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How To Set The House On Fire

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1. Eub your furniture with linseed oil, and preserve carefully the old greasy rags used tor this purpose, in a paper box in an out-of-the-way place. 2 If the tire in the stove does not burn well, pour benzine or kerosene on it froni a well filled gallon can. 3. When you Hght your cigar or the gas, throw the buming match - no matter where - aud don't look after it, even if it gets into the waste-páper basket. 4. Put a burning eandle on the shelf of a closet and forget all about it. 5. Always read in bed until you fall asleep with the burning eandle near you. 6. Espeeially for builders : Put the ends ot' the wooden beams into the flue walls; and if you build hot-air furnaces, be careful to use as inuch wood as possible in their constrnction. 7. Always buy the cheapest kerosene you can get.


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