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Death Of The Captor Of Delhi

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Ainong the guests at Queen Victoria's levoe on the lat inst., was Lieut. Gen. Sir Archdale Wilson, ot' Delhi. On the following Sunday he died, after a sudden illness. Bom in 1808, he entered the service of the East India Corapany, and after partaking in severnl now furgotten struggles with the natives, he becamo prominent in the great mutiny of 1857. His cliicf exploit was in leading the attaek on Delhi. With a foToe of 7,000 effectivo men he attaoked a fortified city, supposed to contain 30,000 well-equipped defenders. On the result of thia siege deBA_j!t_ J X __- A. ,. 1.,. i i'._i . r i i peuueu lo n greL ex-teiii me iiituie oí me rebellion. Had the rebels inaintained their position, those districts as yet outwardly loyal to the British orown, but already giving intimations of disaffection, would also have mutinied. Gen. Wilson, however, hold on and, despite bis small forct', and the enervating effeets of' a pernicious elimate, Delhi feil before British pluck and endurance. Tho siego lasted f'rom the 4th to the 2Oth of September, 1HÖ7, ou whioh latter date the British occupied thfi city. Gen. Wilson also touk part ir. the fstnoüa siege and capture of Luoknow, where the British residente, in deadly peril, firet wero irfornied uf coming relief by the distant notes of the Scotch pibroch - an incident which has been embalmed iu song, and drama. Returniug to England, great honors awaitfid the fortúnate soldier. Ho wasrewarded by thanks ot both llouses of Parliament, was made in nuccession a Companion, Knight Commander, and Grand Knight Cross of tile llobt Hoiurable Order of the Bath, was created Baronet, and received a pension of L1,000. lie lived in uasy retirement the remainder of hisdays, and leavcs a widow, tho daughter oí an East India ofticer.


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