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A Silk Dress Ahead

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-Wü'hiündiiy afternoon a vory good lookiug young lady called iuto a dry goods store on Woodward avenue and made the purchaso of a sük dress and trimmings, the wbole amoiiuting to ovar $(50. She asked t.liat the bill and the parcel be sent to a certain number on Columbia street, at 3 o'ulock, and they wero so sent. Stu: met the boy within a half blook of the house and took the parcel, sayiug : " Go right in and mother will pay the bill." Hu wont " riglit in," aud he was not long in ascertaining that " mothor " didn't live there and didu't know aujthiDg about the bill. He rushed out and cantered up and down the street, but neithor the young lady nor the silk dress have been found yet. She was seen walking up and down Columbia street for half an hour previous to tho boy's arrival, and the gaine she played is considerad pretty smart for Detroit, which doesn't take uaturally to sin and iniquity like cago.-


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