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ing " oppoHition platform for tho runiiug campuigu in tbis State : 1. Uncompromigiug hostility to the proponed ucw Constitution. J. Outgpoken oppoñtion to woman suffra'1. ;í. A repeal ui the present prohibitory n'quór luw, nul.t.ln' adoption of ji itnngeiit licenws kv.teiu. 4. Detorniinod (jfToits to pcpveiit tlic ro-electiou of Ziich. Chanclleito the Unitod Kintus Senate. 5. A lU'niaiid fot reform in all dopartnionts of public servioeand open demmciation of liacks;ilnry Rteals, Itepuhlican eustom house moidty Hcnemei, Sanborn uontracts and Prosidential salary grabb. Let tho opposition forco tlie Ropublican pnrty to an open issue on these points, whieh they have so long covertly sustaincd and advocated, and let. the currency sj'stem alone, and m the fal one of the sureat steps toward ipecie pftymeutfl u'uuld bc taken in the OTCTthrow of Mie Repnbliosn party in tliis State. A platform wbioh " Iets tha ourranoy systüin alom;" and ignores firee tmdu or a strictly rovenuo tariff, wuuld be liko tlm play of Hamlet with Hamlot Oioitted To8but our oyes fbo inflation of a depreciatcd ourrency and the immeasura ble ovils to follow in its train, and conduct a ciimpaign on tbe basis of persona opposition to ZaCX CHANDLER, or to wo man suffrage which is sure of dot'cat, would 1)ü to load a camión with paper wads. Besides, it is haidly wortH while to cominit the party ot' opposition - whether tho Democratie party or a nevv organization - to the spuding of mucl powderagainst the constituton. Tooniucl like kicking at a dead lion. Not enougl vitality in it to base a oampaign issue on and if evor so vital it is not a political is sue aud should not be made a plank in a platform. It is a questiou outside of par ty politica and belongs solely to the indi vidual voter to decide. - We inight add that even " Refoi mero differ both as to woinan suffriige and the prohibitory liquor law. We believe that Senator Cook, and at least one of his colleagues, whoso ñamo is attauhed with his to the cali for a " Keform Convention," favored the submission of the wonian suffrage ainendoient and npposed the subr mission of an alternativo section under which a licdnse law - note imponible - could bo euacted. And niauy of the loading " Reformers" who indorse tho cali and are expected to take part in orgunizing a new party at the Lansing convention are champions both of woman suffrage and prohibition. In favor of neithor, we see the difficulty of org;tnizing a party based on autagonizing those nieasures, or ïuaking opposition to them two of the fiva cardinal, principie. We pretor no iuttation, no protootion, no centralizution, State and individual riglits, coupled witb the fifth plank in our cotemporary's creed. Ib the House, on Monday, Mr. Butler moved to suspond the rules, take tho Sonate Civil Rights bill from the Speaker 's table, and retor it to tho Judiciary Coiumitteo, with the right to report ai any time. The motion was lost by a vote of yeas, 136 ; nays, 8,- not two-thirds votmg tor the ruotion. It is to be hoped that tho bill will rest where it is until Congress adjourns. lts provisions instead of guaranteeing and protecting the civil rights of the individual citizen are an infringoment apon suoh rights. The clause requiriug a mixture of races and colors in all public schools has been generally condouined throughout the country, even by leading Eepublican ■ jjui, mis provisión ís no more aruitrary and unjust thau the one prohibit'ng a hotel keeper from selectiug his customer8 or class of customors. Huretofore we have L-eard of Germán, French or Italian hotels, etc, and there is no good reason why a man inay not open a store, restaurant, saloon, hotel, or theater, for the exclusive patronage of one or another nationality or race, and exelude all others. The law that so ignores and violates personal privilege and rights, which undertakes to force an equality where no equality exists, and an equality for the existence of which there is no necessity, is wholly arbitrary and would be intolerable. We niake no objection to the negro being protected in every necessary or legal right, but the law should no more forco him upon the whites, in any social or business relation, than it should force the whites upon him. ■ IN view of the fact that the Earl of Yarborough, was led out of hisseat in the House of Lords 011 Tuesday of last week by the deputy sergeant-at-arms, and deposited in an aute-room to sleep off a drunken fit, from which he escaped to haunts or parts unknowu - even to the poJice, and to the gr'eat grief of his frionds the Detroit Post suggests : " Evidently a moderate and well regulated praying orusadfe would not be out of place in the House of Lords, though an enforcement of a rule which would expel in disgrace, and disftanchise from sitting in l'arliament any lord who inakes his appearance in a stato of intoxication would be better." Will the Post advocate the applieation of n equally stringonc rule to the our " House of Lords" or " House of Coamons" either'r1 Let us pluck the mote out of our own eye before going for that beam in our neighbor's eye, even though cortaiu distinguished Ilepublican Senators and Representatives shall bo retired in disgrace. Purifroation, liko charity, should begin at home. Sume of the Kepublioan journals ure trying hard to make a point out of the fact that the two Democratie membera of the House Civil Service Committee votud against further appropriations in aid of the Civil Service Coinmission. Now, tho resol ution bofore the conimittoe was tbis : Resolved, That tho Committeo lo nut reoommend any turther uppropriation to can-y on ;,n experiment in the so-calied civil servioe reloim m the nuinncr in which it has been oarried on. This rosolution only condemus or cenlureg the uiethod or " raanner " in which the Aduiinistration and the Comraishave trified with Civil Service Raform Tho latter bas not givou evidence of any practical compreheusion of the subject iu the rules it has from timo to time established, while the fortnor has continually and persistently nullified ot ignored such rules. No reform haB yet come out of the actioïi of the Commissioii, and the coiumittee has done well iu recommeuding no fuither expenditures in that diroction. We say this with a full knowledge of the fact that the resolution iu question was the offspring of Gen. ButLER's prolific brain. Good may come out of Nazareth occasionally.


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