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Seasonable Food

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The wliolf-soinnrss of food depeuds nearly as muob on tho time it is taken as on tho quantity! We liavn growu ho luxurious in uur physical as well as mental tnstes, that we are constantly tempted to eat things out of wason. Yiolding to tlio teuaptation, as we often do, wo pay tbe penalty, nooit or late, in tnmporary or chronio deiangoment of our health. Tho ment whicli is fxcollent in nold, may not bn desirablo in warm weather ; fish ír best during apring and early euuimer ; vegetables and fruit aro nutritious when they are fully ripeued by sun and season, and not artificially atimulated. Naturu knows what sheisdoing; she furnishos for every latitud tho productions fittost for such latitude. We need yarinty, not o muoh at one ti'me, as from time to time. Tho delicacies of the season will not hurt us ; but tho delicacios out of geason certainly will, if long coutinued. The appetite so jaded as to crave oysteri in July, or strawborries in December, needs careful correotion by the adoption of tho siraplest habita. The palate natnrally relishes what Nature has iiear at hand. As a rule, not only is the simpkpt food the best food, but the most Rfiasonable is, in tho long run, the most nppetizing. There is uo difficulty in determining what wo fthould eat, sinco tho products of our cliuiate show us pUinly inonth by inonth. Fish, ftesh and fruit, their plumpnoss, tenderness and ripenoss, themselvos denoto wheu thoy are ready to beoaten. A sound stoinach will crofit bv whatcvor an unspoilod palate


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