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A Senatorial Scene

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Business was transaeted in the Senate to-day as follows : Time, half-past one o'clock ; subject under consideration, the Civil Eights bill. Mr. Howe, of Wisconsin, has the floor ; Senators Hager and Mitchell are industriously writing letters to loved ones at home ; Senator Chandler is reading his corrospondence ; Senator Pease is enjoying the peaoeful alumber of the just ; Senators Carpenter and Frelinghuysen are attempting to pay attention to the Speaker's words ; Senator Conkling is writing; Senator Hamlin, when not squirting tobáceo juice on the carpet, is reading a Maine newspaper ; Senator Kelly is posting himself on the provisions of the Constitution ; Senator Flanagan sleeps sweetly, but snores occasionally ; Senator Boreman pretends to understand and enjoy the speech ; Senator Davis, stretched out on two chairs, peruses the pages of a West Virginia paper ; Senator Johnson is writing a letter ; Senator Bogy is reading an account of the Sartoris-Grant wedding, and wondering why the reporter forgot to describe the gorgoous appearance of the Missouri statesinan ; Senator Merrimon is studying finance trom late speeches of Morton and Logan ; all the other Senators are absent from their seats and the Chamber. At half-past two o'clock Mr. Howo is still speaking, bnt a change has occurred in the attendance. The firBt relief has arrived. Mr. Morrill, of Vermont, is reading a newspapor ; both the Minnesota Senators ara similarly occupied ; Hamilton of Maryland, is listening to Jim Nye telling funny stories ; Alcorn is all attention, aud self-satisfied McCreery laughs at the jokes he perpetrated in his last speech, a copy of which he holds before his eyes; Flanagan's head has fallen back over the back of his chair, and there is great danger that he will dislócate the spinal column ; Cooper reads a Memphis paper ; Bogy is telling Goldthwaite, Eobertson, lïansom, and Merrimon (who were not invited) all about the royal wedding. The other Senators have gone out to see a man or


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