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Effects Of Ashes And Lime

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Hace a piece oí iron or steel in damp ashes, and it will soon corrodo with rust. Placo the iron or stoel in lime mortar, aud the rust will disappoar. Sow small graiu whero a brush pile or log heap has beon burued, or where a liberal dressing of ashes has been applied, and thero will be a rank growth that will probably fall and never mature. Sow thu grain whore the litne had boen applied ío tho soil, and the grain will grow with stout, stiff straw, and plurup hard heads that mature well. Ashos cause a rank growth of the herbacoous part of the plants, such as leaves, gtraw and grass ; lime induces a growth of tho woody part of planta, and the grain or fruit. Ashes stimulate heavy inuck, and richer or virgin soils. They appear to disintegrato or make available what is already in the soil. They seem to act specially on vegetable mold and inanures from the barn yard. Apply them to the most offensive pile of compost, and they will render it inodorous and worthless as a fertilizer, their effect being that of releasing the ammonia from the compost. Ashes used with a compost heap of decaying vegetable matter would be wasted - worse than wasted - as they render tho compost inert as a fértil izor. Applied to an offensive sink, sewer or cesspool, they serve au excellent purpose asa disinfectant. They promote the growth of grass aud forags especially.proving very valuable on low lands ; will stimulate trees, etc., to vigorous growth when tho soil is strong. Thoy exhaust slrong soils and injure poor ones. Ijime improves poor soils, ospecially sandy ones, by runduring theui more compact and capablo of retaining fertility when applied. As a promotor of health and vigor in apple trees, it is one of the best applicatious that can be made to tho soil. Under its influenco trees mature well, the fruit is finer, and trees are freer from disease. Linie may to applied with benefit on most soils and many plants, but it is of special valuo to the apple tree and strawborry plant, while ashes are valuable on heavy or rich soils for the grosscr feeding of plante, such as our


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