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The Fifth Ward Soldier's Monument

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The Soldiers' Monument in the Fifth Ward was unveiled on Saturday last (decoration day), with appropriate ceremonies. The procession was formed at the engine house (5th ward) at 2 o'clock, and proceeded to the cemetery, led by Gwiuner's Band. One noticeable feature in the procession was a troupe of boys bearing flagg and girls with baskets of flowers. The platform at the cemetery was occupied by the officers of the day, Judgo Crane, Mayor ienkes, and other prominent citizens. After usic, prayjer was offered by Rev. Dr. Haskell, ie monument was unveiled, and flowers were rewed about the base. The President of the ay, Chas. H. Manly. Esq., then introduced ou. I. M. Urane, of Eaton Rapids, who deliveri au appropriate, eloquent, and impressive adresn, paying a deserved tribute to the private oldiers who so nobly risked or sacrificed their ives during the war, and also to the ladies of the ifth ward. At the close of Mr. Crane's address R. E. Frazr, Esq., was called out and made a few pertient remarks. The monument ís of ühio Sandstone, about ghteen feet high, of fine proportions, surmountd by the figure of an eagle. Two battle flags re carved upon the face of the shaft, drooping ver the United States escutcheon, and this inription : " Brave soldiers rest, your strife is o'er, And you have gained a sweet release; The bugle blast, the cannon's roar No more shall break your spirits' peace." The names of the dead soldiers oí the Fifth ard, 25 in number, are also carved upon the everal sides, with this inscription : 1 1n Memoy of the Fifth ward Soldiers who fought f or the Jnion." Tho names of the thus honored dead re : Geo. D. Cowles, Geo. Felch, James Felch, rank A. Fisher, Wm. H. Kinney, James F. Auerson, David Ainsvrorth, Geo. Williams, Jacob ichols, Geo. Gaunt, Caleb Sherman, Wm. H. hatfield, John Smith, Fred. Freeman, John immerman, Abram Romig, James Keedle, Jaob Xeidhamer, Richard Garrison, Eli S. Dean, 'atrick Kinney, Wm. H. H. Cresson, Henry erry, John Weekly, Wm. Woodward. These dead soldiers number just one-third Of ie 75 who enlisted from the ward, and the 75 nlisted soldiers were over half of the voting opulation of the ward. The aasociation which has erec ted this monument was organized in August 1873, as a decora011 association, and the monument, an after hought, is a credit to the ladies who constituted . The money has been raised by festivals, subcriptiou, &c, the executive and working committee being Mrs. N. H. Pierce, Mrs. MosesSeaolt, and Mrs. William Fisher. It is the work í Anton Eisele, and is a credit to his akill. After the exercises were over a picnic dinner was served in the grounda of Mrs. Pierce. "Guilty" with a recommendation to "mercy" was tho verdict in the rape case reported in last week's Abqus as being then on trial. We didn't íear a word of the testimony produced either in ehalf of the people or the defendant; we know othing of the circumstances surrounding the ommission of the offense ; nevertheless, the verict strikes usas a very singular one; in f act, as a reposterous and jury-stultifying one. If there was a " reasonable doubt " of the guilt of the risoner ho was entitled to the benefit of it and o an acquittal ; on the other hand, if the evience justified a verdict of " guüty," the recommendation to " mercy " should have been ïiuihought of by a single juryman, much less couurred in by the jury. For the crime of rape, - and the verdict of " guilty " shows that the ury believed not only that the crime was commmitted, but that it was committed by the prisner as charged in the information, - there are, and can be, no extenuating circumstances ; the lunishment prescribed by the statute is too light; and it must be a morbid sympathy orsickly senimentalism that inducei a jury to couple the worda " guilty " and " mercy."