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A Reform State Mass Convention

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The cornmittee appointed by the opposition members of the Michigan Legislature havo isaued the following cH : The organization of a new party is clearly deuianded. While inconipetency and corruption are rapidly multiplyiug our burdens and disgracing the uation, the inability and unwillingness of all existing parties to abate these and other evils, by theinselves created, are becoining raoi e and more plain. That thero is everywhere manifest a confident expectation that a new party will beformed ; that many newspapera of all shades of politics, as well as the people, dernand that a new party shnll be formed, and that in some States where misrule has been conspicuously rainpant, a new successful party has been formed, are f acts that indicate what a tax ridden and cheated peoüle have decided to be their duty and their policy. In obedience to a manifest public sentiment and at the request of many men of all parties, the undersigned inembers ot' thö State Legislature, and of both parties, unite ia calling the electors of Michigan who are in favor of organizing a Xational Reform Party, to meet in mass convention at Lan&ing, Thursday, August Gth, 1874, at one o'clock p. m., to take such steps as inay be deemed advisable to secure the organization of a party on a basis of live issues, and for the restoration of purity and statesmanship to the high places of our State and national government. An election of a Legislature, State officers, and of a United States Senator rapidly approaohes. It is time for action. Let us meet and take counsel together and lay the foundation of a party that shall be dedicated to i.iberty, union, puiuty in office, and refoem jn the adnnnistration of the government,


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