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'l'liin ) Vean' Experlence of au Oíd Nurse. !I rs. Winslows Sootüing Syrup isthe prescription of one of the best Female Phy&icians ' and Nurses in the United States, and has been used i for thirty yearB with never failing saíety and success by millions of mothers and children, from the feeble infant of one week old to the adult. It correcta acidity of the stomach, relieves wind colic, regulates the bowel , and gives rest, health and comfort to mother aud ohild. We believe it to be the Best and Surewt RcMuedv in the World in all ames of DYSENTERY and DÍARRHCEA IN CHILDREN, whetherit ariaes from Teethinp or from any other cause. Full directions for ufiufï will accompany each bottle. None Uenuineiinless tlie fac-simile of CUET1S & I'ERKINS i on the outside wrapper. Sold by all Medilne DaaUm. H36vl Cliildren Ollcn Look Palé and Sick Prom no other cause than having worma in the stomBROWN'S VERMIFUGE COMFITS Will deatroy Worme without injury to thechild.being perteoüy WHITE, and free from all coloring or other iiijurious Lnyi-edients usually used in worm preparaCURTI8 & BROWN, Proprietors, No. 215 Fulton Street, New York. SolI by Drwjgists and CltñmistK, and in Me.(K emes ni ïwkn'h-Kive Ceñís a Box. MNTl HOUSmÓLDf, rj To all persons auffering ---. . T . -m 'froni Rheun.atiam, NeuPANAuLA ramps in the i niiaujjjj. limbs or stomach, Bilious Colic, l'tiin in the back, bowelB or side, we would ANTD say XHE Household Panacea and Family I.inihent is of all othere the remedy you want for inT1 A TVI TT V ternal and external use. XülYll-Ul it has cured the above I complaints in thousands of cases. There is no miTTMTMP'MT tkaboutit. Tryit. Sold J_1JN liVl.ti.LN ! ;by all Druggiits.


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