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Mrs. Stanton And The Lansing Republican

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We publish by request the tollowm article from the Kalainazoo Telegrap touching a inisunderstauding betwee Mrs. Stanton and the Lansing llepublican A correspondent of the Lansing Rejnd lican charges in a coniraunication to tha paper that Mrs. Stanton in her lecture a Lansing, upon the occasion of the lat Suffrage Convention, " asserted and reas serted ' that in the State of New York $16,000,000 are spent annually for the education of boys, and not $1,000,000 tor girls,' " and then prcceeds to convict Mrs. Stanton of falsehood by quoting from the report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of New York, to show that in 1872 over $10,700,000 wero expended for the support of public schools, in whose privileges girls and boys share alike. The editor of the RejnMicim uses this comraunication as a text for a lecture to Mrs. Stanton for "indulging in rash talk," and adinonishos her frieuds to " urge her to teil the simple truth or hold her tongue." Now it is very easy for a critic to demolish a speaker, providing the critic hiinself manufactures the sentiment or language which he condemns the speaker for uttering. We were among Mrs. Stanton's auditors at the lecture refeired to, and know that she never "asserted and reasserted ' that in the State of New York $16,000,000 are spent annually for the education of boys, but not 1,000,000 tor girls.'" What she did say was that : besides large grants of land, 116,000,000 had been appropriated and bequeathed to universities and colleges for boys, while $1,000,000 would cover all that had been givento universities orcol leges for girls. She-citod thisfact, which she obtainod from a commencement address made by President Pierce at the commoncement of Kutger's College two or three years ago, as evidonce of the little effort that the State or people of New York had made to give women a higher education, which they were now twitted with not possossing when they asked the ballot as protectiou for their property and their interests. We submit that the editor of the Hejniblicui, usually so fair and candid, acted unjustly in accepting a ïpport of Mrs. Stanton"s lecture, which he ought to have known was improbable. Xo sane person accnstomed as inuch as Mrs. Stanton is to public speaking and criticisni, would bo foolish enough to make a statement so palpably untruo as that wfeich the III nliHrou's correspondent attribute8 to her. In reply to the other stricture of the llepublican that Mis. Stanton insulted and ialsely stated the position of the pres, repretenting it as casting ridicule upon the Woman-suffrage inovement, we do not believe that if the editor of the lUpublinin had himselfheard what Mrs. Stanton said on this subject he would have taken any exception to it. She expressed jratification at tho fact that the press of Michigan were pursuing a course so entirely different from that of the press of the East, which, hitherto, has had little else beside ridicule, misrepresentation and sneers for Woman-Suffrage and its advocates. One can count on the fingers of one hand the leading papers of the Kast that, until lately, have treated the subject of woinan's enfranchisement respectfully or respectably. We know there lias been a change of late, for the coming of the inevitable is seen and heoded. The Rev. Father Charles Freeer, one of the vicar8 of the cathedral at New Orlaans, was drowned Monday aftemoon in Lake Ponthartrain at Milneburg while bathing. Father Freeer went to Shreveport during the epidemie, and was the only priest that recovered from an attake of the fever there. Twentye-three miners are reported murdered by Navajo Iudians in Utah.


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