutting a small piece out of the patched lining. It proved to be hia old jacket, whicli having been replaced by a new one, had been thrown away. There was no time to be lost. " Come, John, come," said the Superintendent, " what are you going to do with that old piece of calicó ? " " Please sir," said John, " I am cutting it out to take with me. My mother put the lining into this old pocket for me. This was a piece of her dress, and it is all I have to remember her by." And as the poor boy thought of his dead mother's love, and the sad death-bed scène, in the old garret where she died, he covered his face with his hands, and sobbed as if his heart would break. But the train was abont leaving, and John thrust the little piece of calicó into his bosom to remember his mother, hurried into a car, and waa soon far away from the place where he had seen so much sorrow. Many an eye has moistened as the story of this orphan boy has been told ; and many a heart has prayed that the God of the fatherless and motherlesa would be his friend.


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