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The Losses In Louisiana

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The wbole área oí tbe State is .'30,094 square milos, or about 20,000,000 acres. Of these about onetenth are improved. There has been seventeen parishes more or less injured by the nood, comprising 587,949 acres, which produce 13,894,856 lbs. of rice, 132,070 bales of cotton, and 48,817 hogsheads of sugar, in addition to live-stock and other farm products. Estimating the probable erop of rice, sugar, and cotton of these parishes as below, the Eepublican thinks the proportion of damage rnay be approximated at onesixth of the probable product. Thus on the erop of Sugar, 47,81" hogsheads (estimated with molasses) ... $0,000,000 Cotton, 132,000 bales - - 10,000,000 Rice, 14,000,000 pounda - - 2,000,000 Total - - - 17,500,000 would give about $3,000,000 as the nonproduction of these staplos alone, to which must be added a great loss in lifestock, poultry, vegetables and other article of farra produce. The severity of this immense loss in tempered somewhat by the fact that crops and lands damaged by high water have great powers of reouperatioh. -


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