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-Iua speech ïnado at a recent temerance meeting at Adrián (May 2 Ut), Ion. J. Webster Childs, of tbis county, ombated the quite prevalont ideu that uohibition bas proven a failuro, and avored advance movcments ; tho pasage of a law by the noxt Logislature, roviding that " the mero possession and xpoaure of liquor for Hale shall be held a sufficient evidence of guilt, just as the lossession of false dies and falae coins ík vidence of counterfeiting," and that it must not be left to the ladies to hunt up evideuce of the actual sale f lfquoi n ordor to convict tho dealer." - Eeport says that in Flint " the ;reatest opposition to tho temperance novement comes froiu the lddies themselves;" that "husbands sign the pledgo when their wives positively refuse ;" and hat this feeling of opposition is so strong hat " many of the ladies moving in the lighest circlns of society will not now aísoniate with or even speak to any o1 the romen who take part in the crusftd.' And yet woman sutt'rage is to promote the chuso of temporalice and all othor moral reforms ! If women are such good haters now what will tlipy bc as politicians ? - The Marshall Statesman, aiming to assist Mr. Mtanton in making good her stateuient that women are dograded l.ecause refused the ballot, says : " Paupers and crimináis do not lose their vote. They are allowed to express their voice in the governmental matters of the State, while the intelligent wives, inothern aa daughtorn by our side are nol allowed i voiee," and more of the samo sort o' stufl Wo didn't kuow that crimináis were in tho habit of going froui the jail or prison to the ballot box. - The Radical mujority in Congress " snielle a mice :" in other words secs its power waning in the Sonate, and so a few ruoro rotten boroughs must be eatabIi8hod. New Mexico is to be admitted, with its 90,000 population, a mixture of Spanish, Indian, negro, Yank, and all the imaginable crosses, ignorant, degraded (to a large oxtciit), and unfit to exerciBe the right of 6uffrage. And this new State will have two Senators, just as many as New York with her population of over four millions. - Detroit is proposing to offer .$100,000 to secure tho location of the new Insane Asylum near that city. A liberal offer : that is if the men making it wero not looking to a city debt of $80,000 to refund the largor portion of their subscriptions. Will the benefits to accrue to th average tax-payer of Detroit warran suoh a public expenditure r or is an in crease of tho city debt on evesy possibl pretenso to be desired ? - In the Supreme Court of the Distric of Columbia, on Saturday, a decisión wa rondered, holding thut tho Pólice Cour has no jurisdiction in the Chandler-Bue libel caso, and that it, with all similar ca ses, belongs to the Criminal Court. Am so Chandler will have to begin anow that is unies he " takes wit in his anger and conclude8 to let his character tak care of itself. - Bowdoin Colloge, Me., is enjoyiug small rebellion. The sophomore anc freshmen classes bolted military drill tho juniors "sympathized" with the reca citrants, and a joint resolution was adopi ed declaring that the suspension or ex pulsion of a single student would be re sented by all. And now the hard-heari ed faculty have sent one hundred stu denta home. - A negro in New Orleans is a kin to a thirsty white man in Michigan. - Dqwn there a negro has obtained a ver dict of $250 against one O'Neal for refus ing to sell him drinks. Here O'Nea would have been Hable to a fine for selling him drinks. "Civil rights" there and " prohibition " here : that's the difference. - Judge Green goes for the Supreme Court of this State in right lively style in a recent number of the Bay City Trilmne, and intimates " in language that's plain" that the judges thereof are mere judicial tyros, never having done circuit duty. Cause : criticism upon and reversal of Judge Green's law as expounded to a jury- - A Washington dispatch to the Free Press says that the Michiganders resident in that city have resolved to bring out Judgo Campbell aa a candidato for United States Senator (Chandler's Buccessor). A very good selection, but we should prefer to havo tho Judge entered by others than Washington office holders. - The Detroit Tribu?ie takes a deal of pains tocopy from obscure oountry journals indorseraent8 of its denunciation of what they supposed to be the oxpressed views of the Aro us concerning the railroad aid bonds. It is welconie to all tho capital or reputation it ean make by such a oourse. - About 7 o'clock A. M. of Saturday last, ufter a continuous session of twenty hours, the Civil Rights Bill, so-called, passed the Senate by a voto of 20 to 16. There were eighteen absentees, - paired and unpaired,- all drawing regularly .f,"), 000 a year - and " stealings." - A Free Pre-is Washington oorrespondent says the new (or seoond) wife of Hou. O. D. Conger was his first love. Thoy were engaged in youth, disagreed, separated, uiarried, buried their partners, and now have concluded to travel the down hill journey of life together. - And now comes a rumor from Washington that Gen. Butler is to leave Congress for the good of that body ; and also the country, but not for hia country's good. In otbor worda, that lie is to go to Austria as successor to Minister Jay. - The article in another column of tliis issue of the AltGUS, headed " The Moral Power of Womon," is trom tho pon of Dr. Holland, editor of Scritmer's Mont.hly. It should be road by all women whether th(iy favor or oppose woinan suffrage. - " Country" correspondents of the Detroit Tribune denounce the proposed ooalion of the new Insane Asylum at jrosse Point, and brand it as an unlealthy site and a new "Park Hing" scheuie. - Judge Brown has ordered a grand ury summoned for Kalamazoo County . to hear coinplaints against and indict iquor sellers. Indiscriminate and imlartial seeras deterinined upon. - Tho treasury balance on the 2()th nst. was $1,351,408.44. The State gets 1 per oent. interest on deposita (in pot )iinks), while the dear people pay 10 and can't get money to use even at thut figure. - Representativo Melliah, of New Yurk ied in the Government Insane Asyluin t Washingtou on the 23d inst. Thore re numeroue other insane men (financialy, politically, and tnorally) yet let't in he House. - Prol'. Swing, unwilling tubeattnuyod y furtfaer prosecutiou or persecution, has lositively withdrawn froni tlie Pre.sbyteian Church, but will continue to minister tn bis congrogation. - The living Sumner was iuoompetent to the task of procuring tho passage ot' the " Civil lïights Bill." ïho dead Sunvner has accornplished the work. 8uch is sentiment. - Forty orusaders wore arrostod at Pittsburgh, Pa., on Saturday last, ehiuged with obstructing the sidcwalks. - Cushing bas " st ppt;d in it" at Madrid : that is, ho has attended a banquet given by the opposition deputios. - Messrs. Carpenter and Boreman, two Republicatt Simators, votod against tho "Civil KightsBill." Beo. (jKoikík, of the Ltinsing RepuHiytn, is a full-bloodod " woman-suff'rHger," but is, nevoitbcloss, a littlo too belligerent to work in harneas with Mrs. Stanton. Tho dissented from aome of lier statements at Lansing, whioh called out a reply from tbc Kalaiuazoo Tderjriv)h. ïliis reply will be found in anotlitir column. Mrs. Stanton algo addressed a letter to the Ilijmlilicnn, disclaiming the version that journal's reporter gavo of her statement concoriiing the short comings of New York in educational tuattnrs : whioh point of difïerence is the inain ono disctissod by the Tcleijrajfli. It is but just to quote what tho Itepublimii suys (in the reply to Mrs. Stanton'S letter) was her exact languago, agreed upon by three reporters, one of them taking her remarks verhit im. It was : " I was looking over the othcr day the moneys spont in tho schools of New York. I fouiul tlioy had spont over ir,OOO,(KX) tor the education oL boys, and not l,000,000 for tho education of girls. So we see here in Amörica that boys aro Ui times uioiü valuable than gir!s." As to the other point - her charges against the press - the ffopttMüvwi says her exact words were : " Whoin do thcy ridiculo now '? The women of the land. You can scarcoly take up a paper that you do not tind some ridicule, some slander, or itnmcthing witli regard to the women of tho country." It is a fiimily muss and our "hand in" is wholly involuutary. In the United States Senate, on Monday, Mr. Stuwaht, of Novada, moved thereto by the passage of the " Civil Rights Bill " and a deaire to excel its meddlesomo provisions, proposed tho following amenduient to the Constitution : Article XVI. If any State shall fail to maintain a conimon school system uuder which all persons between the ag69 of five and and eighteen years, not mcajiacitated for the same, shall receive freo ot charge suchelementary educatioa as Congress shall prescribe, Congrcss shall have power to establish therein such a system and cause the sanie to be maintained at the expenso of such State,.'' Unfcrred to tlie (Juniinittee on Judiciary. This is to give notice to Senator SïEWART, " all tho world and the rest of mankind," that we can beat that proposition and not half try. And thia is the very simple and yot very radical substituto we suggest : Article lfi. All State Legislaturas and State Courts are hereby abolished, and the several States declared subject to the control of Congress. Congress shall make all needf ui laws to carry out the nieaning and intent of this article. There, what's the use of longer pursuing the policy of cutting off the dog's tail inch by inch ? - MMÑM4.4 -■ ■ ► laÉM.w Otjt in Wisconsin the Liegislature, adoptiug the theory that railroads are public highwaya and subject to legislativo control, have passed a law, under which tariff rates have been established. This law is not satisfactory to tbe railroad corupanies, and the Milwaukee and St. Paul and Chicago and Northwestern rofuse obedienoe. Down at Washington, the Supreme Court holds that railroads are public highways, that being public highways the people may be taxed to build thein for a private Corporation, in defiance of oonstitutional provisions prohibiting the State building railroads or loaning its credit, and overrules the docision of our Supreme Court holding aid legislation unconstitutional and aid bonds illegal. Verily, this " public highway" dcdge is a doublé onder. We shall see what we shall see.


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